Otter PR Ranked #1 PR Agency In Orlando Florida

By  //  August 17, 2022

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Otter Public Relations has been ranked as the No. 1 public relations (PR) firm in The City Beautiful by Clutch, an organization that rates B2B firms across the nation. Otter PR specializes in media relations, reputation management, and crisis management.

Its team of entrepreneurs, thought leaders, writers, marketers, and creatives serves clients around the world and across all industries with more than 300 years of combined experience in PR strategy, tactics, marketing, publishing, and social media.

Founders Scott Bartnick and Dr. Jay Feldman started the firm in late 2019. Today, its disruptive and progressive performance through offering subscription-based PR services has achieved recognition for being one of the best media relations firms in Florida by Clutch.

“Jay and I started Otter PR about three years ago, but we didn’t have any of the technical qualifications in a space where entrepreneurs come in with high expectations. People always said things like, ‘they’re not qualified,’ ‘why them,’ ‘what are they doing,’ ‘they’re doing something wrong.’ But then to watch what we’ve made become recognized as the number two business B2B leader in the space, and to get recognized as the number one PR firm on clutch and to get all these recognitions, it’s really exciting to see,” says Bartnick.

Clutch released its list of the best B2B companies in Florida on July 26, 2022. Otter PR achieved the No. 1 spot due to its unprecedented ability to deliver PR results quickly and affordably, as exhibited by the clients it has served, its market presence, and the customer reviews it has accumulated.

“Our team is happy to celebrate the top B2B providers in Florida,” said Clutch Senior Revenue Operations Analyst Jake Cox. “Every single team on this list is committed to delivering the best results for their clients.”

A New PR Method

Otter PR has modernized the way businesses do business with PR firms by utilizing a subscription-based business model. Traditionally, PR services require a large budget of several thousands — if not tens of thousands — of dollars, which small businesses are often not able to afford. At the time of this article being written, Otter PR’s services do not exceed $5,000 a month. To some businesses, this may still seem extraordinarily high, but compared to how older and more “traditional” firms bill for similar PR services, it’s considerably more affordable, especially considering that there have been no dips in quality due to this billing structure.

Through this model, Otter PR has attracted multiple types of entrepreneurs, established brands, and most importantly small businesses. Bartnick and Feldman crafted this new PR business model to afford businesses, at whatever stage they’re at, to utilizie the power of PR.

Clutch has helped recognize and promote Otter PR’s good work. With this new way of operating within an industry historically dominated by larger firms, Otter PR has provided an opportunity to help brands grow and excel at every stage of their business growth process.

“We bring on staff who offer first-rate service to our clients,” Dr. Feldman told Ocean Drive Magazine. “When our clients succeed, we’re every bit as excited as they are.”

The Top of One Mountain Is The Bottom of The Next

By consistently achieving big wins for their clients — including top-tier placements with outlets such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, and the New York Times — Otter PR’s team has cemented itself as one of the nation’s top PR providers. Top-tier placements online are not the only channels they have secured; they have also helped their clients land placements with prominent television and radio networks such as FOX, CNN, and NPR.

The young PR firm is on a clear trajectory to continue collecting big wins for their clients, especially in industries like cryptocurrency, blockchain, finance, tech, marketing, politics, and law. Bartnick, Dr. Feldman, and the Otter PR team overall have remained grounded and focused on scaling their business in a way that continues to provide opportunity for entrepreneurs and small businesses at all levels to access the services they provide.