5 Design Elements to Make Your Custom Tents Stand Out at Any Event

By  //  June 1, 2022

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Bravo! So, you decided to get a custom canopy tent to showcase your business at the next promotional event… It is truly a wonderful idea! 

Nevertheless, getting a custom tent is not the end of designing a look for business events, rather it is the beginning.  

The two primary objectives of businesses for conducting outdoor promotions are – to increase brand awareness and generate leads. These are also closely linked as the first helps in achieving the second. However, to accomplish either of these objectives at marketing and networking events, your business will need to create a lasting visual impact on prospective clients. 

Grabbing attention and creating an impact is easier when you’re using an instant canopy or any other custom tent for a mobile marketing campaign. Considering that you are free to choose the location for such campaigns, there is a possibility that your custom-printed pop-up tent may be the only structure of its kind in the vicinity.

Even if there are other businesses promoting themselves, it is likely that their numbers would be less. In such instances, the canopy itself becomes an attraction and it is bound to generate curiosity amongst the people at the location. 

However, if you are using custom tents at networking events, industry events or even local markets which are dotted with many custom canopy tents of competitors or other promoters, making your custom-printed pop-up tent stand out becomes a more difficult task. You might have to indulge in further designing to create a complete look, with your custom canopy tent as the centrepiece, for your business presentation at such an event. 

Under these circumstances, adding a few extra design elements and promotional products might be more beneficial to achieving your business promotion goals. To help stimulate more creative ideas in your mind, we have devised a list of different promotional products that can make your business event’s presentation more professional and also more hip. 

5 Design Elements to Add to Your Promotional Custom Tent

There are obviously various products as well as ideas which can be implemented both inside and outside your custom tent to ramp up your look. Some of the products that we know will definitely make you stand out and give you great returns on investment are listed below. 

1. Custom-Printed Full Walls and Half Walls

High-quality, branded canopy tent manufacturers provide different types of walls to attach to your frame which can be used to showcase additional promotional content. You can choose a custom-printed full wall to cover the backside of your canopy structure. Additionally, you can also install customized half walls either to cover the front of the structure or to create a partition within. 

2. Customized Table Covers

If you wish to display your range of products or you have designed brochures or other promotional giveaways for clients, you can opt to showcase them on a counter covered with a custom-printed table cover. You can simply choose to display your logo here, or you can go a step further and use the table cover to describe what it displays.  

The above 2 categories will essentially help you accentuate the interior of your custom canopy tent. The next three categories will help you further accessorize the exterior of your custom tent to create an attractive appeal that draws the attention of anyone who passes by.  

3. Promotional Banners and Flags

Promotional banners suspended from the upper line of your printed canopy tents as a headboard are one of the most common additional branding accessories used by businesses as signage at industry events. While on the other hand, promotional flags are used to provide your promotional content with the advantage of height in a sea of canopy tents of similar sizes. The flags can be raised high to help clients find your exact location more quickly at a crowded event. They can also be strategically placed at different points to direct prospective clients towards your custom tent. 

4. Pull-up Banners and Pop Banners

Pull-up or pop banners can be used both inside and outside your promotional canopy tent. One of the best spots to place such banners is the walking aisle in front of your custom canopy tent structure. You can use content as well as a simple arrow to lead and welcome your prospective clients towards your booth at the event. 

5. Stand-ins or Booths for Photographs

Quite a few of us would remember the Ronald McDonald benches that attracted so many happy faces to click pictures outside these burger joints and this was all before the Instagram craze began. In this new era of digital marketing, photographs have become a great way to continuously increase your brand visibility and value. Marketing strategies these days tend to include photographic promotions in their plans for business events.  

An ingenious way of turning photo promotions more organic is to add backdrops, booths or stand-ins, in from of your custom canopy tent setup. You can design a quirky media-wall with your promotional content that would attract people to click pictures in front of it. Your brand gets automatically promoted when they share these pictures through their social media accounts. The circulation of these pictures can also generate further leads to come your way even after the event is over. 

Add A Mascot to Your Promotional Canopy Presentation – 

Extend The Reach of Your Content and Information

Human creativity really has no bounds and possesses the ability to create wonders when you put your mind to it. The products listed above are just some ideas that we thought might be useful for you. However, you can choose to both remove some of these as well as add some other novelties to your promotional custom canopy tent presentation decor that represents your business more pointedly. 

As a bonus, you can also choose to hire someone as a mascot for your business at crowded events. The mascots will obviously not remain stationary and add a wandering quality to your promotional content. They can roam around the venue, reach out to prospective clients and lead them to your booth.  

Nevertheless, we are hopeful that the promotional products listed above will help you create an impactful presentation for business events.  

It is time now for you to get on with designing your custom tent look and ordering your promotional products. We are sure that this will help you bring your A-game to any and all business events.