UPass Review

By  //  April 29, 2022

Around the web, you would find many UPass reviews claiming that it can help to pass a urine drug test. Many of you might have used UPass to pass a drug test. Regular intake or occasional indulgence in cannabis can cause you a lot of trouble in both your personal and professional life. Marijuana might give you a pleasant experience for a while but the high doesn’t worth it since it poses a threat to your career. 

We all are aware of the fact that these days companies are performing occasional drug tests on their employees. To ensure a proper work environment and better utilization of employees’ resources employers have made drug tests compulsory. Thus, you must undergo drug tests for getting and retaining a job. 

Weed detox methods are great for cleansing your body from drug metabolites. These regimes take their sweet time flushing out toxins from the body. But what if you don’t have the time for that. You don’t get prior notice with enough time before a drug test. Several types of drug tests are available such as urine drug tests, saliva drug tests, follicles drug tests, and more. Urine drug tests are the most common preference among employers. 

This is where the topic of using synthetic pee comes in. Using fake piss is the fastest method for passing a drug test and UPass for THC detox helps with that. There might be other possible ways to pass a saliva test and hair follicles tests but for urinalysis, you can consider UPass for THC detox. 

Using pot once in a while cannot be a hurdle between you and your dream job. So quitting weed is the best advice we can give while you carry on with your weed detox regimes.

For heavy users, this is not as easy as it sounds. There are plenty of people who tried but failed eventually. So, if you are one of those who failed and now looking for ways to beat the drug test, we hope that you find this article useful.

Synthetic urine is a common product you can use as a sample to beat a drug test. Among them, you can choose UPass for THC detox. But how to be sure if it works or not?  UPass reviews are not all positive as some customers have failed to pass urine drug tests with it. Therefore, being skeptical is understandable. 

In this UPass review article, we intend to provide reliable information so you can make an informed decision. The last choice would be yours to make.  Here we have gathered everything you should know about UPass.     

In the past few years UPass did quite well in the synthetic urine market. Its potent ingredients helped many weed users secure their jobs. UPass looks identical to real pee which deceived lab tests. But soon authorities found out about it which led to screening advancements. 

Synthetic urine that helped pass a drug test might fail now because drug screening has progressed remarkably within a couple of years. Don’t be disheartened as the manufacturers of these fake urine have also worked extensively to make the product more sophisticated.    

We performed some experiments on our own to see that UPass for THC detox delivers what it promises. Let’s delve deeper to uncover everything about this product.  

So, What Is This UPass

The reason for the production of synthetic urine was to run experimental tests. The manufacturers of mattresses, diapers, and such would use synthetic urine on their products. They wanted to know how it would affect the product and there is a need for more work. It was also used for medical apparatuses too. 

It was used for running scientific experiments or testing too. Moreover, this fake urine was even used for the progression of drug testing technology. Things changed completely when people started using it to clear drug tests. Synthetic urine is not detectable when it is provided as a sample for urine drug tests. The results for drug tests come negative after using synthetic urine as a sample. 

Now, companies produce it for cheating purposes and UPass is one of those products which comes in a liquid form. It has all the essential items naturally present in human piss. This way it doesn’t get detected in lab tests.   

Why Do You Need UPass?

You need it to pass urine drug tests. UPass is a lead product among competitors such as Quick Luck and Urinator. The UPass kit is a highly popular synthetic urine among prospective candidates for jobs. Also, employees, who want to prevent losing their jobs use it when they have a drug screen. Of course, you would need it only if you are a drug user such as cannabis. The urine kit appeared on the market after large-scale testing which replicates natural urine. 

It might come as a shock but the customer base of this product is huge. It works for all no matter how light or a heavy weed consumer you are.

The Things You Get in The UPass Kit 

The kit comes with all the things necessary for passing urine drug tests. It is packed in a small box so you can carry it everywhere. Following is a list of items that you get with each purchase of UPass for THC detox.  

1. Two pieces of hand-warmers

2. A regular rubber band

3. A heat resistant plastic bottle

4. A heating pad

5. A temperature strip

6. Synthetic solution of three oz.

All you have to do is unpack the kit do according to UPass directions. When you do as the instruction says it takes closer to passing the urine drug test.  

How To Use UPass

Follow the UPass instructions which will lead you to success. We are going to explain how to use UPass so you don’t end up making mistakes. The first thing you do after unpacking is heat up the fake pee. Use your microwave for that. Put the plastic bottle in the microwave for around 10 seconds. Don’t worry, the bottle is thick enough so it won’t melt. 

When the time is up, check the temperature. Use the temperature strip for that and see if it is around 94 to 100˚F. Human pee has the same temperature as mentioned here. Remember, if you fail to maintain the right temperature then the sample would get flagged. 

If you did not get the right temperature in 10 seconds, put it in the microwave for another 5 to 10 seconds. Never go beyond that time range making unnecessary complications.  

The second step is shaking. You must ensure that the fake pee is thoroughly mixed. Wait for a few minutes so the temperature is manageable for your hands. Tightly close the bottle cap for giving it a good shake so it mixes nicely. 

Now that you are done shaking the liquid move on to the next step. In this step, you have to use the heat pad for keeping the temperature around 94 to 100˚F. To do so, find the rubber band and attach the heating pad around the bottle with it. The heating pad is there to maintain the right temperature while you are waiting in the test center for the drug test.

For the removal of any doubt, it is wise to do another check about the temperature of the fake urine just before you go for the test. Don’t pour all the liquid onto the urine sample jar. The lab assistant might get suspicious because of that.  

A bad thing about UPass is that it has no instructions written to pass the drug test. So, it’s important you do all the things explained here as UPass instructions. The company did not provide instructions for valid reasons since synthetic urine is banned in many states. We recommend you do some rehearsals before the test.   

Doing all these things on the very day of your test might heighten your anxiety making you more nervous resulting in mistakes.  Are you still anxious about the drug test? Or do you worry that this test may be observed? Compound Upass with detox pills or drinks, such as Toxin Rid or Mega Clean. It will be your backup plan.

The Ingredients That Make UPass Urine

Are you still reading? If yes, then pay more attention to this part since we are going to describe what UPass contains. The components of synthetic urine decide whether you are going to pass or fail the test.   

UPass gets one point from us as it contains are the ingredients that are present in human piss. Having all these ingredients mean that the synthetic urine was successful in imitating natural urine increasing the chances of passing a drug test. 

The ingredients are:  




pH level



You must have noticed that your piss is a bit yellowish. Thus, UPass uses the same color in it so it looks exactly like real piss. Also, our urine has a subtle odor and UPass succeeded to replicate that too. Without the color and smell your sample would get flagged.   


The creatinine level is a crucial ingredient in any synthetic urine. Human piss has a certain creatinine level and UPass maintains that too. It also matches the density of natural urine so it doesn’t look suspicious. 


Another vital component is urea. The absence of this ingredient confirms that the given sample is fake. Doctors run tests to determine if the sample is real and when they don’t find urea in the urine sample, they flag the sample as fake. 


Normally our urine has a pH level of 4.5-8. In UPass the pH level also ranges from 4.6-8 which is perfect. 

Does UPass Really Work?

After reading all the mentioned facts about UPass you might still have some uncertainty. So, the question remains, does UPass really work? UPass doesn’t have a 100% success rate which according to me no synthetic urine has. Another thing to keep in mind when it comes to UPass is the existence of biocide. Many suspects that UPass has this preservative in it. Main components are common for synthetic urine, such as Upass, Powdered Human Urine, or Urinator) But there are some aspects of use for each good. Keep reading and you will know why we recommend UPass.

Well, the biocide is nothing new when it comes to synthetic urine rather it is commonly found in other similar products. According to unconfirmed reports, drug testing organizations came to the conclusion that most synthetic urines include biocide. Consequently, the drug testing centers are declaring samples as fake if they could detect the existence of biocide in it. 

Of course, all these are hearsay but if it is true then UPass wouldn’t be a good option to go for. UPass is old compared to other synthetic urine brands thus the formula is old too. This might come as a big minus since drug tests technology has advanced. 

If you are going for a normal drug test for getting a new job but you cannot seem to find alternative options then use UPass to pass drug tests.        

How Long Does It Last?

Fake urine isn’t something you can use forever. Like any other product, this too has an expiry date. We would recommend you throw away synthetic urine if you bought it a year ago be that UPass for THC detox or any other brand. Synthetic urine loses its efficiency with time. So, remember to check the manufacturing date and make sure you bought a fresh product.

Purchase a recently produced UPass for improving your chances of success. Remember one year is the limit after that it might not work as it was supposed to.  

UPass Manufacturer Information 

The creators of UPass are keeping things low-key to avoid legal issues. As I already mentioned, synthetic urine is banned in many states. Several companies that were making synthetic urine were charged as cheating in a drug test was considered to be a violation of federal law.    

Like other fake urine-producing companies, UPass too is claiming to be a product for those who have certain fetishes. You can buy UPass for doing pranks too. The reason behind it is simple. The makers cannot directly sell it as synthetic urine therefore they adopted a method for legally marketing it. 

You should stop if you are searching for an official website for buying purposes. The website is nicely hidden so the information on the site cannot be used against them. But this didn’t affect the sales and production of UPass. It is still on the market and in full demand. 

Safeguard is producing the synthetic urine called UPass. Apart from that, we could not manage any other useful information about it. Their strategy is working for them since UPass has come a long way without any problems. But as customers, we expect more information about it.      

Frequently Asked Questions

What would be the temperature range for UPass so it passes a urine drug test?

The temperature should be around 94 to 100˚F the same as your body temperature.

Is it okay if I reheat UPass synthetic urine?

Heating the synthetic urine multiple times might be a problem for other products but with UPass you can do it. But you cannot go overboard with it. If you want to reheat it, put the UPass bottle in the microwave for 5 to 10 seconds not more than that. If you use synthetic urine for the first time, prepare a backup plan and take something inside. For example, Nutra Cleanse Detox.

Do I get a temperature strip with the kit?

Yes, the UPass kit comes packed with a temperature strip

Is it possible to freeze the UPass synthetic urine?

Yes, it is possible but never do it twice. It would decrease the effectiveness of fake urine if you do it more than once. 

Is UPass available in stores? 

No, the official website and few trustworthy sites sell it.

Does UPass include uric acid?

No, it doesn’t

UPass Pros and Cons 

So far, we tried to provide all the facts about UPass. Now, let’s find out the pros and cons of UPass and they are:


Relatively cheap compared to other synthetic urine products

Has a huge customer base 

Potent enough to pass urine drug tests

Perfect for both genders

Can use it for role play in the bedroom


It expires faster than other synthetic urine kits

The success rate has dropped to a concerning amount

May be challenging to use if your drug test will be observed. In such a case, you have to use a detox kit with pills or drinks.

Might not stand a chance against modern testing methods

Where To Buy UPass Near Me 

To avoid fake or cheap copies of UPass make your purchase from the official website which is upasssyntheticurine.com. This online site is reliable to buy UPass. 

The Price of UPass is $24.95 when you buy it from the official site. In case you are purchasing UPass from buyfakeurine.com, it would cost some more. The site is selling it at $32.95 which is a bit costly. 

You wouldn’t find UPass in your nearby stores. So, if you are a regular weed user who is not planning to cleanse the body by using a weed detox method, we would suggest you buy several UPass kits. This way you wouldn’t get anxious when you cannot find it. For that, you can visit  buyfakeurine.com since the site is giving an awesome deal where you buy three kits and get one free with it. 

Customer Reviews

UPass Positive Reviews

This customer got his dream job after passing a urine drug test with UPass. He followed the instructions diligently and passed the test without any complications. The user mentioned emptying the bottle onto the urine container for the test which I cannot seem to agree with. The amount of urine has nothing to do with passing for failing but a large amount might spike doubt.   

UPass worked for this customer too. The user has to take an urgent urine drug test and passed even though he smokes weed regularly. According to his comment ensuring the right temperature would be enough to pass the test since the synthetic urine comes prepared for use. 

This lucky UPass user also passed which he didn’t expect. It seems that he followed every step to pass a urine drug test so it’s no wonder he passed. Things worked out for him without difficulties.  

UPass Negative Reviews

According to this user, he failed because the UPass fake urine wasn’t warm enough. Maintaining the right temperature which is around 94 to 100˚F is crucial as human piss carries the same temperature as the body. When you hand over the sample and it doesn’t have the mentioned temperature the drug testing center declares the sample as fake which is bad news.  

Unfortunately, this user failed and tested positive for oxycodone. I don’t know if the user cheated to get or retain a government job since they are sending the sample for further test. If this is the case then I feel sorry for him. Many people went behind the bars for cheating on drug tests that were authorized by the government.  

What Would Be the Best Alternative for UPass?

The UPass synthetic urine has an old and simple formula that worked great when the drug testing centers didn’t have modern technology. That doesn’t mean that UPass cannot help you pass a urine drug test. On the contrary, it helped many people and still doing that. 

A majority of UPass users were satisfied with the product as they cleared their urine drug test with no problems. The process of using this product is also easy all the more reason people opt for it. 

With that being said many have also complained that they couldn’t pass a urine drug test with it. This can happen for various reasons such as submitting the sample when it has gotten cold or missing any step of the UPass instructions. Whatever the reason might be if you don’t feel like using it then try Quick Fix Plus. It is immensely popular with a good success rate when it comes to beating a urine drug test. 

Bottom Line 

To put it in a nutshell, UPass can prove to be a good method to pass a urine drug test rescuing your present job or a potential job opportunity. It includes everything which makes a good synthetic urine solution. It has most of the ingredients present in human piss which can successfully deceive lab assistants and beat the urine drug test. 

It comes with a heating pad for keeping a constant temperature which is around 94 to 100˚F same as natural urine temperature. Its consistency, smell, and color can deceive anyone. UPass for THC detox is a great option to beat a drug test when you consider the price of it. It reaches your doorstep within a few days which is a plus if you are going for an urgent urine drug test.

The detoxification procedure takes a long time to flush out drug metabolites from the body. For quick results consider using UPass for THC detox. But make sure you have read the UPass instructions carefully unless you want to test positive for a urine drug test.