The Doctor Gave Recommendations to Those Who Feel the Consequences a Year After Covid

By  //  October 14, 2022

It’s not a secret that Covid-19 is a real catastrophe of the 21st century, which entails many consequences. A huge number of people around the planet have suffered from coronavirus, many have had the disease in a complex form, and many, unfortunately, have died.

Coronavirus, as a complex infection, has the property of mutation and development, because from period to period new forms of coronavirus are appearing, which significantly complicates the situation.

What to do if you have suffered covid for a long time but feel that the consequences have remained until now? Is this normal? We’ll figure it out together with specialists.

What should I do if I got sick a year or more ago?


The first and most important thing is regular checkups, especially if you know about your vulnerabilities or feel unwell. A basic set of tests, scans, therapist’s consultations and visits to doctors of those profiles that are individually necessary for you. In short, it is important to have a dialogue with your specialist who currently knows your situation and will prescribe the necessary list of diagnostic procedures.

Rehabilitation courses

In order to take care of your body as much as possible, it is necessary to choose the most suitable rehabilitation course together with a professional. Perhaps you need to do physical therapy. Ask your doctor to find a specialist for you. Perhaps in your individual case it will be useful to go on vacation.

Provide yourself with the maximum level of comfort and peace: take care of housing in an ecologically clean area with clean air, check the quality of food at the place of rest, pick up a safe means of transportation, ideally your car or car for rent. A car for rent during the holiday period will definitely become your best friend. You can visit medical places and procedures without wasting time and a lot of money, and you can also rent the car model that best suits your place of rehabilitation – a sports car, an SUV or a luxury car for rent?


People who have had a coronavirus infection need to be vaccinated and revaccinated in a timely manner. Doctors place special emphasis on this point, because the transfer of the disease does not mean that you will not be ill any longer. Take care of yourself and take care of your health even when it seems that you are completely healthy.

What do doctors say? 

Doctors of all countries have long warned the population that the coronavirus rarely passes from the consequences. In order to understand what consequences should be eliminated, it is necessary to determine how the infection spread in the body, as well as how long and how seriously the person was ill.

For example, the consequences are more likely in those patients who have suffered a blow of infection to all organs. Such people may develop multiple organ problems.

Someone has preserved pulmonary insufficiency, decreased endurance, a complication called “pulmonary heart” has arisen, because respiratory insufficiency leads to an increase in the load on the heart. Everything is individual and also depends on which areas of the body were most vulnerable in the patient before the transfer of any strain of coronavirus. First of all, it is worth paying attention to those parts that were vulnerable.

This is the minimum base of advice from specialists that every person should know in the age of the fight against coronavirus. Monitor your health and the health of your loved ones, pay attention to every urge of your body, regularly visit doctors and undergo checkups. Be healthy!