Sophie Frabotta and her Sought-After Approach: The 4 R’s Method

By  //  July 22, 2022

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The COVID-19 pandemic escorted a number of tangible problems with it that still plague us to this day, chiefly its adverse economic and societal effects. One impact that isn’t frequently touched upon is the effect of the lockdown on mental health, which a number of studies have revealed has risen exponentially during the pandemic. Due to the difficulty associated with tackling mental health struggles, a great demand exists for the services of life coaches.

Sophie Frabotta is an internationally recognized Spiritual Life Coach that works with her clients and as a mentor to other aspiring life coaches in order to help them undertake deep spiritual healing. This article explores her extensive experience in this profession as well as the sought-after approach that she designed over the last 15 years alongside her clients.

Extensive Healing Experience

For over 15 years, Sophie Frabotta has been assisting clients and aspiring life coaches alike with her expertise in this area. Sophie offers her assistance through a plethora of different resources, including retreats, spiritual healing sessions, meditations, audio, and worksheets – which all play pivotal roles in each of our individual spiritual healing journeys.

Sophie adopts an aspirational approach to her teaching – hoping to guide her clients to embody her teachings as they move forward. This means that both clients and coaches must live these teachings – not just learn them – if they want to become the most authentic versions of themselves.

Following her successful completion of a master’s degree in transpersonal psychology, a myriad of life coaching certifications, and over 10,000 hours of 1-1 Spiritual Coaching, Sophie developed her revolutionary process for transforming the lives of her clients: the 4 Rs Method.

The Unique 4 R’s Method

The 4 Rs in Sophie Frabotta’s method, (which stand for recognize, release, reprogram, and radiate), provide an outline to abide by when working with a client in order to guide them through their own individual healing journey and to achieve their goals.


The initial step of this process involves discovering the root problem creating issues for the client. Very often, a client will seek help because of a problem that is not the root cause, so it is important to ask some preliminary questions in order to reveal what the true problem is.

Questions should focus on drawing attention to the client’s false belief system that has developed as a result of this root cause. Normally, traditional therapy ends at this point of identifying a client’s root problem and false belief system.


The second step involves an exploration of this belief system of the client by guiding them to heal themselves from the inside. A range of healing modalities is used for this purpose in order to remove negative emotions, energy, and memories from the body. The end result of this step can only be described as a quieting of the chatter.

Copyright: Sophie Frabotta


Following the extraction of this inhibitive energy, the soil of the client’s mind must be tilled in order to accommodate the growth of a new belief system and thought process. This step characterizes the client’s truest desires and implements them in this process of reprogramming in order to provide a means for them to manifest their dreams.


The final step in the 4 Rs method is reached when the client begins to carry themselves with a new frequency and vibe. At this point, they can approach their life with a new lens, healthier thought processes, and empowering belief systems. This ultimately results in them feeling better holistically (across their mind, body, and spirit).

Final Statement

The pandemic has caused an array of problems for all societies around the world, with mental health chief among these. With the innovative 4 Rs Method that Sophie Frabotta has developed over the course of 15 years of working with clients, based on her experience exceeding 10,000 hours of 1-on-1 sessions, those looking to begin their internal healings now have an effective means to do so.

Unlike traditional therapy, this method surpasses merely identifying a client’s root problem, instead preferring to instill in them the correct techniques and thought processes to heal themselves from the inside out.