Actual Tips on How to Beat the Instagram Algorithm

By  //  February 11, 2023

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If you want to grow your Instagram account, you need to understand the Instagram algorithm.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths floating around about how the Instagram algorithm decides what to show users on their feeds and Stories.

However, the truth is that there are actually a few things you can do to beat the algorithm. Read on to discover eight actual tips that can help you boost your account’s performance.

  1. Post at the Right Time

Instagram’s algorithm has a number of different ranking factors, but one of the most important ones is timing. Posting content at the right time will help you beat the algorithm and improve your reach.

The best time to post is when your audience is most active online. This will ensure that your content is fresh in their feeds and will get the most engagement possible.

Another thing that will help your posts stand out to the Instagram algorithm is to use trending hash tags and audio. This can also help to drive traffic from other accounts and increase your follower count.

A key factor in beating the algorithm is to build a loyal audience of repeat followers. The more people engage with your content, the higher your relevancy score.

  1. Engage with Your Followers

View Instagram analytics prioritizes posts that users are more likely to engage with. This includes actions like time spent viewing a post, likes, comments, and saves.

The Instagram algorithm is constantly making changes to deliver the best user experience. These changes are based on improving content categorization, ensuring that users see the most relevant photos and videos they’re interested in.

To beat the Instagram algorithm, you need to focus on creating content that your followers want to interact with. This is a powerful strategy for both brands and individuals.

  1. Post Fresh Content

The Instagram algorithm aims to show users the most relevant content. That means posting fresh, engaging content that will make your audience want to interact with you.

For example, if someone likes your post, they may comment on it or save it to their device. Those interactions are what will help your post rank higher in the algorithm.

Another factor is the length of time a user spends viewing your content. If someone sees your post and just glances at it, they aren’t as likely to interact with it as if they take the time to watch a video or Reel.

By posting fresh content that your audience will want to see, you will beat the algorithm! It takes a lot of hard work to post fresh, engaging content on a regular basis.

  1. Engage with Other Accounts

The Instagram algorithm is constantly updating, but there are a few things you can do to help beat the system. Posting fresh content, engaging with your followers and posting at the right time are all key to getting your content seen.

The Instagram algorithm takes many factors into consideration when deciding where to show a given post in your feed. It considers who you follow, how often you use the app and your overall activity on the platform.

It also considers the best and most interesting posts to you at any given moment. These may include new or trending content, a gimmick, or something that really grabs your attention and keeps it.

  1. Invest in a Social Media Scheduling Tool

The Instagram algorithm has been designed to show you content that you care about. It does this by examining data and user trends.

To beat the Instagram algorithm, you need to know your niche and create engaging content that your audience wants to see. This is the only way you can guarantee your posts will get noticed by users.

Investing in a social media scheduling tool is a must-have if you want to make sure your content is always being posted at the right time.

This can be especially important if you’re in a different time zone than your audience.