SSL: How Does it Keep Your Website Secure?

By  //  July 27, 2022

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You might have heard that SSL is essential to any website, especially nowadays. SSL or Secure Socket Layer certificate helps achieve authenticity and build trust between you and your customers. This trust is necessary to make your website work and gain an audience. Many Certification Authorities have managed to keep the cost of SSL certificate low, so you can get yours issued.

This article will discuss what exactly is SSL and how it promises a secure website.

What is an SSL Certificate, and How Does It Work?

An SSL certificate is issued to reliable websites to ensure customers that all online transactions or data will be secured and encrypted. It helps establish trust while sharing personal data online as the customer knows that all data sent will be encrypted and will only be decrypted by a reliable authority hence keeping it safe. Customers can view the SSL certificate or look for the HTTPS protocol on the website to ensure it is from a trustworthy Certification Authority and confidently trust the website.

An SSL certificate will contain details like your name and information about your identity. It will also have information about the key. It will also have a digital certificate from the Certification Authority that has issued the certificate.

How Does SSL work?

The way SSL certificates work makes sure that a secure connection is established. An SSL certificate consists of a public and private key. These keys make sure to maintain a secure connection by working together.

When a browser connects to a website with an SSL certificate, it first requires the website server to identify itself. In return for this connection, the website server sends the browser a copy of its SSL certificate. Then the browser checks if the SSL certificate is authentic; it will contain things like if the SSL certificate is from a reliable Certification Authority. Once the trust is established, a message is sent to the server. To start the SSL encrypted session, the server, in return, sends an acknowledgment that is digitally signed. Encrypted data will be transmitted between the browser and the server.

How Does SSL Keep Your Website Secure?

Once the browser and web server have established a secure connection, also known as the SSL handshake, encrypted data can be transmitted. After this stage, three keys will be used to handle the data. They are the session key, the public key, and the private key. The public key will encrypt the data and can only be decrypted using the private key available to the receiver. However, the public and private keys will only be used during the handshake to create the session key. Further encryption will take place using the session key.

Now, your audience can share private information like passwords and credit card details without worries as your website is secure.

Final Words

You would have concluded that an SSL certificate is essential. It makes sure that a secure connection is established between you and your target audience. Also, an SSL certificate plays a vital role in improving site ranking. If you want to build substantial credibility as well as grab maximum attention for your website, then get an SSL certificate now.