The Meaning of Educating Yourself

By  //  September 1, 2022

Self-education has been a natural part of human life and society since the beginning of time. It has become more pronounced over the years, and in the present age, much emphasis is placed on education, formally, informally and anything in between.

No matter what stage of life you are in, there is always the need for some form of education.

Even to use the website effectively, you need to educate yourself in some way. 

In some circles, especially in career endeavors, formal education, continuous education and self-education are all important for personal and career development.

Self-education has become a huge trend in the marketplace and it’s been having so much success that experts are predicting it will be a trillion-dollar industry in the next ten years.  

Educating yourself doesn’t have to be in degrees like PhDs and Masters, following special curricula and courses in order to enter a job or acquire some skills. Many people just seek simple ways to develop and sharpen their skills and talents that are already obvious to them. This can be done mainly through some form of mentorship, apprenticeship or self-directed studies with books, videos, online courses and podcasts.

Perfecting a Hobby Can be a Useful Way of Self-Education

The term ‘Investing in yourself’, means different things to different people. Some erroneously think it only means to go to school, run through a formal program and obtain a certificate. But the term actually means that whatever you choose to do, you should endeavor to learn more about it, and be able to do it better.

That way, as you grow in the knowledge of that field, you would be able to teach others and even develop better ways of accomplishing tasks in that field. 

Hobbies can serve as good examples. A hobby is something you love to do that comes to you naturally. Maybe you love playing games online for fun or for some gain. You would do well to devote some time to researching and learning the ins and outs of games, including your favorites.

You would master the tricks and practice more to improve your coordination and speed. These would make you play the games better and achieve the best of whatever gains the games provide. What you are doing is referred to as ‘investing in yourself.’

Hairdressing tutorials are another great example that offers the opportunity to learn a new hobby. Learning to make your hair just as good as a professional hairdresser will help you save money and time. On top, you will be proud of yourself as having an ‘owning’ a practical skill, and if you like, you could start making some little income by doing hair for your friends and others.