2022 Buyer’s Guide: Top 5 Smart Robotic Window Cleaners

By  //  September 9, 2022

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2022 Review of the Best Smart Robotic Window Cleaners on the Market

For many of us, cleaning the windows is a lose-lose situation. You may enjoy the view and the abundance of light for a few days, but dirt and grime slowly accumulate after a week, so cleaning them in the first place is almost pointless. Still, window-cleaning does more good than harm unless you live in a high-rise building or your house features steep windows

In the latter’s case, you have two sensible solutions: hire professionals or buy a robotic window washer, sometimes called a window cleaning robot. Bringing in pros could be an expensive option, especially if you have a horde of windows or live in a dusty, sandy location like a beach or desert. A more economical one is buying a robotic window cleaner, but that doesn’t mean it’s cheap.

Even though its technology isn’t always precise, the best window cleaning robot can complete the task quickly and efficiently. So, if you want an easier way to keep your windows clean, continue reading to understand how these automated window cleaners function. Plus, we will throw a couple of suggestions your way to ensure you get what you truly need.

How A Robotic Window Cleaner Works

If you’re familiar with the Roomba, that’s basically how window-cleaning robots work, only with slight differences. As a Roomba cleans and vacuums your floor, a robot window cleaner allows you to easily clean windows no matter where they are located, including those that are difficult to reach. This device can typically clean an entire window from one end to the other while letting you know when it’s done afterward.

These cleaners use suction power to go around and clean your windows or other glass surfaces. That means window-cleaning robots are versatile enough to clean sliding doors and mirrors. They can either clean a window automatically using their built-in sensors, allowing them to work without any controls or input, or they can be operated via an app or remote control.

A robotic window cleaner is ideal if you have high windows that are difficult to reach. Most robotic window cleaners can clean practically every type of window, though each model has its own quirks. Some may only have basic functionality, while others may have a frameless window detection system for conveniently washing glass doors and windows.

Benefits of Robotic Window Cleaners

Cleaning windows is harmless enough, and it’s a chore that needs to be done for sanitary purposes. However, once you need ladders or scaffolds to reach them, the risk multiplies. Having a robot specifically designed to do this chore for you eliminates these risks. Therefore, instead of manual window cleaning, you can just sit back and relax if you buy a window cleaning robot.

 Consider more benefits of buying a window-cleaning robot:

 Versatility. These robots handle cleaning all types of glass surfaces, not only windows. Some could even clean marble floors! If you’re a person who loves your mirrors and glass doors, you will no doubt consider a robotic window cleaner your new best friend.

■ Effortless cleaning. Even if we want to, not all of us can handle window cleaning. Seniors and people with disabilities may be limited in what they can do, so they need all the help they can get. These robot cleaners are incredibly light. You may effortlessly pick up your unit and connect it to your window. When it’s finished, simply detach the robot and reattach it to another location.

These robot window cleaners are also equipped with smart technology that allows their sensors to recognize glass and window edges. This guarantees that the smart appliance does not turn off even if your windows have no edges.

■ Easy to use. Manually cleaning the windows requires a multi-level effort. You must prepare scrubs, towels, buckets, cleaning solutions, and whatnot. It’s alchemy! With a window-cleaning robot, all you have to do is turn on the machine and it will work its way across. Other models even have a mapping technology that allows them to clean better after each use.

■ Allows you to multitask. Window cleaning robots got your back that it’s perfectly fine doing something else as they do their thing. The thought of doing multiple essential things at once should be enough to convince a rational person to purchase a robotic window cleaner!

5 Best Smart Window-Cleaning Robots

1. Gladwell Gecko (Best Overall)

The Gladwell Gecko is a no-nonsense robotic window cleaner with innovative AI cleaning technology. It uses washable microfiber pads for a thorough clean and artificial intelligence to determine the optimal way of glass window cleaning while instantly identifying window edges. 

If you’re unsatisfied with the Gecko’s first cleaning cycle, the model comes with a remote control to make the Gecko clean areas to your liking. It’s an excellent way to clean the window’s extra tough spots! On top of that, the Gecko has a safety rope, so it doesn’t fall over if the machine loses power. 

Some people say the Gladwell Gecko leaves circular cleaning spots on the windows. It may be accurate, but it’s mainly because of your cleaning solutions and not necessarily of the Gecko’s own volition. When using the right cleaning solutions, that won’t be a problem. 

Probably the most significant downside about the Gecko is its short power cord. Its cleaning capabilities may be first-rate, but the lack of length in the cord basically eliminates it as an option for much larger windows.

2. HUTT DDC55 Window Cleaner Robot

The Hutt DDC55 from Xiaomi is designed to get your windows as clean as possible with very little interaction from you. Other than turning on the window cleaner robot and positioning it on the window pane to be cleaned, they need no intervention. The window cleaning robot then cleans and wipes the windows from edge to edge until they are immaculate.

Because the DDC55 has no driving wheels, it leaves no traces on glass windows or other surfaces. It is built in such a way that even when the microfiber pads are soaked with dirt, the electric window cleaner will move without leaving any visible dirt stains or streaks.

It also features an anti-fall algorithm and will detect obstacles and edges such as window frames automatically. The DDC55 will also distinguish different levels of dirt and regulate its suction force suitably. This suction force ranges between 2600 Pa and 3400 Pa, making it stronger than most other window cleaning robots and, yes, even robot vacuum cleaners.

The biggest drawback of the Hutt DDC55 is its price point because it is definitely on the higher end of the spectrum. Also, expect some inconsistencies with the app and the system, as you should with new robotic technologies. Still, the Hutt DDC55 is worth a look, especially for shorter people who disdain the thought of climbing ladders.

3. Hobot 298

The Hobot 298 is a robotic cleaner equipped with powerful and user-friendly functions. This cleaner employs artificial intelligence to determine the most efficient route, keeps track of areas cleaned, and stops when the task is finished. It has a robust laser frame detection technology that prevents the unit from moving across windows and an algorithm that keeps it from falling. 

The Hobot 298 includes an integrated reservoir that uses ultrasonic technology to disperse its contents in a fine mist during cleaning. A microfiber cleaning cloth is used in conjunction with the liquid tank, which is always clearly visible, to polish and dry your windows for a streak-free finish. For these reasons, many people have the Hobot 298 higher on their list.

However, you also have to take the good with the bad. It works particularly well on rectangular windows but otherwise requires more attention and intervention on non-rectangular windows. The Hobot 298 may also get stuck; if it does, it does not automatically resume where it left off. Although this does not happen often, it may be a deal-breaker for some people.

4. Mamibot W120-T Robotic Window Cleaner

For consumers who have been there and done that, choosing a window cleaning robot often boils down to a Hobot vs Mamibot conversation. The Mamibot W120-T is considerably less expensive than the Hobot 298 (and 388), so if budget is an issue, the former theoretically gets more votes.

Despite its lower price point, it does offer certain unique advantages. It has about the same number of features as automated window cleaners costing over $100 more. The W120-T is exceptionally responsive, immediately getting up and running to clean surfaces. The unit can stay safely connected to your window throughout the operation because of its smart pressure sensors, and it even has an emergency mode as a backup in case of a power outage.

One thing about the Mamibot W12-T is that it won’t work on glass windows with vinyl surround. That half-inch wide strip of vinyl around the edges is enough to loosen the unit off its suction. If you have windows like these, you may be better off looking for something else.

5. Ecovacs Winbot 880

The Ecovacs Winbot 880 has a four-stage cleaning approach to ensure your glass windows have a gleaming finish. When the robot passes over a portion of your glass window, it first wipes and then squeegees it before repeating the procedure. The technology establishes a methodical routine for cleaning the glass surface as it runs. When the cleaning cycle is finished, the Winbot 880 will return to where it began for easy removal.

As expected in a feature-packed robot, the multiple anti-fall systems are top-notch. The device is equipped with sophisticated edge-detection technology and can be powered by a 30-minute battery in case of a power outage. This feature prevents it from falling off even when placed on a frameless window, though it does have a safety rope for an added level of protection.

But then again, robots are not perfect. Some purchasers experienced trouble when the Winbot 880 was cleaning large windows. Another possible deal-breaker here is the price. The Ecovacs Winbot 880 is the most expensive of the bunch, which means it is definitely not for most people. 

Final Thoughts

Window cleaning robots are the newest kids on the automated cleaning block. It will undergo significant upgrades as manufacturers discover better technology (while hopefully driving the prices down). 

Nevertheless, the current state of robotic window cleaners is already beneficial for people with difficulty carrying out these tasks, such as the elderly or those with physical limitations. On top of that, using a window cleaning robot is imperative for people living in high-rise buildings or homes with multiple stories.

All in all, it’s remarkable living in a world where automated machinery has solved so many of our everyday issues. Window cleaning robots have been a fantastic buy for many people, from business owners looking to save on manpower to homeowners who love neat-looking windows.