WATCH: Brevard County Commission Holds Meeting in Viera on Tuesday

By  //  July 12, 2022

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meeting begins at 5 p.m.

ABOVE VIDEO: Brevard County Commission to Hold Meeting in Viera on Tuesday.

C. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: Commissioner Kristine Zonka, Chair, District 5
D. MINUTES FOR APPROVAL: February 8, 2022 Regular; March 22, 2022 Regular;
April 7, 2022 Zoning; April 19, 2022 Regular; May 5, 2022 Zoning; May 17, 2022
Regular; May 26, 2022 Zoning
F. CONSENT AGENDA (The entire Consent Agenda will be passed in one motion to
include everything under Section F.)
Development and Environmental Services Group
Mosquito Control
F.1. Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Division of Agricultural
Environmental Services, FY 2022-2023 Detailed Work Plan Budget – Arthropod Control
Planning and Development
F.2. Acceptance, Re: Binding Development Plan with Rotation Holdings, LLC
F.3. Acceptance, Re: Binding Development Plan with Storsafe of Rockledge, LLC
F.4. Plat Modification and Waiver, Re: Rambling Acres West Addition (District 1)
Developers: Church Street Realty, LLC; W. Kelly McLendon, Trustee; and Hunter’s
Brooke Titusville, LLC.
F.5. Final Plat and Contract Approval, Re: Laurasia – Phase 1
Developer: The Viera Company District 4
Public Works Department
F.6. Approval, Re: Dedication of Warranty Deed and Bill of Sale from Indian River Preserve
Estates Corp., formerly known as Florida Land & Cattle Corporation, for Tract LS-1 of
Rymar Greens at Indian River Preserve for Lift Station N-32 – District 1.
F.7. Approval, Re: Contract for Purchase of Easement Rights from Matthew David Schunck
for the Benefit of Lift Station S17- District 4.
F.8. Approval, Re: Dedication of: 1) Warranty Deed and Bill of Sale from The Viera
Company, and 2) Quit Claim Deed from Pangea Park Neighborhood Association, Inc.,
for the Acquisition of Lift Station W-32- District 4.
F.9. Approval Re: Amendment to the Traffic Signal Maintenance and Compensation
Agreement FM#413019-1-88-01 and Resolution with the Florida Department of
Transportation (FDOT)
F.10. Adopt Resolution and Release Performance Bond: Avalonia Subdivision, Phase 3 –
District 4
Developer: The Viera Company
F.11. Approval, Re: Dedication of Warranty Deed from Parasol Melbourne Investments, LLC,
for the Parasol at Melbourne Apartments -District 3.
F.12. Adopt Resolution and Release Performance Bond: Viera Village Center II – District 4
Developer: The Viera Company
F.13. Approval, Re: Contract for Sale and Purchase from Sherman R. Tucker and Emily K.
Tucker (Parcel 1) and Contract for Sale and Purchase from Jack R. Canniff and Carol C.
Meyer (Parcels 2 and 3) as part of the 520 Pluckebaum Connector Project – District 1.
Utility Services Department
F.14. Permission to execute lease agreement with NOAA on County-owned property and
approval of resolution per Section 125.35 Florida Statutes
Community Services Group
Housing and Human Services
F.15. Approval, RE: Request for Development, Advertisement, and Award of Bid for Roofing
and Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) utilizing State Housing Initiatives
Partnership (SHIP) program grant funds
F.16. Approval, RE: Request for Development, Advertisement, and Award of Bid for Heating,
Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) utilizing Low Income Home Energy Assistance
Program – American Rescue Plan Act (LIHEAP-ARPA) grant funds
Parks and Recreation Department
F.17. Approval, Re: Property Access License Contract with Beyel Brothers, Inc. – Port St. Boat
Ramp (District 1)
F.18. Approval, Re: Donation Agreement with North Brevard Rotary Club Foundation Inc. for
accessible playground equipment at Sand Point Park, Titusville (District 1)
Support Services Group
F.19. Approval of Administration and Collection Cost for Business Tax Receipts – July 1, 2022 –
June 30, 2023
Human Resources
F.20. 2023 Group Health Plan Design Changes
F.21. COVID related medical claim reimbursement under American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA)
(2nd Tranche)
Administrative Services Group
County Attorney
F.22. Legislative intent and permission to advertise an amendment to the Brevard County
Code of Ordinances modifying Section 14, Article III, Brevard County Code, allowing
Animal Services to assume the responsibility of inspecting and authorizing animal care
facilities to operate and changing the animal care facility licensure system to a tax
receipt system.
F.23. Request for Approval to Rescind BCC-67 Advisory Bodies
F.24. Legislative intent and permission to advertise amendment to Brevard County Code of
Ordinances, Section 74, Article VI Brevard County Code, pertaining to restrictions for
sexual offenders and sexual predators.
F.25. Appointments to Brevard Workforce Development Board, Inc. Board of Directors dba
CareerSource Brevard
F.26. 2022-2023 Annual Budget Resolution, RE: Brevard Workforce Development Board, Inc.
dba CareerSource Brevard
F.27. Approval, Re: Five-Year Copier / Printer Leases
F.28. Bill Folder
F.29. Permission to Advertise for a Public Hearing to consider application for the 2022
Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant.
H.1. Health First, Inc.; and Health First Shared Services, Inc. (Kim Rezanka) requests a change
of zoning classification from BU-1 and BU-2 to PUD, with waivers. (22PUD00001)
(District 2)
H.2. Approval of amendment to North Merritt Island Wastewater Transmission System No.
1 – Ordinance 88-48.
H.3. Solid Waste Management Department’s Proposed Annual Disposal Assessment Rates.
J.1. Discussion: Brevard County Public Schools Athletic Fields
J.2. Rescind Resolution 2022-055 Regarding Referendum Election for School Millage
J.3. Repealing Resolution 18-040, the Implementing Legislation for the Property Assessed
Clean Energy (PACE) Program in Brevard County
L.1. Frank Abbate, County Manager
L.2. Christine Schverak, Interim County Attorney
L.3. Rita Pritchett, Commissioner District 1
L.4. John Tobia, Commissioner District 3
L.5. Curt Smith, Commissioner District 4, Vice Chair
L.6. Kristine Zonka, Commissioner District 5, Chair