Why Choose Bitcoin VPS Hosting?

By  //  June 4, 2022

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1gbits believes privacy should be a human right. Many payment services have too many controls. This is not a goal we are promoting. It’s a core part of our service. That’s why we only accept payments in 50+ cryptos and require email signup.

We are aware that Bitcoin VPS hosting may seem strange to some. Although we are making efforts to change this perception, the idea of buying a Bitcoin VPS is often seen as a niche purpose. We believe that everyone can benefit from a crypto payment system. It’s possible to protect your identity, open a traditional bank account, or support financial freedom.

If you’re familiar with cryptocurrency, you might have heard the term “decentralized”, but are not sure what it means. A centralized network is managed and controlled by a single entity. This could be a bank, government, or individual actor. A decentralized system is managed and operated by a group of individuals that work together to achieve mutual goals.

1gbits lets you purchase a Bitcoin VPS. You use cryptocurrency as a payment method. Each link of the chain can be verified and immutable. This comes with many advantages:

You don’t have to rely solely on traditional payments which are susceptible to failing. Since centralized payments systems are well-centralized, there is only one point for failure. This issue is not present in cryptocurrency.

Banks might deliberately decline payments due to inscrutable “fraud prevention” policies, or because they don’t believe the source you are sending money. This can compromise server uptime. Crypto payments, however, are almost unstoppable once they’ve been sent.

Many people do not have bank accounts in countries like India or Indonesia, China, Kenya, or Kenya. Many people find it difficult or impossible to pay traditional payments for services. Bitcoin payments are a great way to get a VPS server. These users often have new ideas.

You support a fairer system. Decentralized payment systems are not like banks. They don’t invest any of your money. Instead, they give you a small portion of their earnings. They don’t block you from accessing the account, even if their finances go wrong. Your finances are safe and secure in your 1gbits or cryptocurrency wallet account. You have full control.

Using A Virtual Private Server As A VPN For Greater Privacy

VPNs are essential tools due to the large amount of information being collected from users online by government websites, advertisers, or websites. They protect your data and give you a unique IP address that will prevent your ISP from tracking your location.

An anonymous VPN can make you appear from any geographical location, so you can access content from other nations on streaming services or view news sites that are blocked in their home countries.

VPN Vs VPS: What Are Their Differences?

It is important to note that although VPSs and VPNs are similar in their names they usually offer different services. VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. You can rent an entire server from another location to do what you like. You can connect to it via an encrypted protocol keeping your information safe.

Virtual Private Networks do exactly the opposite. They are meant to make you secure. A virtual private network uses strong AES encryption to accomplish this. It routes all traffic from your computer through a tunnel, not just the VPN.

VPS servers offer greater flexibility than traditional VPS servers. You can even set up a virtual private network (VPS) on your VPS. Depending on what you use, this may offer major advantages over traditional VPS servers.

Why Use VPS For A VPN?

Although the above-mentioned benefits of VPN servers sound great, they can be less effective depending on what provider you choose. Your privacy is only as safe as the provider that you use for traditional, paid VPN services. The VPN software is installed on the server by the service provider.

This is possible by creating a virtual private server (VPS) on a VPN. You have full control of the server and can verify security as well as take additional measures to make it less vulnerable to hackers.

You will get more convenience by purchasing a service from the company directly, rather than using a VPS with a VPN. It’s very easy to put in your details and then download an app.

Support A More Open And Better Internet

1gbits believes the internet should always be free and open. We also believe that any government or authority whose views are not by consensus should not interfere. If you are a believer, you can also use our servers for a full Bitcoin network to help shape the currency’s future.