Telesto Catalyst: Its Functioning and Where to Find it

By  //  April 11, 2022

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Destiny 2 is infused with exotic rifles and is one of the most loved in Telesto. The weapon does huge damage and punishes with unbearable pain. However, when a catalyst comes to light, it adds even more power to the rifle, making every player want it.

However, the trouble is getting the Catalyst since it doesn’t come easy. But then the trouble and time are all worth it because of the amount of power the Catalyst infuses the rifle with. So here we bring you all about the Telesto catalyst and how to locate it. This guide is about getting the Telesto in Season 16.

Note: Before you proceed, understand that Telesto is a random drop. You can either get it during world activities where exotic engrams drop it, or you go to Xur. Here you might find it in the stock that you can check weekly.

The Functioning of the Telesto Catalyst

The major and only perk that the Catalyst comes with is more amount of storage. The add-on provides you with more space to store your ammo. This might seem like a simple addition, but it serves the purpose.

Telesto is a killer rifle with which players do a large amount of damage. The weapon is amazing for short-distance shots. By picking up the perk, players can fill their pockets with more ammo which means unlimited shooting and fire. The Catalyst enables players to keep up a steady stream of blasts.

Witch Queen has come up with several exotic armors that need grinding hours. You need to grind on Master level, which is the most complex and time-consuming itself. Hence players can opt for Witch Queen Exotic Armor carry, where pro players will play on their behalf, getting all the armors and perks added to your profile.

Ways to Obtain the Catalyst

The way to claim your Catalyst is by exploring the Lost Sectors. However, you need to explore these using Master or Legendary difficulty; only then can the Catalyst be found. Since not every Lost Sector enables you to run on Master or Legendary, you first need to locate the right Lost Sectors.

The sectors where you can use Master difficulty change as per the season in the game. Players can find the information in Today; plus, remember that these sectors reset.

Once you have found the Lost Sector, you need to enter it. Right before you enter, you should see a flag at the entrance. This flag means you can play the Lost Sector on Master difficulty once you interact with it. If you see no flag at the entrance, this means this is not the right Lost Sector, and you need to keep looking for it.

Players should also apply the anti-champion mods before entering the Lost Sector. Once you are inside, it becomes impossible to change the gear. You might need to run several times since getting the Catalyst depends on luck.

Upgrade The Catalyst

After getting the Catalyst, you should also update it to keep it in power. However, first, you have to make 300 kills with the Telesto; only then do you get the option to upgrade it. If you want to get the kills quickly, prefer PVE over other options. As you make the kills with the Telesto, it gets collected in the bank for the upgrade.

If you have some ammo finder mods, the grinding for the Catalyst becomes easier. Grinding here is a slow process, and you will need to fill up constant ammo. You might prefer modes like Dares of Eternity to find out the Catalyst.

Tips for Catalyst Drop

Once you have found the Lost Sector, where you can play on Master level, you can grind it as many times as possible. This increases the chances of the drop. 

Always prioritize the Legendary level over Master because these legendaries are easier to complete. However, you should also know that the drop is more likely to happen when you play on Master difficulty. So it is up to you if you give priority to a more accessible play or more drops.