Chicago Bears Parking

By  //  July 10, 2022

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The Chicago Bears is one of the only two remaining NFL teams that were founded in 1920. They have won eight NFL titles before the AFL-NFL merger, one Super Bowl, 19 Division championships, and four conference titles. Since the Bears always draw thousands of fans to their games, we recommend those planning to see the upcoming games in person purchase their Chicago Bears parking tickets beforehand.

How To Buy Chicago Bears Parking

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The Bears compete in the NFL as a part of the NFC North Division and play its home games at Soldiers Field, located at 1410 S Museum Campus Drive, Chicago, Illinois. The stadium accommodates 61,500 fans and features various parking facilities. So if you wish to see the Bears’ home games, you should reserve a space in a parking lot outside the Soldiers Field.

Chicago Bears parking in their home stadium is available at Adler Lot, Waldron Deck, North Garage- North, North Garage- East, South Lot, East Museum Parking Lot, and Planetarium Lot. North Garage parking facilities have more than 2500 underground parking spaces for Bears fans to park their cars conveniently. It has two entrances accessible from McFetridge Drive and Museum Campus Drive. 

The East Museum Parking lot is a surface parking area close to the North Garage. It opens from 9 am to 3 pm. Waldron parking garage is a double-deck parking facility at the stadium’s south, providing 1500 spaces. Depending on the direction you’re coming from, you can also book a spot at the South Lot or Adler Planetarium lot. Chicago Bears club parking and VIP parking spaces are available at the East Museum Lot. 

There are various other parking facilities for Chicago Bears garage parking near the stadium if you’re looking for affordable options. McCormick Place Lots and Millennium parking garages are the most preferred alternatives among fans. On the other hand, the 18th Street lot also provides prepaid parking spaces for Bears fans.

All Chicago Bears parking facilities offer accessible parking for fans with disabilities. You can go to the Millennium Park garages or the McCormick Place Lot B if you don’t have a pre-purchased ADA parking pass. Since these spots are available on a first-come, first-served basis, it is recommended that fans wishing to park in the ADA lots arrive as early as possible. 

ADA shuttle services are also provided at Gate 14. All vehicles obtaining an accessible parking spot should own a disabled parking license plate, placard, or permit. It is also mandatory for the vehicle owner to be present in the car.

You might want to look for on-street parking near the stadium. However, they are very limited and always come with parking time limits, making it inconvenient sometimes when you want to stay longer or if the game is delayed. The official parking lots are the best option for safe and convenient parking while going to a Bears game. If you have a prepaid pass, you wouldn’t need to worry about not getting a spot at the lot. But try to reach the venue early if you want to claim your preferred spot.

Pulling into a Bears’ parking lot and spending time with your friends before a Bears game is one of the most exciting experiences about going to the games. All outdoor surface lots in the venue allow tailgating, including the Southwest parking facilities, Waldron Deck upper level, and Alder Planetarium lot. 

Note that you should not consume alcohol in the parking lots that are family-friendly. Make sure to follow all tailgating rules to ensure a safe and enjoyable environment for you and everybody around. Since the lots can get quite crowded, it is good to reach early, especially if you don’t have a pre-purchased pass.

Alternatively, if you want to venture to the bars nearby, we recommend checking out Victory Lap Chicago, M Lounge, Weather Mark Tavern, and The Bureau Bar. As long as you have a prepaid Chicago Bears parking pass, you shouldn’t find parking at the Bears stadium a hassle. 

Those looking for public transportation can take the CTA bus. The green, red, and orange routes take passengers to Roosevelt Station, close to the stadium. Since it’s just a 15-minute walk from there, it makes an excellent option for those who want to cut costs and avoid driving. You can also use Metra to go to the games. If you prefer taxi cabs, you can take Lyft and Uber to get to and fro the stadium.

Chicago Bears parking lots fill up quickly when the Bears play with the Minnesota Vikings, Kansas City Chiefs, Detroit Lions, Dallas Cowboys, and Green Bay Packers. Other popular matches include those with the New Orleans Saints, Washington Redskins, Los Angeles Chargers, Tennessee Titans, and New York Giants. If you’re looking to attend games that are priced lower than the rest, you can see a preseason game.

Chicago Bears VIP Parking

Consider getting a Chicago Bears VIP parking pass if you want to get the best experience. It is one of the most favored options for frequent goers as a VIP parking pass provides multiple advantages to its holders. You can arrive at the venue anytime before a game to find a reserved spot close to the venue waiting for you. 

Sometimes these passes even offer valet services, which can be time-saving and very convenient. You can check out the VIP parking passes available online, as purchasing online is the best option for those looking for the best prices. Book yours as soon as possible to catch the best deals on these premium tickets.

How Much Does Chicago Bears VIP Parking Cost?

Fans can purchase Chicago Bears VIP parking tickets at a starting price of $40. The prices can vary based on a variety of factors, including the day of the week, the opponent team, and whether it is preseason, season, or postseason game. Make sure to compare the prices at different places to see that you’re not paying extra money unnecessarily. Since these tickets are very exclusive and high in demand, we recommend booking as so as you can.