Some Possible Causes for Brain Fog

By  //  June 30, 2022

Medical experts state that brain fog is a cognitive condition related to the mental health of a person. A person feels unable to focus or concentrate on work. They feel mildly depressed, feel sleepy, and lazy.

Brain fog isn’t always a neurological disorder however it can be a symptom of psychological disorders. Anyways, it needs to be checked if it is an obstacle to leading a lively life. All you need to do is visit the neurological health center and get checked by neurologists

Please be reminded that brain fog is experienced just because of a leading unhealthy lifestyle. If you are living in or near Morgan Hill, visit South Valley Neurology for help from the best team of neurologists. 

There are many causes of brain fog, which are mentioned below –

1. Lack of sleep – Insomnia is one of the major reasons why people are unable to focus at work and do not have the energy to deal with daily work. They feel tired the whole day and unable to focus on anything. At least a person needs six hours of sound sleep to wake up fresh in the morning to tackle the day’s work. 

2. Continuous work using laptop – Electronic gadgets do affect your eyes and you will not be able to concentrate on work after hours of sitting before a laptop without break. It will be beneficial to take a nap or coffee break while working the whole day. 

3. Hormonal changes – This is often the reason why women cannot focus at work. They experience a disturbed menstrual cycle, and pregnancy or menopause will keep their hormones fluctuating. It can harm their memory and active life. The level of estrogen reduces during menopause, which makes them forgetful and irritated to do normal work. 

4. Nutrients lacking in the daily diet – The deficiency of vitamin B12 is also the reason for the lack of focus. Some dairy food can make you feel lazy the whole day. 

5. Lifestyle – Eating oily food, snacks, sugary food, and junk food takes a toll on your health and will make you feel unrest and irritated. Thus, you don’t feel like concentrating on work. A person needs to do regular exercise, eat nutritious food and avoid alcohol. Even continuous smoking will keep your brain fogged. 

6. Medication – Some medicines act as the culprit to prevent you from focusing on work. You remain restless and feel the need to sleep. Sometimes elderly people forget to do certain things as their memory becomes weak. Many people who are on steroids and other heavy medicines to treat chronic ailments lack the interest to lead an active life. 

7. Health conditions – People troubled with long-lasting illness feel they are losing their memory power and they aren’t able to do active work as before. This is because their mind isn’t alert to do work actively. 

Brain fog can be treated easily by neurologists practicing nearby.