Demand for Dubai Staff Accommodations up as Investments, Workforce Expand

By  //  January 19, 2023

Today, the region of the Arab Emirates is considered very attractive not only in terms of tourism but of course work.

It is an environment where enormous investments are being made. The local authorities do everything to improve the recognition of the region, as well as to make the territories of the state one of the top in the world. Today, they are succeeding in this. At the same time, it takes people to implement all the projects.

Workers who can perform the assigned tasks. They need somewhere to live. Let’s take a closer look at the topic of real estate for personnel.  

What is the attraction of Dubai for handymen and other workers? 

The UAE is one of the richest countries in the world. The state budget comes mostly from oil revenues. The locals live on subsidies and will not work for less than $5,000 to $10,000.

This is what drives the demand for foreign labor. Working there is a great way to earn money, see life in a country that has many rumors, and gain valuable career experience. It is no secret that during the tourist season, many resorts announce the opening of hundreds of jobs for foreigners.

Today, a large number of vacancies are presented on specialized portals and sites, so it is not difficult to find a place of employment on your own. The construction industry in the Emirates is in dire need of workers. 

The government wants the country to be the best in everything. That’s why you can see the constant investment Dubai to match that.

Most of the applicants for such labor are from Pakistan, Iraq, India, and similar countries. In addition to the glass towers occupied by companies, new hotels, shopping centers, and other infrastructure are being built without end.

Against this background, construction and development companies are constantly on the lookout for both employees and unskilled workers. One of the activities directly related to real estate services. I

n the Emirates, many agencies are offering the purchase or sale of any property for any purpose. Most of all opportunities in the construction, development, and real estate deals offered in Dubai. 

Employee housing rentals 

The UAE government takes care of workers and the labor sector of the country with all its might. For this reason, the emphasis today is on the working and living conditions of people who work for businesses and enterprises.

Special programs and initiatives are being created to allocate funds specifically for the development of collective “dormitories”, houses, and hotels, where specialists must live. 

Every year and 2022 is no exception, most sectors of the country scale. To implement everything successfully, you need qualified people who can provide the right work. They need somewhere to live.

This is where the employer comes in. Therefore, people who previously looked at this direction skeptically, are now actively investing in the implementation of projects related to housing for staff. 

Rising prices for staff housing

Unfortunately, the price increase didn’t spare the staff real estate. If we consider the same form of rent, earlier, back in 2010, the cost of a comfortable one-bedroom apartment was 200 local dirhams. As statistics show, already in 2014 the price for similar conditions was 245 dirhams.

What can be said about the current days? This is quite common in Dubai as the standard of living rises, investment comes in and business grows. 

At the same time, such changes have a different effect on ordinary staff, who can’t always afford the price increases. This is something employers need to help and participate in. They should be interested in qualified personnel, who can bring much more profit than the cost part.

That said, there is the state, which in recent years has placed the role and fate of the workforce at the forefront. Today’s initiatives and investments demonstrate care and interest in having such professionals just come in and help develop the country. 

What does the future hold for the staff real estate market? 

The real estate sector is interesting for Dubai. It is this sector that brings profits to both businesses and the government. If businesses receive direct monetary incentives, from the UAE government it is primarily advertising, status, and popularization of the region.

The more people talk about the country and Dubai in general, the more people will come and leave money in the state. So far, they have succeeded. The future in this sector can only be seen as promising. Each of the participants is doing everything to increase the volume of work and turnover. 

For this purpose, the most qualified personnel are attracted, who need to live. The government is already laying the foundation for more investors to try to implement projects aimed at housing for such specialists.

These are not villas or cottages, but at the same time, a huge number of diverse projects will attract millions of working-class people. Either they will rent their own homes, or their employers will do it for them.

But rest assured, such a process will bring huge earnings to whoever decides to invest. 


Every year, Dubai is developing by leaps and bounds. The real estate sector in this case also does not stand still. This is one of the main areas in which both locals and foreigners invest.

The arrival of external specialists requires acceptable living conditions in the region. Therefore, the demand for such housing is only growing. The number of staff only increases over the years.

Therefore, both the government and businesses are investing in this area to improve it, as well as all areas in Dubai.