Christiane Dania Discusses Trends in Design for 2022

By  //  July 29, 2022

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Throughout the course of human history, the importance of the way in which the interiors of our homes have been designed has been pivotal throughout each major era.

Each of these key periods has been characterized by a specific design or aesthetic trend, whether this is the earthy tones used in Ancient Rome or the concepts of feng shui and wabi-sabi utilized by China and Japan respectively. This is of course no different in the present day, with significant interior design trends beginning to form on the back of the pandemic.

Christiane Dania is more intimately cognizant of these trends than the majority. Christiane Dania and her husband Michael Dania are the owners of ArchiCover – specializing in luxury materials and surfaces, and providing clients with unique, handcrafted products to exceed their interior design expectations. This article will take a deep dive into Dania’s insights into the interior design trends for 2022 as well as her eminence in this area.

The Pandemic Influence

An increasing amount of research is indicating the direct impact of our homes and living areas on our happiness and vitality. Bearing this in mind, it is not surprising that because of the pandemic’s influence, current design trends center around improving our emotional state with nature-inspired designs.

As a result of the increase in the amount of time spent at home due to remote working during the lockdown, a significant number of people have begun to take a look at designing a space that positively affects them, which is reflected in the current interior design trends. We are witnessing a resurgence in earthy colors and surfaces that draw inspiration from nature, such as marble, etc.

Essentially, an attraction towards coziness and warmth in our living spaces is being demonstrated by the population at large. These colors and materials produce an airy and open ambiance which many find to be relaxing to them.

The Importance of Materials

Materials and surfaces, such as those offered by ArchiCover, are pivotal to designing the perfect interior style for one’s home. While it may be possible to save some money by opting for cheaper materials, the benefits of investing in higher quality materials have been demonstrated time and time again.

Deciding which materials and surfaces are optimal for a space is not as simple as picking the most visually appealing of the bunch. Indeed, there are a number of criteria by which these facets should be assessed, including style, use, and one’s lifestyle. These all play a key role in the decision of what to opt for.

As mentioned above, one of the primary trends in interior design at the moment centers around nature and coziness. With this in mind, materials such as steel, wood, marble, and glass, among others, are observing a significant rise in popularity.

About ArchiCover

ArchiCover’s name is synonymous with luxury and design, with its products that simply emanate opulence. ArchiCover creates outstanding wall designs composed of silver and gold. However, their sphere of materials is not limited to these two, with the company offering a range of designs in a plethora of different patterns and materials.

All of ArchiCover’s designs have been selected with an incredible amount of thought and care, collecting and sorting nuanced colors to produce the ideal combination for your design. Put simply, ArchiCover is an industrial showroom, it offers a library of exclusive materials to choose from – all independent of a manufacturer.

Throughout its years of experience, ArchiCover has honed its attention and focus on the exploration of materials from around the globe. The company has gathered and curated productions from all regions of the world, delineating each depending on its characteristics in terms of luxury, functionality, and other requirements.

ArchiCover handles its own R&D in-house in order to ensure all the products in its comprehensive range are of the highest grade. Materials and surfaces are categorized pursuant to broad, overarching topics and their library contains in excess of 5,000 samples.

Closing Statement

If the sound of this trend of nature-inspired, cozy interior design is appealing to you, taking advantage of the services of a reputable, experienced company such as ArchiCover for your material and surface needs is a must. As a designer, Christiane Dania leads the company with her distinct sense of style and eye for quality.