Benefits of AI Speech-to-Text

By  //  May 12, 2022

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AI transcription uses artificial intelligence to convert audio and video text into written text. The use of machines and software that instantly translates the text into writing is being used in many aspects of life, which require voice typing, automated customer service as well as the use of virtual assistants.

AI transcription is fast and can transcribe working minutes with high text accuracy, which depends on the clarity of the audio.

Advantages of AI speech transcription services


The speed at which AI transcription completes the process is its selling point. To create a great environment and efficient voice search and virtual assistants, there is a need for instant recognition and translations. 

For longer documents such as conferences and political rallies, doctor’s notes, live lectures and podcasts, transcription software like Verbit use a maximum of about five to ten minutes to transcribe and offer a notification once the transcription is done. The near-instant response is one reason to install AI intelligence software.


Human transcription, compared to AI transcription, is more expensive and time-consuming. AI transcription is offered at a reasonable rate since the cost of transcribing is mostly determined by the number of times per minute it must be done.

Transcription software offers the first few minutes, which may go up to forty-five minutes of free transcribing. Look for software that offers the highest accuracy to ensure you do not have to go through the text after it is transcribed. It might be cheaper, but every time spent correcting and listening to the text one more time equates to money.


It is possible to integrate AI transcription with your company’s website or software. The integration function lets you create a function that expects the transcription to create an efficient interface for all employees and clients.

Integration does not work with difficulty and may include any document software you use at your office, giving you the power to apply videos and audios and get an instant text back. Their application programming interface is available to developers who want to increase the power of transcription software for high-quality transcription and create more captioning services in their apps.

Professions that can benefit from AI transcription

The media industry

Media uses the AI transcription to get a quicker version of written versions of presentations, speeches and interviews that might be held in the media house or outside. People who do podcasts and videographers and producers use AI to present their video and audio followed by a written text which shows what the videos and audios are all about. 

AI, therefore, is a smart way to create content that resonates with more people, even those that may have hearing impairments, since they have an option to read what the content is about, creating a space for being included. The creation of a written text allows for easier accessibility once a search is conducted hence increasing the online presence of the media house of podcasters. 


Instant searchable notes from live lectures and discussions make it easier for students and teachers/lecturers. Students can get written texts from lectures, increasing their comprehension of studies as the brain can retain and remember more visual information than information taken in through the ears. 

It makes it easier for lecturers and students to record their presentations and edit them for later use, including classes like that, which he might need to take another class through them all over again.

Medical sector

Speech recognition companies using AI have made it possible for doctors to record their patients’ diagnoses and notes and then transcribe them. The transcription saves more time than writing down everything that might involve the patient.


For any market research, interviews and findings can be recorded and transcribed. Having information in its original form ensures that the required measures are taken with research geared towards a specific goal that came from people who might be using the services or the product that the company is dealing with.

For any meetings held, people can reach their part of the bargain, especially if they are sure that the meetings and responsibilities delegated have been put down in writing. This kind of marketing strategy has ensured that there is increased productivity.