BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT: Woods 2 Water Apparel in Titusville Features Hunting and Fishing Apparel

By  //  May 11, 2022

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Woods 2 Water is located at 2400 South Hopkins Ave.

ABOVE VIDEO: Woods 2 Water is located at 2400 South Hopkins Ave; Suite K Titusville, FL 32780. For more information, call 321-225-4293 or visit their Facebook page for some of the industry’s leading apparel in hunting and fishing.

BREVARD COUNTY • TITUSVILLE, FLORIDA – If you are looking to support a locally operated small business, Woods 2 Water Apparel in Titusville is your go-to for all clothing apparel in the hunting and fishing industry.

Woods 2 Water is located at 2400 South Hopkins Ave; Suite K Titusville, FL 32780.

For more information, call 321-225-4293 or visit their Facebook page for some of the industry’s leading apparel in hunting and fishing.

Woods 2 Water is open 6-days a week and closed on Mondays.


10 a.m. – 6 p.m. Tuesday-Thursday

10 a.m. – 7 p.m. Friday-Saturday

11 a.m. – 7 p.m. Sunday

Woods 2 Water is located at 2400 South Hopkins Ave; Suite K Titusville, FL 32780.

Below is transcription of the video:

Hello, Space Coast.

I’m Karina Connor with Space Coast Daily. And today I am live on location at Wood 2 Water Apparel. I will say it’s a really nice hidden gem right here in Titusville. If you haven’t checked it out, we’re going to take a look in just a second. It’s right here in Hopkins Square Plaza off Hopkins in Titusville, right behind Titus Landing. So why don’t I go inside and take a look and let’s see who’s in there.

Hello, I’m Tiffany Box, CEO of Woods 2 Water.

I’m Cheyenne Chaffer. I’m the manager.

We’re going to show you some of the stuff we have available in the store today.

We’re going to start off with our women’s side. You will see we actually make custom shirts in store. Cheyenne and I actually work on those ourselves. We have some pre arranged images that we do work with, and we also take custom orders. If you see something online that you like, we can create and customize it and make it for you. Some of the other options we have, we’ve kind of gone more from our T shirts to our Western wear. So you see here we have our leopard kimono with an undershirt. And then we have our high low shirt. And then we have our one shouldered keyhole shirt. And these have gone over very well. They’re some crazy train. And then, of course, our T shirts. What you’re best known for in the store is all of our variety of T shirts that we have available.

Now, I will talk to you about the guys section. So of course, you can’t come in shopping without getting your husband or significant other something. So we have our grunt style and our nine line, which are American based. Those sell really well in our store. Everybody loves them because who doesn’t love America? Tried True is another brand. They do a lot of hunting, fishing, and then we have swamp cracker. And they’re smaller brands located here in Florida in the land. They also have the bright Orange shirts. So for you guys who like to Hunt, we have the Orange shirts for you. And then some of our rodeo brands we do are Lane Frost, Lazy J, and Del Brisbane as well. And if you watch our Facebook page, we do travel to rodeo. So if you see we’re near you, come on out and take a look.

You can see you have the ladies section over.

Yes. Our back wall is actually all of our youth sizes. We carry everything from three T up to a youth extra large.

And all the youth voice stuff is on the front wall. And they are the same exact sizing.

And we do carry the brands, same brands. What we carry in our adult sizes. We have our Lane Frost, Dale Brisbane, Old South, Simply Southern Girly Girl. So we even have matches. So there’s mom and daughter who like to match and kind of show off. We do have mom daughter set so you can come in and check them out.

Awesome. So, Tiffany, tell me a little bit about why you started woods to water apparel with your husband and how it came about.

It just kind of happened. I don’t know. We love going to the rodeos. We love taking our family there, doing kind of little family little trips to them. And we’ve gotten to know some of the brands when we kind of went to them. And we was like when we moved here with some of our other businesses, I don’t know, it just kind of happened.

There’s no other shopping around here to carry these brands because not everybody wants to wear beach apparel all day, every day. So this gives them a little more of a variety for their wardrobe so they can have something else Besides the bathing suit to wear.

Yeah, it was kind of when we moved here. We’ve been here about a year now. We noticed that there was a lack in our country. Like country. We’re very country based. We’re very Southern, family oriented. We noticed there was nothing here like that. I think the closest one was an hour away. And we kind of wanted to bring that option in because going to the high school, my son goes to astronaut high school. You see the kids and they’re country affiliated. They have the mullets, they have the Time Ranch clothes. And we just kind of wanted to be able to bring that in and offer that where we saw that there was a lack.

How do you decide what brand that you’re bringing in?

It’s all about kind of investigating, kind of seeing what’s popular, what’s kind of hitting out there right now. Yellowstone is a big thing right now, as everybody knows, and we get some of our brands from them, like Crimes Ranch is one that’s sent a lot of their brands.

We look at rodeos, too. So if we notice somebody has a nice looking hat on, Tiffany’s husband James is very good about saying, hey, where did you get that hat? What brand is that? Because if he likes it, then he’s going to try to get it in here to spread it to everybody else, too. Something unique that you don’t see every day.

When we first initially started, we actually went to an Expo, and I think we spent four days there just visiting every booth that we could get our hands on and just saying, hey, I want to see your brand. This is what we’re thinking about doing. Can we get to know you let us look at your product. And I think probably half of our merchandise came from that Expo, but we got to meet the owners, and that was kind of a big thing. You get to meet the owners, you get to meet the people that you’re going to be working with and kind of building that relationship. So that’s what we look for, too.

We like a lot of the smaller brands, like I said, swamp crackers out of the land. So he’s a very small local guy. We also offer other brands, like Shooting Real. They’re out of Bartow. We went to an Expo in Perry, Georgia.

And we picked up two brands up there that they don’t have down here because nobody down here knows about them. It’s old country and Southern Crave. So we’ve got them coming in. We just went to the Florida Outdoor Expo, where we picked up three new brands we’re going to be having in store. So each time we go somewhere, we always look for what’s new and what’s popular to bring in for our customers.

And we like kind of given those under those not big popular, like simply Southern, like you’re more mom and pop people, because that’s kind of what we are. We want to give them a chance to be able to get their products out there and kind of be known and help them kind of grow their business. Kind of like we have people kind of help us grow our businesses along the way. So we want to offer that to them, too.

That sounds like a good opportunity. You’re local your community. You’re helping us grow the community. I know this. So why don’t you tell us a little bit about your businesses, your other businesses, and how they all tie together.

Okay, so we have the Woods Water here in Titusville, but we also own the M Southern Barbecue in M. Most people kind of know it. I think it was originally Smokies. They closed down and we came in and we’ve done barbecue for 15 years. We did competition barbecue, and we love it. We lived it. So when it kind of came up, the realtor called and said, hey, we have a building that came up. It was originally a restaurant. Is that something you would be interested in? And my husband’s like, oh, yes, we are going to jump on that. So it stayed with barbecue because that’s what we love. That opened up. And then we’ve actually been doing daycares. We own two Daycares here in Bovard County as well. We have Dust for kids that is in Cocoa, and we have Dust for Kids that is also in West Melbourne. My husband has been doing daycare for twelve years, 13 years now. So he has a passion for it. He was originally in school for children. He was going to be a mentor for specialty kids. So that was his passion. So he got into the daycares, took off with it.

Same thing. Kind of went in with these smaller daycares people who are kind of struggling. He would kind of help them get back on their feet or buy them out if they wanted to sell. And that just twelve years ago. Look where we’re at.

And I know that you’re saying support the kids. There’s other ways you do that through your businesses. Like there’s a special I think you mentioned.

Yes. We actually offer a report card system for children, and it’s not just local. For Brevard County, we actually offered for any town around. If a child comes in and they bring in the report cards, we offer a discount for our straight A students. We give them a 15% discount on their total order. For A’s and B’s, we get 10%. And even children who make A’s, B’s, and C’s, we do give them 5% off. They just have to bring their report card in to show us.

That’s wonderful. Now while we’re here, is there any other specials that we can venture? I see you have some clearance items here, which is great. And then what other kind of specials do you guys have going on?

We do mark down our merchandise. We like to try to bring in new things. We don’t always want to reorder the same products over and over to kind of bring in a new fresh face every time. So when we get down to one or two products, we try to put that on, like our sale items. So we have a rack on both men’s and women’s side that is 40% off. That’s kind of like our last raw. We’re not going to get it in again. Your holiday holidays that have passed. We have a lot of Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter stuff that’s up there as well. That’s 40% off. And then let’s see, we have just merchandise kind of spread throughout that we kind of Mark down that we like to do specials. We like to kind of give them a chance to bring in something new, like with our Western, where we brought that in. When we first originally opened, we were all T shirts. It was just T shirts. And then yeah, T shirts and hats. And we kind of wanted to go more towards the Western because there was nothing here like that. So we marked everything slowly, kind of started marking things down, kind of moving it out the door so we could kind of start bringing that kind of stuff in.

So we like to throw sporadic little sales out there.

And one thing we do offer is shipping. So if there’s something you see on our Facebook page that you like, you want to know if we have it in a certain size, send us a message. We can send you an invoice, pay for it, and we will ship it out to you. So we try to post every new shipment we get in the day. We get it in. So you guys know what we have in store, what we got. But if there’s something you see in life, just send us a Facebook message and we’ll respond as quickly as possible.

Well, that brings up a good point. How do people find you? What’s the best way to get in touch here?

We are on Facebook. We are on TikTok. We actually just opened up an Etsy website for all of our handmade products because like I said, we love crafting. So we craft a lot. We have crafting days. That’s all we do. We make our car fresh use. We make our silicone bead bracelets. We make our resin keychains and pens, earrings, jewelry. Yeah, all of our accessories. We just opened up an Etsy website so it’s kind of taken off. So you can find us on there as well. But yes, anything that you see on Facebook, you can message us what size you’re looking for, what the pricing is. We will message you back and give you all the information. We offer shipping with PayPal the Invoices and track and do our shipping to them. So you have tracking for everything.

Wonderful. Well, before I give them a little tour of the store, as I said, I know you’re all about supporting the community and you have a few more specials, whether it be for our heroes, right, or our teachers. So why don’t we mentioned that real quick before I give them to the rest of the store on a daily.

We offer the first responders veterans, military, Nursing. We offer 15% off your order. If you just bring in proof of ID or pay stub, just your shares badge, you automatically get 15% off with that. We love supporting our local heroes, especially throughout the night. Everybody has been through the last couple of years. We do have a discount if you did our members to their barbecue and if you bring in your receipt in here to the store, you get a 10% discount on your total order. What other discounts do we offer? Teacher Appreciation Teacher Appreciation Week is coming up and we are going to be running a special for them. We’re going to make special teacher related items for our handmade stuff, but we’re also going to offer a 15% discount to all teachers and I believe Nurses Week comes up the second week of May. We’re going to be offering the same thing. We’re going to make specialty items just for the nurses so they can come in here and kind of have a section just for them and then also offer them 15% discount on their items as well.

One thing we do offer with the holidays and even birthdays, we do offer gift cards as well. So if you come in here, you shop, you see something that you think someone would like, but you’re not sure of Sizing or anything. We do offer gift cards because that is always an option.

Especially with Mother’s Day coming up. Those matching outfits can be super cute.

Tell me about it. I’m already looking better.

When Mother’s Day coming up? We have lots of mother shirts and stuff like that. So you can come in and shop for your mom for that special day. We have car freshies keychains T shirts that we all make here in store or if there’s something else she might like.

We’ve got plenty to choose from and as we said, if you see something online that you like and you want us to make you, we do offer you sizes, so bring a picture and message us saying, hey, this is what I’m interested in and we will recreate it and make that shirt just for you.

Well, ladies, it has been a pleasure getting to know you guys and visiting the store as a local residence at Titusville very close by, just a street over. We are on Hopkins, by the way. We’re on Hopkins in Titusville and I think I can speak for you guys when I say come on in, Titusville. Come on in, Mims come on in. Cocoa Port St. John. This is a great store to explore and just have some fun in shopping and get to know Cheyenne or Tiffany when you’re here. Yes, you do have other businesses, of course, but no, thank you again for having us here today. I’ll give them a quick tour of the store and then yeah, we’ll wrap up for today also.