How to Look More Masculine

By  //  June 9, 2022

If you’re a guy finding his way in the world, it always helps to look more rugged, defined, and masculine. In fact, it’s one of the best ways to improve your prospects in business, dating, and life in general.

The problem is that masculinity isn’t taught on TV or in schools, and not all of us have a mentor or role model to teach us the ropes. Thankfully, you can still find your way with some effort and investment.

It’s an ongoing process to look more masculine, but you’ve got to start somewhere! That’s what this article is all about, so let’s dive right in.

Sharpen Your Style

The clothes make the man, and your wardrobe should be a primary point of focus in creating a manly appearance. Take a moment to sort through your closet and see what clothes can stay or go, depending on what you aspire to in terms of fashion.

There isn’t one definitive masculine style, but rather a range of different archetypes that can serve as useful templates in developing your look. The Wall Street shark in a custom suit is a different vibe from a rugged lumberjack or a charming, intellectual artist.

It all starts in the mind, so gather inspiration online and start working towards the image you want – nobody is stopping you but yourself!

Upgrade Your Grooming

Regardless of the archetype you choose, proper grooming is non-negotiable, so get it right and stick to your schedule. High-level men in all categories are exceptionally well-groomed, from their haircuts and beard to small details like body hair maintenance and skincare.

We’re not saying you need to spend as much time on grooming as your girlfriend, but you should probably be putting considerably more effort than you currently are.

Start by scheduling haircuts twice a month, following a skincare routine (morning and night), keeping body hair under control, and taking extra good care of your teeth, nails, and other details that add up to the complete picture.

Improve Your Physique

Been a while since you hit the gym? Whether you’re overweight, skinny fat, or somewhere in between, that should be a sign that it’s time to get in shape.

A masculine physique is an undeniable asset at any age, so this is the main motivator to get your journey started. 

Clothes will fit better on your body, you’ll have more energy to go after your goals, and people (men and women alike) will simply treat you better in all situations.

At the very least, aim to lift weights three days a week and do some extra calisthenics or cardio to keep a healthy heart along the way. Maintain a relatively clean diet and you’ll see results soon enough.

Master Body Language

When you imagine a masculine man, it’s not just about looks and clothes. The most influential men have smooth and slow body language that demonstrates ease in their environment, no matter what goes down.

This means minimizing quick, twitchy movements, maintaining a relaxed posture, and navigating the world how you want – without looking for approval from others.

You won’t immediately become a body language master, but apply these ideas for a few weeks and you’ll appear more masculine, no doubt.

Display More Confidence

Body language is about walking the walk, but in order to be truly masculine, you’ve got to talk the talk as well. Start speaking with more volume in your voice, be assertive without being pushy, and don’t be afraid to walk away from those who disrespect you.

These small changes add up to big improvements in your presence and the impression you make overall. 

People will soon start deferring to your leadership and view you as a more reliable, trusted individual.

Your behavior has a huge impact on your perceived masculinity, so be well-rounded in all areas of life.

Show Off a Little

If you’ve got the looks, the style, the confidence, and the charisma, you deserve to show off a bit with some accessories or fun pieces of flair. 

That’s why masculine guys love things like flashy cars, tattoos, and other status symbols that serve no other purpose than to impress.

You don’t need to go spend your life savings on a Mercedes, but you can definitely rock some jewelry to give off that vibe. A gold wolf pendant or Cuban chain can get you started without the high cost of entry.

Never Stop Moving Forward

If there’s one theme that ties all these points together, it’s that the masculine drive is relentless, and always moving in the intended direction. 

Despite all obstacles, great men keep pushing towards their goals, and once accomplished, simply move on to the next!

Use our guide as inspiration to appear more masculine, but remember to act the part as well.