How to Take Up Piano Lessons in Singapore?

By  //  July 2, 2022

The piano keys are white and black, but in your head, they sound like a million different colors, says Maria Cristina Mena.  The keys are becoming more and more popular among adults.

They are starting to understand that piano lessons are not just for kids. They are realizing that learning has nothing to do with age. Young children do benefit from piano lessons, but adults also gain from them. They might benefit adults much more.

Contrary to common opinion, piano lessons aren’t just for little kids. From preschool until far after retirement, anyone can learn how to play the piano. Even though studying music as a youngster has a favorable effect on the brain, anyone can benefit from taking piano lessons, regardless of their age.

Although many people in Singapore are interested in learning to play the piano or keyboard, they might not know where to start or how to proceed. It can be a lot of fun and satisfying for an individual to play the piano.

It has been demonstrated that learning the piano has a positive impact on general habits like concentration, patience, dedication, and creative thinking as well as memory. It has been demonstrated in numerous studies that listening to the piano improves spatial attention and spatial aptitude, two skills that are important in professions connected to science, math, and engineering.

Children can develop their focus, attention span, and capacity for reward by learning to play the piano. Your verbal, cognitive, and social skills will all improve as you become more proficient at the piano. Taking Piano Lessons Singapore can make you feel more confident.

Our brains become stronger when we play piano because it stimulates several areas of our grey matter at once and forges new connections between various portions of the brain. The simultaneous use of the eyes and the ten fingers on each hand is necessary when playing the piano, for instance, to complete related but separate tasks.

We’ll at Alpha Piano Studio outline a simple piano lesson plan for youngsters that will let them use their innate curiosity to learn how to read music and perform real songs.

It’s a remarkably satisfying and joyful experience to learn to play the piano. The first step in accomplishing this goal is determining which classes are best for your students. Our free trial is useful in this situation.

We’ll teach you how to play the piano and you’ll love every minute of it, whether you’re seeking beginner piano lessons, music theatre, advanced classical music repertoire, or you just need to connect with your inner Mozart.

Our piano instructors are also excellent performers and graduates of prestigious music schools in addition to being ABRSM-certified and having years of expertise in instructing kids’ piano lessons. Our piano instructors will competently get you ready for their upcoming graded exam.

Our participants are motivated by learning concepts and techniques based on science. In addition to promoting confidence and whole-musicianship skills, our multisensory approach engages youngsters’ inherent curiosity.

It goes beyond the sense of satisfaction to have mastered a challenging chord, a new note, or a favorite song. Additionally, it’s the self-assurance required to perform in front of others. We’re not talking about making your stage debut at the O2 Academy; instead, we’re talking about getting up in front of your loved ones—your family and friends—and showcasing your newly acquired talents.

The ability to play the piano equips not only kids but also adults with the skills they need to succeed in public speaking or performances, as well as the self-assurance to keep going when they do make a mistake. It’s a talent that the majority of grownups lack.

It should come as no surprise that practicing the piano is a great strategy to increase your hand-eye coordination and your ability to independently coordinate your two hands.

To boost finger movement speed across the keys, a study discovered that practicing the piano changed the brain’s cortical mapping.

Nearly every activity we engage in, including writing, typing, driving, and virtually every sport ever created, benefits from having good hand-eye coordination.

Consider your age as a strength rather than a disadvantage. It differs from being able to perform a song well and master it. When starting, there is no better way to learn than from someone else. This is still the most effective form of training because it has been used to teach music for millennia.

When you take lessons from an experienced teacher, let them plan some practice time for you so that you can focus on certain techniques and get feedback before your next lesson.

Although it ought to be something you look forward to, practice isn’t always enjoyable. You must include rigorous practice in your weekly schedule to avoid becoming overloaded with other obligations. Enrolling in formal lessons is necessary to create a routine. Piano lessons are available in a variety of formats at Alpha Piano Studio.

We offer certain lessons for all ages at all levels;

Alpha Piano Studio offers piano lessons to help you reach your desired goals. The goal of Alpha Piano Studio is to give you the best adult piano lessons at the most affordable price. Our piano teachers are all highly competent to help you realize your musical ambitions because they have a combined wealth of expertise in instructing people. From classical to pop to jazz piano, we provide a wide variety of genres.

We want to make sure you have the opportunity to explore your musical talent because music is for everyone. We comprehend that each individual has various needs when it comes to learning to play the piano as an adult. Since each student has unique needs and goals, we customize our adult piano lessons to meet those needs.

Piano lessons for Kids: If you wish to begin your child’s musical adventure, piano lessons are the best location to do so. Our piano lessons for kids cover a wide range of subjects, including learning how to read music notation and preparing for ABRSM graded exams. One of the best methods to support your child in the development of skills that will help him or her not only in musical endeavors but also in academic ones is to enroll them in piano lessons.

Piano lesson for Teens: Teens between the ages of 11 and 19 can participate in piano lessons. The courses go into great detail and are meant to help in building a strong musical foundation. Rehearsal, theoretical music, aural conditioning, and technical instruction are some of the main concepts covered in this course for teenagers. Exams with grades, like the ABRSM, have preparatory processes. Lessons might last anywhere from 45 and 60 minutes, depending on what each student needs. Children who have studied the piano in the past, particularly at the ABRSM Grade 3 or comparable level, can also take Pop Piano Lessons.

Piano Lessons for Adults: Mastering the piano is a lifelong talent. It’s never too late to start playing the piano and taking advantage of everything it has to offer, from rocking pop and jazz tunes to calming classical pieces. Our adult piano classes are taught by piano instructors who are skilled in a variety of genres, possess music degrees, have a wealth of performance experience, and are dedicated to providing each student with the customized attention they need.

Jazz Piano Lessons: Jazz as we know it now has evolved greatly with the help of the piano. It is performed in a variety of contexts, including solo piano, accompanist for a vocalist or instrument, and group settings, and its melodic and harmonic features open up an unlimited number of musical possibilities that grow through time. Jazz Piano is designed to help you develop time-tested abilities that will enable you to meet the demands of a working pianist in a variety of situations.

You will learn all you need to know about the keyboard in the beginner jazz piano lessons, including how to hold your hands, piano fingering, and key names. As well as learning how to read music for the first time, you’ll also pick up a lot of other helpful hints and techniques.

Pop Piano Lessons: Learn how to play your favorite pop songs on the keyboard. By moving from sheet reading to lead note improvisation, you can create stunning piano arrangements. You’ll learn how to play piano accompaniment techniques in our adult piano lessons so you and your friends can jam out to your favorite tunes.

Classical Piano Lessons for Adults: Learn to read music notation and hone your sense of musical time even as an adult to lay a solid musical foundation. Learn to play the piano using sound principles and effective instruction methods to enhance your musical performance.