How to Prepare for Your NDIS Review

By  //  February 8, 2023

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There are some things you must know to maximise your NDIS plan reviews. So, here is a comprehensive rundown of things to remember while preparing for your NDIS plan review.

What is an NDIS plan review?

Your support needs and circumstances are bound to change from time to time. These changes are what make plan reviews so crucial for NDIS participants. Therefore, a plan review is an opportunity to ensure your NDIS plan continues to meet your needs and that your plan goals remain relevant.

There are three ways that an NDIS plan review can occur:

  •         As part of the NDIS plan cycle
  •         By lodging a Change in Circumstances request
  •         As a review of a planning decision.

What to expect from your plan review

NDIS plan reviews allow you to ask for new or modified supports that accommodate your changing capacities and needs. In addition, they present the ideal opportunity to reflect on the aspects of your plan that have worked well and those that didn’t.

You can also adjust your plan’s logistics. For example, you can alter how your plan funds are managed.

If your funding is adequate and your situation is unlikely to change, you can also request a plan that lasts more than 12 months (the maximum length available is three years).

What to think about before your NDIS plan review

Adequate preparation for your plan review may be the difference between getting changes approved or rejected. So, take some time to think about the following questions as your plan review draws closer:

  • What worked well?
  • What didn’t work well?
  • Will you continue to need NDIS support for the foreseeable future?
  • Do you want to modify how your plan funding is managed?
  • Have you made progress towards attaining your NDIS plan goals?
  • Has your mind changed about any of your NDIS plan goals?
  • Which services would help you to achieve your NDIS plan goals?
  • Do you have any questions about your plan?

It’s also worth jotting down some notes for your plan review. This step helps keep you on track, particularly if there’s much to discuss.

What to bring to your plan review

First, you must gather evidence and reports from service providers who’ve worked with you on your NDIS plan goals, particularly if you want to include them in your next plan. This step will help prove that you benefit from your funding and plan and that continuing with a plan would be best.

Similarly, if you are pursuing changes to your plan, you will have to submit with your review request additional evidence that justifies and supports your request for additional funding. Again, it’s best to have as much evidence as possible.

Going to your plan review

Fortunately, you can bring anyone you want to your plan review. However, you only have to ensure that you brief the person on what you want to say and achieve at the review so that they can help if you forget something important.

Remember, an NDIS plan review is an excellent opportunity to speak directly with someone from the NDIA – so it is the perfect chance to have your say!

But you can also rely on a Support Coordinator or a Psychosocial Recovery Coach (if you have one) to apply their NDIS expertise to help you navigate the review intricacies and guarantee optimum outcomes.