Cincinnati Bengals Parking

By  //  July 11, 2022

The Cincinnati Bengals compete in the NFL as a part of the AFC North division. They have amassed a rabid fan base since their first season in 1968, making almost every game packed. Therefore, those looking forward to attending the upcoming games should ensure everything is ready, including the Cincinnati Bengals parking passes.

Since their inception, the Cincinnati Bengals have won the AFC championships thrice (1981, 1988, and 2021) and the division championships ten times. They have appeared in the postseason games fifteen times, the recent one being in 2021, breaking their 31-year record of not advancing to the finals. Hence, the recent years have become an even more exciting time for fans.

How To Buy Cincinnati Bengals Parking

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Fans of the Cincinnati Bengals planning to see the games this season can book their Cincinnati Bengals parking passes online. The team plays its home games at Paul Brown Stadium. It is an outdoor football stadium located at 1 Paul Brown Stadium, Cincinnati, Ohio, accommodating 65,515 fans. So you can either head to the venue during the game day and find a parking spot or conveniently reserve one online through your computer or smartphone.

Lots 1, A, B, D, E, & F offer the closest spots to the stadium, and they open four hours prior to the games. Those searching for Cincinnati Bengals club parking and VIP parking should find suitable spaces in these lots, which are available through pre-booking. You can also pre-purchase spots in CRG Mid, CRG West, and UE parking lots for general parking. Pick a lot depending on your needs and budget while browsing online.

Other parking facilities near the stadium where you can find Cincinnati Bengals garage parking are Fountain Square Garage, Enquirer Building Parking Garage, South Lot, Longworth Hall Lot, Scripps Center Garage, Queen City Square Parking Garage, Energy Center Garage 1 and 2, 3rd and Main Lot, 3rd, and Race Street Lot, Broadway Lot, Western and Southern Garage, and East Garage.

We highly recommend booking your passes in advance to reserve a good spot and get the most convenient parking experience regardless of the traffic and heavy crowd. It will also be a better option than finding a parking pass on-site if you want to save money. 

Fans with physical disabilities can find ADA parking stalls on all Cincinnati Bengals parking structures. All vehicles looking for an ADA spot should display a valid ADA parking permit, placard, or license plate. The spaces are available through pre-purchase and on a first-come, first-served basis. Since there can be a rush on big game days, we advise reserving your spots beforehand and reaching the venue as early as possible.

The Bengals’ home venue is surrounded by several downtown parking options, great for those looking for cheap parking solutions. Some of them are SP+ Plum St. Garage, 605 Plum St. Garage, Secure Parking US 305 Lot, and Park Place Lot 5. If you don’t have a problem walking for ten to fifteen minutes, these facilities should be a great pick. Make sure to book them in advance if you don’t want to miss out.

Tailgating activities are a great source of fun and enjoyment for fans visiting the Paul Brown Stadium for a Bengals game. So you can plan for a great time with your loved ones before your favorite games begin. Note that use of grills and alcohol are allowed, but taking any beverage inside the stadium isn’t permitted. Follow the venue’s tailgating rules and regulations to make sure that you have the best time.

Besides tailgating, you can also have a good time at the nearby bars and restaurants before and after the games. Check out the Stretch, the Blind Pig, and Kitty’s Sports Grill to treat yourself to a great selection of food and drinks. There are more places besides these, so arrive early to explore the area.

Those who don’t want to drive to the stadium can take the city’s transit to travel. It offers daily transit services to several locations, including the stadium. You can also take the Transportation of Northern Kentucky (TANK) services to go to the Bengals games on a bus or the Queen City Metro. If you prefer a cab, Lyft or Uber are great options too.

Getting a Cincinnati Bengals parking space can be difficult during big games. The stadium and the parking lots get very crowded during specific games, such as those between the Bengals and the Baltimore Ravens, Jacksonville Jaguars, Cleveland Browns, Arizona Cardinals, The San Francisco 49ers, New York Jets, and New England Patriots.

Cincinnati Bengals parking tickets are available online on various reliable websites. You can select a game to attend and look for the corresponding parking passes. Try to book early if you want to catch the best prices on the tickets. You can choose from a selection of general, VIP, garage, club, and accessible parking depending on your requirements and budget. 

Cincinnati Bengals VIP Parking

Those who attend the Bengals games frequently know what getting a Cincinnati Bengals VIP parking pass does. Besides getting one of the best parking spots near the venue, you’d get to enjoy other luxurious amenities as you reach the stadium. You don’t have to worry about arriving a little late as a reserved space will be waiting for you until the game ends. Valet services are also commonly added with such premium tickets. So check out the VIP parking passes available for your event day and book one soon.

How Much Does Cincinnati Bengals VIP Parking Cost?

Cincinnati Bengals VIP parking passes are generally costlier than other parking tickets because of the array of perks and amenities they come with. Fans can expect to spend $43 and above on these tickets, depending on the game type, the team’s opponents, the day of the week, and other factors. However, you’d only get your hands on the best-priced passes if you look and book early. So if getting a Cincinnati Bengals VIP parking pass is in your budget, do it soon before the inventories empty!