Poured In Place Rubber

By  //  February 23, 2023

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Could You Imagine Your Playground Safety Surface Looking This Good?

If you’re a daycare or childcare development center owner that’s been tasked with finding a new safety surface, then we have the product for you.

Poured-in-place rubber (PIP RUBBER) is nothing new, however, we’ve found out some staggering facts about this safety surface.

Daycares With A Poured In Place Rubber Safety Surface Are 73% More Likely To Enroll New Parents Vs A Daycare That Doesn’t Have One

It makes sense. A daycare that has invested 5-6 figures on a safety surface is more likely to appeal to new parents and here are a few reasons why:

  1. Safety First – Children are least likely to have an accident on a poured-in-place rubber playground because they’re slip resistant and have a cushioned surface. 
  2. They’re ADA Certified. 
  3. They Look Great! – There’s a variety of colors to choose from and the designs are limitless. 

How Long Does A Pour In Place Rubber Safety Surface Last?

A properly installed & maintained poured-in-place rubber surface should last you 10+ years! Crazy right?! Because playground surface maintenance is a serious pain point for a lot of daycares and churches. For budget reasons, many daycares’ owners choose to mulch, pea gravel, or sand and yes, in the short term, this is a viable option. But over the years they’ll be adding more material and the costs do add up. 

The Most Sanitary Surface Is… You Guessed It, Poured In Place Rubber

Unlike other safety surfaces, bonded rubber and poured-in-place rubber doesn’t easily harbor germs or bacteria. The surfaces we’re talking about here are of course: pea gravel, mulch, and sand. Over time who knows what waste animals or toddlers are getting into this?

The poured-in-place rubber system is bonded with an aromatic polyurethane binder that allows water to seep through. It’s easy to clean too; Just use soap and water!

Poured In Place Rubber Vs Bonded Rubber 

What’s the difference between poured-in-place rubber and bonded rubber? Well, bonded rubber doesn’t look as good as poured in place for one. It’s the least expensive option in poured-in-place because it’s made of recycled shredded rubber that’s bonded with an aromatic binder. Some of the colors you can get with bonded rubber are Jungle, Rainbow, Rustic, Cypress, and a few other solid colors.

How To Get Poured-In-Place Rubber For My Daycare Or Church

If you’re serious about making your daycare or church play facility the best it can be you’ll need to get in contact with an experienced poured-in-place rubber company. 

Be prepared for your call because the company will need this information from you:

  1. What is the square footage of your play area?
  2. What is the fall zone? (The fall zone is the area surrounding playground equipment; this includes slides, swings, or equipment that kids can climb on.) The fall zone will ultimately determine the depth you’ll need to comply with US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and these fall zones must be properly surfaced and extend at least six feet beyond the equipment in all directions.
  3. Is there an existing safety surface? If so, that will need to be excavated from the site before the new rubber safety surface can go in.
  4. What product are you looking for? Bonded rubber mulch is a great option for daycare on a budget, while EPDM rubber is used for the best sports and daycare facilities around the world.
  5. What is your budget? 
  6. When are you looking to get this installed?

If you call your poured-in-place installation company and you have this information readily available you’ll save yourself time and they’ll thank you for it. Trust me. 

Who’s The Best Poured In Place Rubber Installation Company

That honor goes to Integrity Safety Surfacing Pros Of America. Based out of South Florida, they’ve helped dozens of daycare owners and church congregations install their new rubber safety surface. Their owners are great people, one of which is an Air Force veteran. You can reach him directly here:

Integrity Safety Surfacing Pros Of America

Beau Hartwick, Owner

Cell: (321)978-4029

Email: Integritysafetysurfacing@gmail.com

A Rubber Safety Surface Is Going To Be One Of The Biggest Investments You Make For Your Daycare Besides Your Property

Just please, don’t go with a sketchy poured-in-place rubber company to install this safety surface. You could be one trip away from a lawsuit. Go with a pro and get it done right.