Carmel Partners Showcases Public Artwork at Multifamily Communities in Oakland and D.C.

By  //  April 13, 2022

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Experts in multifamily development, Carmel Partners has mastered the art of eye-catching architecture, tasteful interior design and first-rate amenities, a trio that translates into distinctive luxury homes. Adding to these core strategic elements, Carmel Partners has focused on enhancing the visual and experiential appeal at several apartment properties in Oakland, CA, and Washington D.C., showcasing public artwork at Atlas, Platform and The Gantry.

Produced in partnership with various artists, public artwork adds intrigue to exterior spaces, engages city residents as they pass and builds a connection to local histories.

Introducing one of the first historically significant pieces of public art in Oakland, California, Carmel Partners partnered with local artist Taraneh Hemami to produce a life-sized oak tree, rooted outside of luxury apartments Atlas. Titled Ever Green, the piece stands 24-feet tall, 24-feet wide and 14-feet deep, composed of metal and translucent glass in varying hues of green. An eye-catching installation on 13th Street, Ever Green is an ode to the lush oak groves that once covered the modern-day metropolitan area. 

Drawing inspiration from the symbolic and historical connotations of the oak tree, Carmel Partners and Taraneh Hemami envisioned Ever Green as an installation to momentarily cover the passerby under its multiple canopies. Both interactive and visually striking, the public art piece brings attention to Carmel Partners’ ability to engage residents in new and innovative ways, beyond the existing premium living experience that Atlas offers.

Bringing interactive public artwork to the Washington D.C. area, Carmel Partners worked with artist Joe O’Connell

to install Roundel, an eye-catching, three-toned sculpture outside of Platform. With the high-end apartments creating a relaxed haven in Old Town Alexandria, a suburb just three metro stops from D.C., Roundel further inspires residents to find moments of stillness in the bustle of daily life. Standing at the center of three concentric rings, individuals temporarily remove themselves from the crowd, entering an opportunity to view the world in red, orange and yellow. 

As the public piece sits on Platform’s grounds, Carmel Partners invites residents to discover the entertaining acoustic effect that occurs inside the sphere, where a voice when spoken inside the structure produces an echo from all sides. Accompanied by its bright visual appearance, Roundel is becoming a recognizable monument at Platform.

Also in Washington D.C., Carmel Partners uses public artwork to draw attention to ‘The Gantry,’ and the Union Market District surrounding the luxury high-rise apartments. Just a three-minute walk from the Union Market itself, Carmel Partners gleaned The Gantry’s design vision from the market and its industrial heritage.

Serving as one of three open-air markets since the mid-1900s, the Union Market became a central location for trade in the heart of the popular city. Nearby, the Union Terminal rail yards received incoming passengers and materials to the district, which often contained overhead structures called gantries. As a nod to the industrial past that paved the way for the district’s modern-day success, Carmel Partners incorporated a deconstructed rail gantry to guide residents and visitors into the apartment’s grand entry lobby.

Recognizable from a distance, Carmel Partners envisioned the gantry structure to mimic a train passenger’s view as they entered the market terminal years ago, its towering metal framework similar in scale and form to authentic rail gantries. Carmel Partners also included a light mist feature reminiscent of the steam rail era. 

Using public artwork at Atlas, Platform and The Gantry, Carmel Partners enhances the resident experience through interactive environmental pieces, connected to local history. As residents and visitors experience the masterfully crafted artwork in their day-to-day lives, each piece earns a permanent spot at these high-end properties. 

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