How to Choose the Best Punjabi Suit for You

By  //  May 1, 2022

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Punjabi suits are such an elegant yet functional choice! People wear Punjabi suits for many reasons. Whether it is more everyday wear, a special event, or even a wedding, there is one to wear for every event. Are you unsure what you will feel the most confident and beautiful in? That is understandable, if you haven’t worn a Punjabi suit before, in years, or your personality or body has changed, you may not know how to pick one.

Also, with so many beautiful options, how can someone pick just one? If you have felt that you need help choosing a Punjabi suit, read on!

Why Should You Wear One?

Many choose to wear Punjabi suits because they enjoy the flexibility of pants rather than traditional dresses and skirts. Not everyone feels confident in skirts, or maybe you will be so busy you want the confidence of knowing your pants will stay in place. These pieces can be very trendy but are also a traditional piece of culture, so they are likely to last you for years to come.

This is not something you will buy and will sit in your closet forever. You can wear them for almost any event and they are sure to stand out. If you like the idea of being able to wear pants underneath your traditional clothing when you are enjoying your life, a Punjabi suit is going to be for you.

Choosing a Cut

Because the pants of a Punjabi suit (the shalwars) are typically fitted at the bottom but loose at the top, like Harem pants, you will have some room to experiment with the top. The pants will traditionally be a single color, and your top will allow you to be as unique as you wish. Many choose a straight kurta (the top) because it will look the most flattering with the shalwars.

Because the pants will be fitted and the top will be a straight cut, when you are deciding what will look best on you think about the sleeves. Do you like a looser sleeve for comfort? Do you like a tighter sleeve to truly show off your figure? Do you like something with flare that shows the dramatic side to your personality? This is a lot to consider and you may need to try some on or look at many examples to decide which fits you best, but it is important to think about. 

Kurta Length

It is also important to decide how long you want the kurta to be. If you want to elongate your torso, it might be best to choose a longer kurta. If you want to show the shalwars, you will want to choose a kurta that is slightly shorter. This might be best if you are wearing shalwars that are a gorgeous fabric with a rich color that you want to show off.

However, if you are choosing a kurta that you want to be the star of the show because it has exquisite beading, you might want it to be longer. It is all about what you want to personally highlight. 

Punjabi Design

Of course, one of the most important parts of any Punjabi suit is going to be the design! If you are going for more casual wear or wearing it to parties, you may want to pick something that is beautiful but not incredibly intricate. You will want to share thick beading and such for special events!

However, if you have a lot of engagement parties coming up, it might be best to find something with a lot of flowering and beading that will celebrate and honor your loved ones. Of course, your individual personality will also play a part here- if you are someone who likes dark colors do not pick a bright yellow Punjabi suit.

You want to make sure you actually wear your clothes! A Punjabi suit should make you feel like a confident go-getter, a modern woman who also embraces and honors tradition. If you get a pattern that is more bold than you are personally comfortable in you will keep it in your closet. But on the flip side, if you are someone who likes to make a statement, you should find the heaviest and brightest Punjabi suit that will have everyone staring at you!

How to Choose

Ultimately you will need to make sure your Punjabi suit is something you will love and feel good in. If you are someone who tends to like bright dresses, you will like a bold Punjabi suit! Just consider what parts of your body you want to highlight with the cuts and the fabrics and lengths and choose a style that feels like an extension of you- because it is!