What are Affordable Recession-Proof Tools for Efficient Restaurant Operations?

By  //  November 30, 2022

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The restaurant industry has to adapt to economic challenges to stay afloat. Hurdles after hurdles, most restaurants have just braved the lockdown restrictions caused by the pandemic and are now battling the rapid inflation rate, leading to global recessions.

Keeping the menu and developing new products are ways to withstand a recession, but they can only do so much. Restaurants must incorporate affordable tools that help in their operations amid economic difficulties.

With a relatively inexpensive subscription plan, restaurants can use a menu QR code to increase sales performance even amid the recession. With the right platform, a QR code menu can be an all-in-one tool to improve restaurant operations.

Here’s how a QR code menu can be a solution for efficient restaurant operations.

■ Point of Sale (POS) System

The POS system acts as the restaurant’s digital cash register, where restaurateurs can organize orders, process payments, check sales reports, and more! It’s a cloud-based tool that has helped owners of restaurant chains.

However, even small community restaurants can take advantage of a POS system. The system can do all the fundamental data management needed for operations, so restaurant owners can simply hire key staff to interpret these data.

A POS system may not be offered in some QR code menu software. To stay afloat amid a recession, choose a platform that offers a comprehensive POS system that enables the basic features and bells and whistles whenever needed.

■ Inventory Management System

Efficient inventory management is crucial to keeping costs to a minimum while maximizing every supply in the kitchen. A streamlined system prevents lost expenses due to unused supplies and contributes to the cause of minimizing global food wastage.

With a QR code placed on each supply, restaurant management can track the usage, manufacturing date, best before date, and best storage practices of every ingredient. This creates a system where every scan is recorded in the database in real time.

An organized inventory management system prevents wastage and ensures customers have the freshest ingredients, too! As everything is tracked accordingly, restaurants can avoid using low-quality ingredients, which can also be a health hazard.

■ Contactless Payment Processor

Aside from listing available items, a QR code menu can provide contactless payment integration with popular mobile payment platforms such as Stripe, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and more.

Payment through a bank account, either through mobile banking or card transactions, is also available.

With a contactless payment processor, customers can quickly settle their bills once they’re done eating or whenever they feel like checking out. They don’t have to call servers’ attention to process their order payment.

As payment processing is taken care of, servers have less workload, which means more time to help in the kitchen, where most of the work is needed. More hands helping in the kitchen means quicker order turnover and a better customer experience.

■ Table Management System

Quicker table turnover is one of the primary goals of most restaurants. With better table turnover, restaurants can sit in more customers, resulting in more orders and more sales! A QR code menu software can also address the table management system.

As the QR code menu platform serves as an all-in-one ordering system that takes orders and accepts payments, the software manages the table for the restaurant. This means restaurants can hire fewer employees to serve customers.

In the long run, restaurants can cut labor costs while maintaining all the essential table management tasks. With lower expenses and increased productivity, restaurants can significantly improve their investment returns.

Use trusted QR code menu software by the biggest names in the industry

If you’re looking for QR code menu software to create an efficient restaurant process, choose the platform trusted by the biggest names in the industry, such as Hilton, Hyatt, and Marriott.

For whatever you need to minimize costs and increase productivity amid the recession, select a QR code menu generator that offers tailored solutions to your needs.