Denver Broncos Parking

By  //  July 10, 2022

As many Broncos fans await the upcoming games, it is recommended that those planning to see the games in person book their Denver Broncos parking spots in advance. Doing so eliminates the possibility of not finding a space on the game day and reduces several problems associated with parking. 

The Denver Broncos were founded as an American Football League West division member in 1960. They have played in the AFC West division since joining the NFL post the AFL-NFL merger in 1970. The team has won three Super Bowl championships, eight Conference Championships, and 15 Division championships.

How To Buy Denver Broncos Parking

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Fans wanting to see the Broncos home games should quickly secure a parking spot at Empower Field at Mile High. The team has called the venue its home since 2001. It is a 76,125-capacity American football stadium located at 1701 Mile High Stadium Circle, Sun Valley, Colorado. 

As die-hard fans of the Broncos might know, the Broncos have an intense rivalry with teams in the same division, such as the Las Vegas Raiders, Los Angeles chargers, and Kansas City Chiefs. Besides the AFC West teams, the Broncos are also known for having developed intra-conference rivalries with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Cleveland Browns, Seattle Seahawks, and New England Patriots. If you’re catching a game between these teams, you’d want to make sure everything is ready at least a week before the scheduled day!

As frequent goers might already know, the official Denver Broncos parking lots at Empower Field require a prepaid parking pass from fans who wish to snag a spot. That means one cannot access the parking spaces at the on-site lots and garages without a pass secured beforehand. In such a case, fans would have to look for other spaces in the off-site parking facilities like the Auraria Campus and Ball Arena.

The rates for parking start at $20, depending on the type of facility, its distance from the stadium, and more factors. We recommend booking your passes online to get discounts on the parking prices.

Accessible Denver Broncos parking spaces are available for fans with physical impairment and disabilities in the official parking structures. Unlike the general public parking passes, you can secure an ADA parking spot on the day of the game. Since they are available on a first-come, first-served basis, we recommend arriving at the venue as early as possible. Don’t worry about the games not starting immediately after you reach, as you’ll find many exciting things to do while waiting! Lots C, D, G, J, and L have ADA parking spots, and they open four hours and thirty minutes before the scheduled games.

On-site parking facilities are obviously costlier than any other option. Therefore, those looking to reduce costs on parking can find additional parking lots and garages near the venue. Some of the best ones include the Denver Aquarium, Auraria Campus, RTD Stations, and Ball Arena. Note that these facilities may offer excellent open-air and Denver Broncos garage parking options, but you’d have to walk fifteen to twenty minutes to reach the stadium. If that is not a problem, these should be ideal for you.

Tailgating fans would be thrilled to know that the Denver Broncos parking lots permit the activity on game days. So there are more exciting things to look forward to besides the games. Ensure that you’re abiding by the tailgating rules set by the venue to see that everyone has a safe and fun experience.

You should also note that one parking pass permits only one space and that taking extra space is strictly prohibited. Alternatively, if you’re interested in exploring the nearby places for snacks and drinks, you can go to Briar Common Brewery + Eatery, The Original Brooklyn’s, and Raices Brewing Company.

There are several parking options at different prices to fit everyone’s requirements. Depending on how much you want to spend and what your needs are, you can get a general, covered, open-air garage or a Denver Broncos club parking space. Since many online ticket-selling sites are at your disposal, you shouldn’t have a hard time booking a parking pass. However, that doesn’t mean they will always be available, so it is ideal to purchase as soon as possible.

If you want to avoid parking altogether and go to the games stress-free, public transit is the best option. Several light-rail transportation options are available for fans to safely and conveniently reach the stadium. You can take shuttles from various locations to reach the venue from a station. If you prefer traveling in a car, then Lyft or Uber should be your pick.

Broncos’ games always attract several fans from the city and surrounding areas. But there are some games that never fail to fully pack the stadium! You should wait around to get your Denver Broncos parking pass when teams like the Oakland Raiders, New England Patriots, Kansas City Chiefs, Arizona Cardinals, and Cleveland Browns visit. Games between the Broncos and the Jacksonville Jaguars, Tennessee Titans, Los Angeles Chargers, Chicago Bears, and Detroit Lions also draw huge crowds.

Denver Broncos VIP Parking

Book a Denver Broncos VIP parking pass to get the best parking experience at the team’s home stadium. While you’d surely get a parking spot close to the venue from where you can easily access your seats, these passes sometimes include valet services too. If you think you’d enjoy such amenities, then don’t waste your time! Book your VIP parking passes in advance to save money and reserve a spot.

How Much Does Denver Broncos VIP Parking Cost?

Denver Broncos VIP parking passes are available online at a starting price of $44. Fans looking for a spot at the official parking lots should have their tickets secured in advance, so make sure you do it. VIP parking passes are usually in high demand due to the various services and amenities included. If you wish to book one for your game day, you will find the passes online at various websites. Compare them to ensure that you’re getting yours at the best price.