5 Things You Should Never Try To DIY In 2022 (#2 Could Kill You)

By  //  July 26, 2022

Knowing how to fix things around the house or build things you need to use is always a good idea. It will allow you to avoid more significant emergencies and save money. However, some things require specialized knowledge and expertise. Your DIY skills may make things worse rather than improve them. 

There are several things you should never try to DIY and should let the professionals handle, such as:

AC Repairs

AC maintenance is essential and will ensure your home is comfortable. There are AC repair issues that you can easily DIY, such as changing the air filters and cleaning the ducts. However, others require a professional AC repair professional that offers air conditioning installation to do such as replacing the coolant. 

The AC needs a cooling agent to produce cold air, but the coolant is a very volatile material that requires proper handling. Any mistake and you could damage the AC unit or worse, lose a hand. Therefore, whenever you feel like your AC is not blowing cold air into your home, you should check the coolant and call a professional to do it.

Electrical Repairs

It does not get more dangerous than electricity, and it is not an understatement to say that electricity can easily kill you. For starters, even though you know something about electricity, you need to know how to handle electrical equipment safely to avoid accidents. 

Second, electrical connections can have unintended consequences that only a professional electrician may recognize. A poorly done job may also take time to come undone, so an electrical accident can happen when you least expect it. 

Whenever you have to fix electrical issues in your home, contact a professional electrician or risk your life. 

Basement Renovations

DIYers will often try to do renovations by themselves, and the results can be either superb or disastrous. There are small renovation jobs which you can do well with some knowledge and skills. However, others require construction and engineering knowledge, like basement renovations. The basement is in a precarious position because it also offers support to the structure. 

Many DIYers have had walls, and even entire buildings collapse on them while working on their basements. In other cases, the building’s foundation may be compromised, which means a collapse could unknowingly kill you and your family at any moment.

Advanced Plumbing Work

Plumbing is another area of home repair where DIYers abide aplenty. You may be able to do simple plumbing repairs like fixing a leaky faucet or clearing a clogged drain pipe, but there are plumbing jobs that will overwhelm even the most experienced DIYer. A leaking or burst pipe, frozen water in pipes, and fixing the sewer system are examples of plumbing jobs you should not DIY.

Plumbing issues are dangerous because they can take a long time before consequences appear, but when they do, they quickly become significant, for example, a leaking pipe that leads to mold growth.

Gas Repairs

The gas you use to cook your food is a very flammable substance that can have devastating consequences. Therefore, you should avoid doing gas repairs in your home at all costs. If you think there is a leak, you should alert the authorities immediately and shut off the gas at the main valve. 

Experienced professionals should only do even simple issues like fixing the gas furnace. A gas leak could lead to serious health issues, let alone an explosion that can destroy your home and kill everyone inside it. Always call a professional for any gas issues.

It is tempting to try and fix things yourself, especially when money is tight. However, there are jobs you should DIY, including gas, advanced plumbing, AC and electrical repairs, and basement renovations. Saving a few bucks is not as important as saving your life.