Examples and Topic Ideas for Argumentative Essay About Technology

By  //  September 15, 2022

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At first, it sounds a bit hard but it is actually not that difficult to make an argumentative essay about technology. Choose the best admission essay writing service and use their help in writing a quality essay.

We all know how technology has changed our lives forever and we can’t really do much about it. It would always be fun to tackle topics about write an essay about them regarding your point. As technology continues to shape the face of the planet, it is evident the topics we can argue about would continue to increase. Here are some argumentative essay topics about technology:

Can robots increase the quality of life?

It is only a matter of time before robots can do most of the things that people can do. While it makes life easier for most business owners, it would also result in them not needing that much manpower anymore. Some people can only do limited things and they can’t afford to have robots replace them.

When the presence of robots dramatically increases, you can expect people to stage rallies. It would also depend on the budget of each company or family as robots can’t be cheap due to all the materials that were used to make them.

Does social media improve communication or the other way around?

Due to the messaging feature of social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, communicating with your friends and loved ones no matter how far they are seems to be a bit easy. Some people do get stressed when they see that you saw the message but you chose not to reply.

While you can think of many reasons not to reply, that could lead to the person feeling a bit frustrated. It can lead to tension between two individuals who have known each other for quite a long time.

Has social media harmed or benefitted people’s lives?

You can’t blame your mother and grandmother if they already have a Facebook account. It is pretty easy to make one and you should make one too if you have yet to do so. Facebook makes it easy for people to update their friends on what they are up to in their lives including the ones who are engaged.

On the flip side, you have people commit suicide when they get bullied online. While it is safe to say the bullies should just get blocked, social media platforms have ramped up their efforts to stop online bullying but we have a long way to go.

Online schooling is the future

While some parents don’t want their kids to leave their side especially when they need to go to school, this is not really good for the kids. Besides, you would want your kids to have a social life so they can have new friends that they can mingle with each day.

While online schooling has already been done for short courses and sports techniques, it is always a different story when it is in person. Also, you can’t really predict if the kid is learning the lesson or not. While it can’t be ignored that your kids won’t have to leave your home when they study online, there are some subjects that can’t be taught online. Hence, the number of subjects your children will learn will be limited.

More money should be invested in space exploration

When you want to count the number of people who would want to go to space, you should not take too long. How technology would change space exploration is completely up to everyone involved. If it is that easy then more people could explore the possibilities of going to space.

If it is hard and requires a bit of practice then you can’t expect this to develop. If we make leaps when it comes to space exploration then it is possible some countries will try and colonize planets. Since barely any life has been spotted on other planets, you can be sure other people would try and take advantage the moment they get the opportunity to do so.

Will computers displace doctors?

While it is generally safe to research online what you should do if you get sick, you must make sure you do it with reliable sources. Computers can never displace doctors because each person is always experiencing a different ailment and only a physical visit to the doctor will point out what that is.