Wavlink AC600 Setup

By  //  April 19, 2022

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Wavlink AC600 is a dual-band wireless range extender for outdoor use. It features a high-power amplifier that eliminates dead zones in your area. The Wavlink AC600 has a maximum data transfer rate of 600mbps. Wavlink AC600’s unique capability of repeating and expanding its range over a long distance is unmatched.

This allows for the simultaneous use of a router, an access point, and a repeater. This article will walk you through the process of Wavlink AC600 setup.

The Wavlink AC600 setup requires the following:

■ A more dependable source of power.

■ Username and password for Wavlink

■ It requires a smart device with a compatible browser.

Guidelines for the Wavlink AC600 setup:

■ Take your device out of the box and organize it.

■ Connect the AC600 to an electrical outlet.

■ Remove any smart gadget you may have.

■ To connect to the internet, install your gadget.

■ A browser should be chosen.

■ Type or ap.setup in the address bar.

■ Then, input your administrative user name and password.

■ To begin, please click here to log in.

■ Configure your Wavlink AC600 extension by following the on-screen prompts. If you’ve connected your extender to the router successfully but are still unable to connect to the internet, the Wavlink AC600 firmware may need to be upgraded.

Wavlink AC600 setup via WPS button

Follow these steps to configure your Wavlink AC600 through WPS (wireless protected setup). WPS enables you to easily expand your host network and configure your Wavlink AC600.

 To get started, position your extension near the router.

Initiate the Wavlink AC600’s operation.

Wait for the LED light to completely transform into a consistent green color.

Additionally, the AC600 and router’s WPS button should be pressed.

At this point, a green light will begin to blink.

Allow a few seconds for your extender to properly sync with your wireless home network.

Finally, the Wavlink AC600 setup via WPS procedure is complete. If you have any questions about your Wavlink extender, please contact us via chat or by phone.

Wavlink AC600 firmware update

Upgrade the firmware on your Wavlink AC600 extender by searching for updates that provide new features, enhancements, and problem fixes.

Upgrade your Wavlink AC600’s firmware by following the procedures below:

In your web browser, navigate to the following page.

Put wifi.wavlink.com in the URL field.

Using your regular password, fill in the fields.

Click the login icon to log in.

After that, update the firmware on your Wavlink AC600 to the most recent version.

When you’re finished, click the setup button to complete the process.

After upgrading the firmware, the extender will reboot.

If you are unsure how to upgrade the firmware on your Wavlink AC600 extender, or if you are encountering issues with your extender, please contact our experienced staff for assistance. We’ll go through how to utilize WPS to configure your Wavlink AC600 in the following article.

Wavlink AC600 Factory reset

The instructions below will help you reset your AC600:

To begin, turn on your smartphone or tablet.

Cat5 cable is used to connect your device to the router.

Look for the reset button hole on the backside of the AC600.

Reboot your router by tapping and holding the reset button.

In the hole for the reset button, insert a sharp pin or similar item.

For 8-10 seconds, hold it in place.

This guide will walk you through the steps necessary to reset your Wavlink AC600 extender.

Reset the Wavlink AC600 using a web browser

To reset your Wavlink AC600 extender, navigate to wifi.wavlink.com as follows:

Begin by launching your computer’s web browser.

Next, type wifi.wavlink.com or into the address bar of your browser.

To access the dashboard of your extender, simply enter your login and password.

Then, on the extender’s login screen, choose advanced from the drop-down box.

A tab for extension information will appear on your screen, from which you must choose the factory default setting reset option.

The reset of your extender has been successfully accomplished.

How do I access my Wavlink AC600 using a web browser?

Follow the steps below to log into your Wavlink AC600 extender:

Inspect the Wavlink router to ensure it is operational. You must first connect to the Wavlink router’s network in order to view the configuration page. As a result, establish a network connection via Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

You can connect through Ethernet if you do not know the username and password for your Wavlink router’s wireless network. There is no need for a password.

Then, open a web browser and navigate to the address bar on your computer. To access your Wavlink router’s web interface, enter the IP address and press enter on your keyboard.

After that, you’ll be required to enter your username and password. Complete the required sections with your Username and Password, then click the ‘Sign in’ button.