How to Become a Cam Boy? Tips to Make a Killing in the Webcam industry as a Male

By  //  August 3, 2022

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We’re used to seeing and hearing about cam girls everywhere and tend to associate the job with females, but did you know that there’s also a niche for men in the webcam industry? Yes, cam boys exist, and you’d be surprised to know that they can actually make as much money as cam girls, if done right.

However, if you’re planning to become a male cam model, there are a few things that you must take into account. 1) The market for male cam models is considerably smaller than the one for females and 2) you will be required to get off on cam several times.

Against popular belief though, male webcam modeling is not reserved to gay men. Anyone of any sexual orientation can become a male webcam model. Even though majority of your fans will most likely be gay, that doesn’t mean that you have to do “gay things”. Remember that you can do butt stuff and still be straight.

How much can a cam guy make?

Cam modeling is not like your regular kind of job, and as such, there’s no fixed salary. Instead, everything’s performance-based. The more effort you put into it, the more you will make, so it’s completely up to you and your work ethic.

It doesn’t matter how big if your penis or how attractive you are. It’s all about the performance quality, audience size, catered fetishes, and especially, using to the best of your abilities the available money streams. Most cam sites offer male models money-making options such as private chat, public chat, goals, tips or tip menu.

How to be a male cam model

How to become a cam boy and not fail in the attempt? First and foremost: choose the right cam site for you. It goes without saying, but most of your success will be directly linked to the traffic of your cam platform and the features it has to help you monetize your streams and content. Other things to keep in mind are the revenue cut they take and the quality of their customer support assistance.

Once you have your cam platform picked out, sign up and create your cam model profile. One of the first steps you’ll have to take is presenting some type of identification to prove that you’re above 18 years old. Then filling up your profile, selecting your tags and uploading your content will be a piece of cake.

Before you dive into your first stream, you should familiarized with your platform. Know how it works, master all the features you have at your disposal, etc. Read their FAQs, Wiki page, or watch their video tutorials in case they have to know every nook and cranny of the site. Moreover, it’s also advisable to scour other models to look for inspiration.

By watching and learning from the ones that are already at the top, you’ll find your formula to succeed. Go to the top model profiles on your site and see how they have their profiles filled out, watch their streams and take note on how they pose in front of the camera and how they interact with their audience, check their pricing list to get an idea of how the market is and how you can price your activities, etc. Being a copycat of another model is not an option, but getting inspiration from them is a must.

Safety is another thing to be aware of. You must protect your online safety as a cam model. This entails taking proactive measures to guarantee that nobody you connect with on the website will ever know your real identity.

A trustworthy website will have features like geo-blocking, which lets you prevent viewers from your city, state, or even country. Even if the website has privacy protections, you must take care to never reveal anything about your personal life to your followers or fans. The last thing you want is to become the target of a stalker.

Now, it’s time to start with the real deal.

1. Invest in the right equipment

Webcam modeling doesn’t go with an initial investment to set up the right scenario with quality equipment. Since streaming will be your bread and butter, you must make sure that your laptop, microphone, and HD webcam take the mark.

You don’t have to buy the most expensive ones in the market, but they must be of a decent quality. For your webcam, for example, most webcam sites recommend Logitec, as they have one of the best quality webcams in the market.

Your internet will also be key. Get yourself high speed internet connection and remember to pay attention to the upload speed. If you want to stream HD, the upload speed shouldn’t be less than 1.5 MB/S. If you’re using Wifi, better use the ethernet cable to make your connection much more stable.

Lighting is something you should also not neglect. Just like in taking photos and videos, lighting is everything, in camming it’s also important. The best way to achieve best results is to have the light behind your webcam. In case you want to use natural light, the idea would be the same: place your webcam in front of an open window.

Additionally, you can purchase some provocative attire and occasionally spice up the vibe in your room. Ditch those boxers from time to time and treat your followers to a fun and naughty roll-play. They will certainly appreciate seeing you in a fireman or police costume.

And we cannot forget about sex toys, as they’re the real main character of the show. A quick peek at cam model’s room, and you’ll see what they all have in common: every cam model is using a toy. They’re not only great to make your show more interactive and interesting, but they are also a fantastic tip collector. Users will tip to make your toy vibrate, and you will get pleasure and tokens.

Some of the best toys for cam boys include Lovense Hush, which is a butt plug that responds to tips, We-Vibe, and any toy from Geeky Sex Toys (they have a fantasy-themed collection of toys that parody series like Pokemon or Game of Thrones).

2. Do social media

The road to success as a male cam model includes a strong social media presence and followers. That will be the foundation of your empire. So at the beginning, you will need to grow your fan base using social media (it’s the simplest method and fastest way).

If you don’t want to use your personal accounts and let everyone who knows you know about your professional endeavors, you can always set up a dedicated cam-related Instagram and Twitter account to promote your shows (keep in mind that certain platforms like for example Instagram censor nudity, so you’ll have to be mindful of the way you frame your posts).

To really make your work social media accounts work, you must start by following accounts of people who already working in the industry and using cam-related hashtags. Once you already have your fan base, you should keep using your channels, but this time as a way to interact with your customers and keep relationships alive even when you’re offline on your cam site.

The vast majority of cam platforms provide the option to link to your social media accounts, so be sure to do so, and just wait for users to find you there.

How to earn as a cam guy

The most obvious and popular way to make money cam modeling, is doing cam shows. Surprisingly for people who are not familiar with the industry, there are many types and different ways to earn with them.

Remember that depending on the cam site, they might specialize in a specific type of cam show. If you are fortunate enough to be on a platform where they are all available, don’t be afraid to try them all out and see which one works best for you and your audience.

■ Public shows: they are open to all viewers, therefore they can be viewed for free. The point is that within the public show, you can get tips through different methods, so you will still make money. For example, you can set a tip goal to motivate users to tip you.

■ Private shows: these are one-on-one private sessions with users that will have to pay a per-minute fee. In a private show, you may provide special experiences and activities that aren’t available during your public shows. In this type of show, users have the option to activate their webcam and turn it into a cam2cam show.

■ Spy shows: you can enable spies to enter and take a peek at your private show. To do so, they will have to pay a per-minute fee that you’ll set. Nobody will know their identity, but in turn, they can’t interact during the private.

Even though live streams might seem like the backbone of the business, the truth is, selling content is just as important and profitable. You can display both public and private albums on your profile, and you decide what to charge for your private albums (users will unlock your content once they pay for it).

Some sites like Stripchat even provide you with the option of selling your footage to your fans directly through the messaging system. You just have to prepare your best images and videos, and add the fee.

Another good option is to record your public shows to sell them later as part of your private content. Platforms like Stripchat enable users to record both public and private shows, which they can then purchase and store as a permanent record inside the platform (in the case of the private show, only the user you have it with will be able to get it).

Cam show ideas for starters


Countdowns and tip goals are some of the most symbolic elements of any cam show. You can put a countdown that will assist you in achieving your daily goal. For example, you want to get 5000 tokens? In that case, you should set 1000 for top and panties off, the next 1000 for fingering, other 1000 for dildo play, and the main course, 2000 for squirting.

By doing this, your performance will likely last two hours or longer, keeping everyone entertained and encouraging to tip.

Avoid taking breaks in the middle of your countdowns. If one goes more quickly than anticipated, take a moment to relax and get ready for the following countdown.

Games and fun

Games are ideal to liven up your performance and keep everyone engaged. The best part is that there are already a lot of well-liked cam games, so you won’t even need to think of show ideas. In fact, some of them are already incorporated into several cam sites so that you can directly install them in your room. You can play the following games with your audience.

■ Truth or dare

If you don’t know this game, you’ve done something wrong during your adolescence and college years.

In truth or dare, your audience asks you questions, and if you don’t want to answer them, you will have to do a dare that they will choose for you (it can be any kind of activity). You can even play reverse truth or dare, with you asking your audience to learn more about them. It’s an all-time favorite and your fans will surely enjoy it.

■ Wheel of fortune

If you’re lucky, your cam site will have it already integrated and you’ll be able to install it in your room in just one click. If not, you can always download it in your phone, and whenever you’re playing with your fans, simply show the game on cam.

The idea of the game if to let your viewers spin the wheel for a price of your choice during the show. They will then win an activity that you should perform for them. Simple, fun, and lucrative.

■ Dice games

Dice games have the same premise as wheel of fortune, but with a dice instead of a wheel. You choose the sexy activities that you will perform as prizes beforehand, set the price to roll the dice, and leave the rest in the hands of chance.