Which Type Of Mattress Is Best For Body?

By  //  June 1, 2022

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We all know that we are all built differently, including our body shape. With each of our different body build, you need to know which type of mattress is best for a body like yours. To answer this very question, you will need to know multiple kinds of information.

Thankfully, you will find some of the information mentioned and explained below in a structured manner. Firstly, you will determine which kind of mattress is best for your body. Next, you will check out which type of mattress is best for the body against what type of sleeper you are.

There are many other parts to finding a mattress that is best for your body. But the details talked about in this article will cover most of what you will need. So let us now start talking about which type of mattress is the best for different bodies.

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Types of mattresses best for the body


By using latex materials, you will be able to sleep on a mattress that is quite breathable and comfortable. Additionally, latex mattresses are more responsive and have greater bounce than most innerspring mattresses. 

Overall, you will enjoy latex-type mattresses since they are both best for your body and are enjoyable to sleep on.

Memory foam

Anyone who wishes to sleep on a mattress that is best for the body will choose a memory foam mattress more often than not. The most common reason for choosing memory foam is because it provides top of the line support. 

This type of mattress contours to your body shape and cushions the pressure points really well. Those looking for injuries will experience great relief with a medium to a medium firm memory foam mattress. One such mattress is the Ghostbed Lux mattress.


As the most common choice for a mattress, the most innerspring mattress comes with multiple best features for the body. With its strong support coils and traditional bounce feels, most sleepers can enjoy a good night on this mattress.

For a greater degree of comfort, most innerspring mattresses come with an additional layer of padding. If you want different levels of support, you need to look for coils with varying levels of support.


Those who sleep with partners, such as couples, will find that their partners may have different preferences for mattresses. To match your and your partner’s taste, you need a hybrid type of mattress as it’s the best for all bodies.

Most hybrid mattresses combine an innerspring mattress with either a latex or memory foam mattress. With this combination of a mattress, you will experience an ideal comfort level with your required amount of support.

Type of mattress best for the body: Sleepers

Back and stomach

For those who don’t know, you are meant to sleep so that your body is in a neutral position. This means that the curve of your spine is in a healthy posture. For back and stomach sleepers firm type of mattress is the best for their body.

They might sleep more comfortably with a soft mattress, but they won’t have adequate support. If you are a back or stomach sleeper, a soft mattress will only hurt your body in the long run.


As much as 74% of the population, according to one survey, sleep on their side. These people will need to sleep either on a hybrid or a memory foam mattress as it’s the best for their body. 

Since side sleepers spend a great portion of time on one of their sides, those sides experience a lot of pressure. They need a mattress that can provide them with proper pressure relief with a body contouring feature. 

Health issues

According to many professional doctors, a good night of rest can remedy many health issues. Therefore, those with health problems will need to choose the correct type of mattress that will be best for their body. The IKEA Morgedal mattress is a great choice for those suffering from health issues.


Now that you have learned about the particulars of which type of mattress is best for the body. By matching your preferences with the criteria for your body shape and condition, you will be enjoying your sleep while staying healthy.