Logotype – Your Identification Mark

By  //  April 22, 2022

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When a business wants to create a logo, it should decide on the best kind to choose. It can choose either a logotype or a logomark. Each type is unique and has its pros and cons. Although they are both logos, there are reasons to choose one and leave the other. When people play automaty online , they must make good choices to increase their chances of making more winnings.

When selecting between logotype and logomark, you must evaluate them to know which one can represent your business well. Here we will focus on choosing a logotype as your identity mark. 

What is a logotype?

It is a type of logo that includes only the name of your company or its initials. It is a text logo. If you need an image logo, then order a logomark. If you also come across the term wordmark or lettermark, they refer to the same thing. You use Google every day. Did you know that Google is a wordmark? All logos that consist of letters or text are logotypes. That includes not only a business name or initials but also a signature. 

Logotypes are ideal for formal branding techniques. They promote the name of a company. The choice of font style and font colour matters a lot. When you need to create a wordmark that represents a stable and popular business, choose the black font and bold letters. To represent a casual company, choose bright fonts. It may sound as if making a logotype is straightforward. The truth is that it requires high levels of creativity and choice of the best topographic.

What are the pros and cons of choosing logotypes?

Logotypes are ideal to choose because they offer the following benefits:

■ They are more traditional-looking

■ Wordmarks make sense when you want people to recognize your business name

■ When creating brand awareness, choose logotypes

■ You can test your creativity with words

■ Logotypes can provide information about your organization as they do not have to carry one word

■ When people read your business name, they are unlikely to confuse it with another company name.

The cons of logotypes include the following:

■ They do not necessarily fit everywhere

■ You should not choose a logotype for a brand with a long name or a complex name

■ Due to regular changes in font designs, a logotype may appear outdated sooner than later.

Final word: When can you choose a logotype? 

It is vital to know when to select a logotype as your logo design. If you are a new business, use a logotype to market your name. People will learn the name and associate it with your company. If your company name has some data on what you do, you can use a logotype.

Would you like to include a slogan in your logo? Then, create a lettername. It is also the right one for a law firm, an accounting firm, or a related professional company. To capitalize on a popular business name, choose logotype. Do you need a monogram or another conventional logo art? If yes, choose a wordmark.