Artemis Launch A Boost For Aerospace Industry In Florida

By  //  September 6, 2022

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Florida’s aerospace agency believes the launch of the Artemis 1, an unmanned mission to the moon, is a boost to space-related business around Cape Canaveral, according to WFLA News. Vice President of Government and External Affairs at Space Florida, Dale Ketchman, said that the pending launch is proof that the efforts of Space Florida are moving at a rapid speed since orbiter Atlantis landed on Kennedy Space Center.

Space Florida isn’t involved with the launch of Artemis at Kennedy Space Center directly. But according to Ketchman, Artemis’ launch will make the cape the planet’s busiest and successful space port. This aspect alone makes Florida a more interesting location for other commercial space businesses. Read on to learn how aerospace is playing a significant role in Florida’s success.

Florida’s History of Rocket Launches

There have been over 3,700 space vehicle launches and landings since the first launch at Cape Canaveral Spaceport seventy years ago. The series of spacecraft launches over the decades make Florida the country’s leader in space exploration. So, what makes Florida ideal for rocket launches?

Florida is near the Atlantic ocean, and that reduces the risk of rockets from falling in populated areas if there’s mechanical damage. Another reason rockets launch in Florida is because the state is near the equator. The rotation speed at the equator gives rockets a boost, thus saving on fuel and increasing the spacecraft’s speed to get through the atmosphere.

Continuous Innovation in Manufacturing

Florida’s aerospace industry has been thriving over the years, thanks to innovation in manufacturing. For example, the Orion spacecraft and space launch system will rely on advanced rocket engines manufactured in South Florida. This means that the RL-10 built in West Palm Beach will propel the Artemis vehicle’s top stack from earth gravity at over 20,000 mph.

As the aerospace industry continues to grow in Florida, the demand for titanium for sale keeps surging. Typically, the aerospace sector worldwide is the largest consumer of titanium sheets, bars, tubes, and rods. Because of titanium’s strength, lightweight, resistance to corrosion and extreme temperatures, and durability, aerospace manufacturers use it to make long-lasting spacecraft engines, body frames, fasteners, and shafts using 3D printing.

Aerospace is Thriving Around the State

Despite challenges, including the global pandemic, Florida’s aerospace industry keeps recording successful launches. For example, in November 2021, the Cape Canaveral Spaceport recorded the launch of SpaceX Falcon 9, which marked the beginning of commercial space activities. The same month, Brevard County was a finalist to host headquarters for the country’s Space Command to support the new Space Force.

Florida has become a successful spaceport in the world, thanks to its proximity to the equator and Atlantic Ocean. As a result, commercial aerospace enterprises are moving to the state to establish successful space-related businesses. Not to mention, Florida is attracting aerospace manufacturers as key players in the industry continue to innovate state-of-the-art spacecraft models.