Detoxify Mega Clean Reviews

By  //  April 29, 2022

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Why does anyone need Detoxify Mega Clean reviews? Well, despite the legalization of marijuana, workplace testing remains a trend. In a bid to ensure workplace safety, employers try to ensure that their workers do not take drugs. Hence, many employees keep seeking new ways to ensure favorable test results.

Over the years, many people have turned to fake urine brands to pass their drug screening. Many products have also been promoted to aid body cleansing and reduce drug metabolites concentration in the body. One of such products is the Detoxify Mega Clean. Does Detoxify Mega Clean really work to pass drug tests? Hence, the need for Detoxify Mega Clean review. 

Why should you use the Detoxify mega clean?

Many users who use the Mega Clean detox drink take it in a bid to pass a drug test. Most of its users use it because they have THC metabolites present in their system, which can be detected in their bloodstream and, if detected, will give a positive drug test result. Needless to say, a positive drug test result may have unpleasant implications.

Many companies may even fire employees who fail drug tests. Thus, users who fear that THC may be present in their system use the mega clean to detox as a remedy to ensure that the test comes back negative.

Who should buy this?

If you have a drug test you need to pass and you have been taking marijuana or fear that some THC metabolites may be present in your bloodstream, this product is a go-to to deliver a clear sample.

Urine testing is the easiest and most commonly employed type of drug testing, especially in the workplace. However, hurried attempts to influence a drug test are detectable. Hence, you must choose the right product so that your sample is not declared adulterated and you don’t return with an inconclusive or positive test result.

Overall Description of the Detoxify Mega Clean for THC Detox

A Mega clean kit typically contains:

■ A mega-clean drink and

■ Six pre-cleanse capsules

The Detoxify mega clean drink comes in a 32-ounce liquid bottle. It comes in two flavors: the tropical and the grape flavor.


The mega clean is made up of

■ Vitamin A

■ Vitamin D

■ Thiamin (as thiamin hydrochloride)

■ Riboflavin

■ Niacin (as niacinamide)

■ B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride) is a form of vitamin B6.

■ Folate (as folic acid)

■ Vitamin B12 (as cyanocobalamin)

■ Biotin (as D-biotin)

■ Pantothenic acid (as D-calcium pantothenate)

■ Calcium (as calcium lactate gluconate)

■ Magnesium (as magnesium amino acid chelate)

■ Zinc (as zinc gluconate)

■ Selenium (as L-selenomethionine)

■ Manganese (as manganese amino acid chelate)

■ Chromium (as chromium polynicotinate)

■ Sodium

■ Potassium

These ingredients work in harmony to ensure that your urine tests come out negative. They do this by diluting the urine while balancing the specific gravity and electrolytes of the urine at the same time. This ensures that the urine technicians cannot detect the dilution.

While the water you drink after the clean dilutes drug metabolites, the vitamins balance your urine’s electrolyte and specific gravity, and the B-vitamins add yellow color to the diluted urine, bringing it closer to its original undiluted color. If you are afraid that an only drink will not be enough, use it with detox pills. such as Toxin Rid.


Apart from the general ingredients listed above, the detoxify mega clean contains other ingredients that make it effective for cleansing to ensure negative drug testing.

Diuretics are a class of drugs that boosts the increased production of urine. This is crucial, especially to get out as much THC and metabolites as possible from your body while ensuring that you still have an adequate testing sample. If you have contraindications to use diuretics, try synthetic urine instead. For example, Powdered Human Urine.

■ Dandelion: diuretic and gallbladder cleanser

■ Uva Ursi increases urine production and output.

■ Burdock root: herbal diuretic

■ Taurine, a weak diuretic, serves as a liver cleanser and balances electrolytes in the body

Detoxifying herbs

Mega Clean also employs the strength of special herbs that support the natural function of our inherent detoxification systems to drive our body to more efficient detoxification.

■ Devil’s claw

■ Fruit fiber

■ Mullein leaf

■ Hawthorne Berry

■ American ginseng root extract

Detox drinks, based on herbs are extremely popular. For example, Nutra Cleanse Detoxification Program  and Fail-Safe Kit- Nutra Cleanse Detox  are based on multiple natural components. But you need 5-10 days to use it. For Mega Clean, you need just 2 days. Also, a new version of this drink has a great tropical flavor.

Creatine monohydrate

Many products increase diuresis and result in a lower drug metabolite concentration, low enough to pass a drug test. The problem is that the urine is way too diluted; the color and low creatinine level give it away as adulterated. In the mega clean, creatinine monohydrate raises the creatinine level of the urine. This, coupled with B-vitamins, ensure that the sample is not detected as diluted during a piss test.

Purpose and how it works

The detoxify mega clean serves as a cleaner for toxin users. It works by dilution and has been proven to beat a drug test when taken appropriately and under the right conditions.

■ High toxicity cleanses

Mega clean supports the full cleansing of the body for both high and low-toxin lifestyles.

■ Complete body cleansing.

The product comprises active ingredients that support the overall cleansing of the digestive, urinary, and circulatory systems. Hence, promoting overall body health. It is a pretty reliable method. But you can prepare a backup plan with Urinator and Quick Fix.

■ Natural detoxification

Mega Clean contains herbal detoxifiers that support your body’s normal detoxification process.


■ Prevent the detection of THC

This is perhaps the most common use for which users employ the detoxify mega clean. Detoxify mega clean works by dilution to the point that the concentration of THC metabolites present in the body becomes too low, lower than the standard bar for a positive result.

■ Dilute alcohol metabolites.

Some also use this product to cleanse alcohol metabolites in their bodies. However, this is less common than the use of THC as alcohol itself doesn’t last a long time in the bloodstream. Generally, alcohol detection tests can detect alcohol in the blood for up to 6 hours, a Breathalyzer for 12 to 24 hours, urine for 12 to 24 hours, saliva for 12 to 24 hours, and hair for up to 90 days. There are advanced detection methods that allow alcohol metabolites to be detected in the urine for up to 72 hours. However, unless you have a hair follicle drug test, staying away from alcohol for two to three days is enough to test negative for its metabolites. 

■ To pass the pre-employment drug test

Many employers require that their potential employees be tested for drugs to ensure workplace safety. This is especially true for jobs that involve the handling of heavy equipment. Many people run to the mega clean for a quick fix to avoid failing the drug test.

Terms of Product use:

1. If you’re less than 18 years old, do not use it.

2. Check to ensure that it is legal in your jurisdiction before using it.

3. Seek medical advice before using this if you’re pregnant.

How to use Detoxify Mega Clean

For maximum effectiveness, follow these Detoxify Mega Clean instructions:

1. Stay away from drug use prior to your test.

2. Shake the content of the bottle before use.

3. Drink the entire content of the bottle about 2 hours and 15 minutes before your drug test.

4. 5 minutes after downing the contents of the bottle, refill the bottle with water and drink.

5. For the next 60 minutes, you may find yourself wanting to use the toilet repeatedly. During your period, you should urinate frequently.

6. After about two hours, your urine should be free-running, yellow in color, and ready for a clear drug screen.

Pro tip:

■ Stay away from drug use before your test.

■ Ensure adequate hydration.

■ If you’ve taken marijuana, avoid strenuous physical activities or workouts that may cause your body to burn fat before your test. This is because it may result in more THC spilling into your blood and urine. Eating lean meat, high-fiber meals, and getting adequate sleep is advised as this helps your body clean out as many toxins as possible.

■ Take the six pre-cleanse pills provided in the kit within 24 hours before your drug test. This can either be taken all at once or spread throughout the day.

■ Ensure that you urinate frequently.

Directions for Detoxify Pre-Cleanse Use

Take one capsule with 16 ounces of water six times a day.

When not to use

Do not use the Detoxify Mega Clean if:

■ You are pregnant.

■ You have a liver condition.

■ You have a kidney problem.

Does the product contain a certificate from the FDA?

Detoxify Mega Clean is marketed as a dietary supplement that is not intended for the diagnosis, treatment, or curing of any medical condition. Its manufacturer doesn’t declare that it should be used as a weed detox in any way. It is not a drug. It has not been certified by the Federal Drug Administration. You have to check that it is legal for use in your jurisdiction.

What additional products will be useful to buy with it?

While the Detoxify Mega Clean is designed for effectiveness on its own, pairing it with other products might produce remarkable results, especially when it’s being used to pass a drug test.

To pass saliva test

For a saliva test, you may use Testclear Rescue Mouthwash. This is one of the best mouthwashes, working within 15 minutes of use. Simply get the pocket pack for use. The mouthwash works for various drug types, including alcohol.

Alternatively, you could use a regular peroxide mouthwash before the test. Peroxide is an effective oxidizer and might just produce as many results as an expensive toxin-cleansing mouthwash will.

To pass urine drug test

Detoxify Mega Clean + Toxin-Rid One-Day Detox Program

Pairing the mega clean drink with a pre-rid supplement like the Toxin Rid ensures maximal results. This combination is especially great for heavy toxin users who need to pass a urine drug test within a short time frame. If you do not have even 24 hours, use Testclear Powdered Urine instead. 

Detoxify also offers pre-cleanse capsules to be taken a day or two before the cleansing program. This pre-cleanse attempts to remove drug residues from the body rather than just diluting the urine.

Pros and Cons


■ Great combo of natural herbs for detoxification.

The product uses natural herbs to boost the body’s functions and increase detoxification.

■ Diuretic herbs aid urine output.

Mega Clean employs diuretic herbs so that you have a sufficient supply of urine for sampling even after detoxification.

■ It contains vitamins and minerals.

Detoxify Mega Clean contains vitamins and minerals that replenish those lost in dilution during detoxification so that you don’t go from detoxified to deficient.

■ Fast working

It works for a 2–5 hour window and its effect is almost immediate, making it a great option for “impromptu” drug tests.

■ It has creatine in it.

The product contains creatine, which increases creatinine levels in the urine, making it difficult or nearly impossible to detect dilution.

■ It contains vitamin B.

Despite using dilution, Detoxify mega clean drink ensures that it makes up for the dilution with vitamin B, which makes the urine color yellow, increasing the chances of successful drug testing.


■ It contains too many herbs.

Apart from the major ingredients and minerals, the clean drink contains many other herbs. These herbs are added to increase the overall effectiveness of the product. However, it makes it extremely difficult to pinpoint the source of a reaction if it makes you sick.

■ Heavily hinged on timing.

Detoxify Mega Clean is fast-acting. However, its effect also wears out quickly. A missed timing or delay may result in positive drug test results.

■ It may cause nausea and diarrhea.

The herbs present in the product may cause nausea and diarrhea, especially if there’s an excess. Do not be sad if it is your case, use synthetic urine, such as Urinator instead)

Alternatives to Detoxify Mega Clean

The Mega Clean kit is an easy-to-use, effective method for detoxification before a drug test. However, the drink needs to be taken with the pre-cleanse pills to guarantee effectiveness. That is why there is no reason to avoid it if you have no contraindications. 

But if you have some diseases or you are pregnant, a suitable alternative to the Megaclean Drink is  Quick Fix. It is synthetic urine, you should not take it inside. Ultimately, the Detoxify Mega Clean kit is an inexpensive and effective option for passing a drug test.

Compared to other products

Relative to other products, many users find the detox clean as a potentially effective go-to drink that works by dilution and cleanses in just one drink. Its instructions for use are also simple and easy to follow. Its relatively quick effect also makes it a great choice for unanticipated drug tests.

Questions and Answers

Does Detoxify Mega Clean work for alcohol?

Detoxify Mega Clean does work for alcohol. However, it is seldom used since alcohol metabolites leave the body quickly. Staying away from alcohol for 24-48 hours before your test is enough to pass an alcohol test.

Does Mega Clean work for opiates?

The mega clean works for a wide range of drugs, including opiates.

Can Mega Clean be detected during a drug test?

The Mega Clean is made up of vitamins, minerals, and other natural ingredients, all of which flow into the system freely and are not tested for in drug screenings. So, if you use Mega Clean before a test, there is no need to worry.

Can I use Detoxify Mega Clean to pass the drug test?

Many users have testified that Mega Clean works to pass a drug test.

If you follow the Mega Clean directions of use as expected, you should get a negative drug test result.

Does mega clean work for weed detox?

Yes. Mega Clean works for a variety of drugs, including weed, marijuana, cannabis, and opiates. It reduces the concentration of THC metabolites in urine.

Does Detoxify Mega Clean really work?

Many reviews from users show that Mega Clean works. You simply need to make sure that you follow the usage instructions to get the best results.

How long does it last?

The Mega Clean is designed to be a test-day weed detox. Its effect lasts for about three to five hours. So you should be careful when using it before a drug test.

Where to buy detoxify mega clean near me?

The detoxify mega cleanse can be gotten from the manufacturer’s official site.

Customer Feedback on Detoxify Mega Clean

Positive Review

This user have used the Detoxify Mega Clean thrice and it worked great all three times. He claims it is the best product to pass a drug test and to clean your system.

This user attests that the Mega Clean works great provided the directions of use are followed. 

Negative Review

This user laments that despite quitting smoking before his test, Mega Clean didn’t cleanse his system of THC.  

This user is a daily smoker who is displeased with the results following the use of Detoxify Mega Clean. His drug test results came back positive. 


Ultimately, judging by the components of the product as well as reviews from users, we’ve concluded that the Detoxify Mega Clean is a good option to cleanse your body. Overall, we rate it a 4 out of 5. The product begins to work shortly after it is ingested and is effective for minimizing the concentration of THC metabolites in the body. When paired with the pre-cleanse pills or taken with pre-rid pills, its effectiveness is even higher.