UPDF – The Best PDF Annotator Software For Professional Users

By  //  January 30, 2023

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Do you want to give feedback on a document without making it look cluttered?

The best way to provide suggestions and reviews on any PDF document is by utilizing an advanced PDF annotator. By using a professional annotator, you cannot only add comments to a PDF document but also insert sticky notes or text boxes. If you are looking forward to easy-to-use PDF annotation software, this article will guide you. 

In this article, we will recommend UPDF as a beneficial tool that will enable you to add annotations to PDFs effortlessly. To explore more about this PDF annotator, let’s dig into the details. 

Part 1: Overview of the Best PDF Annotator of 2023 – UPDF

UPDF PDF editor has various compelling features as a PDF annotator. If you want to memorize and review your PDF file, you can use the markup tools of UPDF. Through this blazing-fast PDF tool, you can add highlights, underlines, or squiggly lines to your text content.

To write additional information in an organized manner, you can insert sticky notes and text boxes into a specified part of the PDF document. 

Do you like to add customization to your PDF files? UPDF has an exclusive collection of stamps and stickers that are built using vibrant colors and designs.

Furthermore, this tool allows you to type or draw an electronic signature by selecting the font style or opacity of the pen.

To make illustrations in a file, UPDF is capable of adding different shapes in a PDF, such as arrows, circles, rectangles, and squares. Therefore, UPDF is considered to be the best PDF annotator due to its multiple valuable features. 

Part 2: Other Valuable and Powerful of UPDF – The Best PDF Annotator

UPDF is not only restricted to a PDF annotator tool as it contains various other features. Using this tool, you can modify, organize, edit, and manage PDF documents without putting in extra manual effort. Here are some of the main features of UPDF that can assist you in increasing your productivity:

2.1 Professional Editing Features

If you want to add, delete, or edit the textual content in your PDFs, UPDF offers excellent editing tools. You can alter the text style, font, size, and color through UPDF. You can also italicize and bold the selected text. Along with editing text, you can also modify images in your PDF files using this tool. With the UPDF editing mode, you can rotate, extract, or replace images according to your choice. 

Furthermore, you can also attach additional information about particular websites by adding links using UPDF. After creating the link, you can customize and adjust it on any particular space of your PDF document.

2.2 High-Quality Conversion Tool

Do you want a flawless conversion tool? UPDF is also a PDF converter that allows you to convert PDF files into Word, Excel, PPT, and CSV without damaging their original quality.

Moreover, you can also convert a PDF file into different image formats such as TIFF, GIF, PNG, JPEG, and BMP. Also, you can execute the conversion of PDFs into HTML and RTF efficiently. 

2.3 Advanced OCR Function

Do you want to make your scanned PDFs searchable? By using the advanced OCR technology of UPDF, you can make scanned PDFs editable and searchable.

This PDF annotator supports 38 different languages for diverse users. With the OCR functionality, you can also flawlessly extract textual content from any image. Thus, this feature shows highly accurate results within no time. 

2.4 Other Compelling Features 

There are various other features of UPDF that make this PDF annotator more reliable. It comprises organization features that allow you to add, remove, move, and rearrange PDF pages. It also enables you to rotate, replace, and extract PDF pages with great convenience.

When it comes to its reading facilities, UPDF offers different reading modes. Using a suitable reading mode can prevent your eyes from straining and enjoy the reading experience. 

Moreover, you can reduce the file size of PDFs without distorting the quality of the file using its compression feature. With a single click, you can compress PDF files in high quality.

Furthermore, to make your PDF non-interactive, UPDF allows you to flatten PDF by combining all the layers. You can also add watermarks to your PDFs to add custom elements to your documents. 

Part 3: Detailed Comparison of UPDF with Adobe Acrobat 

UPDF and Adobe Acrobat function effectively in editing and managing PDFs, but UPDF is superior to Adobe Acrobat in many aspects. To learn the comparison between these two tools, this section will assist you.  

3.1 Fast Processing Speed

UPDF is designed to help professionals belonging to every sector. It uses advanced algorithms to maintain its processing speed so users can finish their tasks without hassle.

This PDF annotator brings updates every week to get rid of glitches and bugs. Moreover, it’s a lightweight tool compared to Adobe Acrobat, so you can launch it on any device or platform.

By acquiring less storage space on your device, UPDF can easily function at a fast-processing speed.

3.2 Professional User Interface

UPDF is built by experts and professionals to provide people with the best user experience. The interface is more modern and delightful than Adobe Acrobat.

Moreover, you can launch and use UPDF on multiple devices by buying its cost-efficient yearly or perpetual license. Whereas, to use Adobe Acrobat on every device, you have to buy the Pro license, which can be extremely costly. 

3.3 Easy to Navigate PDF Features

The interface of Adobe is complicated, due to which you may struggle to locate some of its features. On the other hand, you can easily navigate to the features of UPDF within two paths. This will eventually help you in boosting your productivity with minimal effort.


UPDF is a professional PDF annotator that comprises all the required features for users. You cannot only use it as an annotator, but there are various other useful functions of this tool that can assist you.

This article has discussed all the robust and rich features of UPDF that you can easily access at an affordable price and on all devices.