Rob Depaoli Completes Over $100,000,000 in Sales and Acquisitions in 2021

By  //  November 29, 2022

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As is the case in numerous industries throughout the US economy, the real estate industry saw remarkable shifts. First, a sharp spike during the pandemic, and now a slight decline in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and higher interest rates.

As real estate investors such as Rob Depaoli know all too well, these economic conditions produce an environment conducive to significant long-term returns. This article will discuss Depaoli’s extensive experience in the real estate market as well as his recent completion of over $100,000,000 in sales in a single year. 

Success in Real Estate

In 2021 alone, Depaoli was able to accumulate in excess of $100,000,000 in sales and acquisitions; a figure that represents almost one-seventh of his total real estate property transactions throughout his career.

Whilst his sales are primarily based in California, his transactions span across the US, and he has closed deals in nearly half of its states.

Last year, Depaoli was acknowledged by the Wall Street Journal in the top 300 producing real estate agents out of 465,000, and in addition to his extensive general knowledge of the market, also specializes in the development of luxury homes, buyer and seller representation, and investment properties.

Since commencing his career in real estate at the age of 23 and winning the ‘Rookie of the Year’ award, Depoali now owns various different investment properties. The properties that he owns are located across different states, mostly in California and Tennessee.

Depaoli has applied his property expertise to clients from a multitude of sectors. Most notably, he has represented players from the Los Angeles Lakers, Boston Celtics, and Golden State Warriors- who, like the rest of his clients, wholeheartedly trust his expertise to provide them with the real estate insight they require.

Currently, Depaoli is managing over 200 active clients. Using his well-attuned property intuition, he is able to provide them with properties that will continue to grow in value as time passes which are simultaneously tailored to the client’s budget and individual requirements.

These successes only continue as his team has just been selected as one of Los Angeles Magazine’s 2023 Real Estate All Stars, available in January. 

The Importance of Relationships

Managing such a large number of clients is no small feat, and Depaoli credits his consistently successful performance of this task to having a great group of agents he partners with- which he regards as essential to the wider industry as well.

According to him, his stability in work comes from creating “an organized and efficient workplace” as well as “knowing how to balance [his] priorities”.

It is this balance that Depaoli has found that enables him to make time for friends, family, holidays, and passions outside of work such as golf. As a result of the way in which he conducts himself while at work (namely the way in which he “puts all his weight behind [his] efforts when working”), Depaoli has been able to successfully acquire and maintain his impressive clientele.

He says, “I know that I am able to be successful at work, because I create a space for myself outside of work. I know that this means I can give my all to clients, and will do so for a long time. If I sustain my personal standards and health, my business will follow.”

Depaoli currently works at Compass, where he provides clients with real estate insights through the extensive experience in sales, development, and investment he has acquired throughout his career.

Image Credit: Rob Depaoli

About Rob Depaoli

Rob Depaoli is an alumnus from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles who holds a degree in Business Administration with a minor in marketing.

Following his graduation, Depaoli quickly found himself working in the real estate industry by the age of 23 and quickly began to rack up awards, such as the Rookie of the Year award.

Ever since, he has provided assistance to their clients in over 20 states in the areas of property investment, development, and sales with a specialist focus on luxury home development, in addition to buyer and seller representation, plus investment properties.

Closing Statement

It’s not easy to create a successful career in real estate. Yet despite this, Rob Depaoli has managed to rank in the top 0.04% of real estate agents according to the Real Trends/WSJ.

Since he started out in real estate at the age of 23, Depaoli’s career has continued on an upward trajectory to the point where he now concurrently manages over 150 clients.

Now, he is able to provide his services to clients from a multitude of industries, including professional athletes, doctors, tech executives, and film directors, among others.