How to Win Money With a Blog in 2022

By  //  June 8, 2022

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Making money with a blog is within everyone’s reach and everyone can end up doing it if they take it seriously. Earning money with a blog is perfectly possible, and I’m not talking about small amounts (something that, although it costs at first, is perfectly possible),

I mean getting significant sums of money thanks to having a website with a blog and turning this channel into your medium of life.

Can you make money from a blog?

This question is asked by many people for two reasons:

1, They associate the internet with deception and tricks where only extra income can be generated

2. They have tried non-effective techniques for selling smoke and different videos that are on YouTube.

I promise you that it is possible to generate a lot of money with a blog, but you have to do it well and work from the beginning knowing what you are doing and without getting into topics that give you bread for today and hunger for tomorrow.

How to create a blog and make money with it

The first thing you should know is that creating an online business is very cheap. Working at home gives you that advantage by not needing that extra expense of the premises, electricity, water, storage or advertising are enough reasons to venture to create something.

The disbursement is minimal and the losses in case it does not go well, are very few and on the contrary, if favorable circumstances arise, prepare to enjoy your work, without schedules, without stress and living the life that you want.

Earn money with an affiliate blog

The most attractive monetization method that you can insert into your blog in a short time to earn extra money is affiliate marketing.

Can you make extra money with a blog? The answer is yes, and with the affiliation you can see it.

Affiliate marketing is a very attractive form of monetization since it is generated through passive income, that is, you recommend a third-party tool or product on your blog and if someone buys through the banner or link that you have placed on your website, the supplying company will give you a commission when they see that the sale comes from you.

How to make money with a blog offering Services

This is the fastest way on how to earn income through a blog and it is the first thing you have to do shortly after creating your website. Offer your services.

Surely there is something you know how to do, offer it on your website. Nowadays it is very easy to do a consultancy through a video call and charge by Paypal.

What method do you use? Is there any way to make money with a blog that I have not named? Do you get extra income through other sources that I have not mentioned?

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