Navy Blue Wall Art – The New Artwork by Splash of Arts

By  //  July 22, 2022

If you are looking for contemporary home decor and interior design, the shades of navy blue can never go wrong. This shade of blue offers a timeless decoration technique, with an excellent alternative to dark-colored decor themes. While maintaining the sophistication, navy blue wall art adds a pop of color to your home decor, enhancing the neutral theme. 

In this blog, we will discuss some great navy blue wall art ideas that can transform any home interior from being bland to an elegantly decorated space.

What colors pair the best with navy blue?

The best thing about the color navy blue is that it can be paired with any color you want that suits your home decor and interior. You can incorporate navy blue wall art into any color scheme your house is themed upon. However, most expert interior designers recommend a navy blue color paired with neutrals like beige or white, as it makes an excellent combination of elegance and class. 

Navy blue and gold wall art.

Another classy combination of navy blue is with gold color, as it offers royalty with elegant jewel tones and metallic colors. Decorating your walls with this color combination will make your wall art stand out and attract your guests by being the center of attention. You can use this color contrast to create minimalistic abstract art designs and hang them on your living room walls for a contemporary outlook. 

Where to incorporate navy blue wall art?

Most luxury interior designers recommend using navy blue wall art on your bedroom walls. This classy shade will make your sleeping space appear elegant and luxurious, offering calmness and peace in the area. You can even pair the navy blue color with bolder hues like cherry red, gold, bright pink, and mustard to make your art vivid, noticeable, and stay in focus. 

Abstract navy blue wall art

Whether beginner interior designers or high-end professionals, everyone swears upon abstract art designs, as they work for every house theme and style, no matter what. Abstract wall art designs can match your house’s setting, modern or traditional. While navy blue hues are trending on the color charts this year, combining it with abstract art will be no less than a match made in heaven. 

Wall art sizes

As adding wall art is one of the best ways to incorporate navy blue into your house theme, choosing the correct wall art size is necessary to make your walls unique and classy. In fact, one of the biggest mistakes anyone can make is to hang a wall art frame either too small or too big according to the room and wall size. Therefore, if you choose to hang your navy blue wall art on an entirely empty wall, make sure it takes up to 60% of the space to offer that sophisticated look. 

Wrapping up.

Navy blue portrays calmness and class, perfect for making your house interior appear fresh and elegant. Explore our trending navy blue wall art style through our gallery for the ultimate classy house makeover.