New York Giants Parking

By  //  July 10, 2022

It is a no-brainer that fans need a New York Giants parking pass purchased in advance if they want to enjoy an easy parking process while going to the games. The Giants have a gigantic fanbase, and large crowds are inevitable whenever they play. So if you plan to see the upcoming home games, we suggest you secure your parking passes in advance to avoid issues on the game day.

How To Buy New York Giants Parking

Buy them here > New York Giants Parking


Buy them here > New York Giants Parking Pass

The New York Giants compete in the NFL as a part of the NFC East division. They are the only surviving franchise from the five teams that joined the league in 1925. Since its inception, the team has won eight NFL championships, 11 Conference championships, and 16 Division championships, placing them in the third-best position among all other NFL members.

The huge popularity of the Giants is one of the reasons why getting a New York Giants parking space is difficult. It gets even more intense and crowded when they are matched up against their biggest and oldest rival, the Philadelphia Eagles. 

Those wishing to see the upcoming homes should look for a parking spot at the team’s home stadium MetLife Stadium at 1 MetLife Stadium Drive, East Rutherford, New Jersey. It is a multi-purpose stadium accommodating 82,500 fans. Fortunately, it features several parking lots for fans to park their vehicles. You only have to book your parking pass in advance and arrive at the venue ahead of time to get your preferred space.

Gold permit holders are park their vehicles in Lots B, D, K, J, L, M, P, and Deck A. Those with a Platinum permit can head to Lots E, F, and G. if you’re looking for a New York Giants club parking or VIP parking spot, these might be the lots allotted to you as they are the closest to the stadium.

The Giants’ official parking lots open five hours before the games and close two hours after they end. Note that your parking permit will not allow a specific spot in the parking facilities, so you’ll have to reach early to secure the best one.

Fans with physical impairment and disabilities can find New York Giants parking spaces at Lots E, F, and F. A special drop-off site in Lot C is also available to fans with an ADA parking pass. Make sure that you have your disabled parking permit, placard, or license plate on display while accessing these spots. If you need help finding a space in the lot or getting to the venue, you can ask the parking attendants to help you.

The Giants stadium also features an off-site parking structure in the vicinity offering parking spaces for fans. It is located at 20 Murray Hill Parkway, East Rutherford, NJ, and is available for pre-booking or on-site booking through credit cards or cash. You may notice that the lot is located one and a half miles away from the ballpark, but that shouldn’t be a problem as shuttle services are available for the Giants games.

Those interested in tailgating will be happy to know that the stadium’s parking lots allow the activity before a Giants game. Using grills and heating devices near the buildings and decks isn’t allowed. You should check and follow the tailgating rules and regulations set by the lots to ensure a safe environment.

Through pre-booking, fans can also find New York Giants garage parking spots at the on-site and off-site lots. In fact, you can find any type of parking in the area if you look early. Make sure to secure your favorite one when you have the options. Comparing different ticketing websites is advised to ensure that you pay the best prices for all parking passes.

You can take public transportation if you don’t want to drive yourself to the venue during heavily trafficked game days. The Meadowlands Rail Service provided by NJ Transit is a great option for all major games. Its bus services are another option for fans to use. Finally, Lyft and Uber are perfect for those who want to travel by car with some privacy. Pick-up and drop-off zones are available in Lot E for those coming in rideshares and taxis. 

Getting to the stadium and finding parking in the lots should be easy if you have a pre-purchased New York Giants parking pass. As mentioned many times earlier, you wouldn’t want to wait for the game day to arrive to buy your parking pass as they may be sold out by then. If you’ve booked your seats at the stadium and are looking for a New York Giants parking pass today, you’ll find several reliable websites to resort to, besides the venue or the team’s official website.

The games between the Giants and the New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers, Dallas Cowboys, Washington Redskins, Arizona Cardinals, Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins, and Green Bay Packers draw huge audiences. So you’ll surely have a fun time sitting with fellow fans and cheering for your team. Grab your parking pass today to ensure that nothing hinders your enjoyable experience!

New York Giants VIP Parking

Securing a New York Giants VIP parking ticket might be the best option for you if you want to park close to the stadium and reach your seats quickly. You can enjoy convenient and quick access to the venue without stressing about the traffic. With these premium tickets, you might also get a valet parking service as you go in and out of the stadium. So check them out now and book one before the tickets sell out.

How Much Does New York Giants VIP Parking Cost?

Depending on the game type, the Giants’ matchup, day of the week, and several other factors, the New York Giants VIP parking tickets can cost $48 and above. You can see different ticketing sites to select the most cost-effective option and purchase one before someone else gets their hands on them! With a VIP parking pass secured, you can bid goodbye to all parking worries for the games you want to attend!