Sub Solution Synthetic Urine Review: Best Powdered Urine Kit?

By  //  February 21, 2023

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Using synthetic urine in an effort to pass a urine drug test is quite popular. But you need to be sure that the synthetic urine you are using offers the results you need. 

It should be good enough to give you a negative result on a drug test and at the same time doesn’t raise any suspicion about the quality and authenticity of urine samples. 

For a well-organized and advanced test, the quality of synthetic urine should also be top-notch. Or else all your effort will go in vain. Sub Solution synthetic urine is by far one of the most famous synthetic urine that people prefer to take in a test. But is it worth it to give this synthetic sample a try? Let us find out!

Remarkable market repute

Sub Solution is a product of clear choice which is a renowned and reliable brand. Having a good market repute and a serving history of around two decades is a huge plus that inclines users to buy and use sub solution. But of course, we are not going to rely only on the brand name, rather our main focus here is the features and characteristics of the product. 

Similar composition to natural urine

Talking about product composition, sub solution is composed keeping in mind the general composition of natural human urine. 

It contains an adequate quantity of uric acid, urea,  creatinine, balanced gravity, balanced pH, looks, smell, and froths like natural urine. But unlike the most commonly available synthetic urine in the market, the sub solution contains 11 biological markers that are found in natural human urine. 

These markers make sub solution unique and preferable among other synthetic urine samples because it is likely to stand out in a highly scrutinized drug test. 

Sub solutions contain elements up to the bacterial level that makes it difficult to detect that it is a forged sample even in a highly advanced urine analysis. You can read an excellent review of Sub Solution plus comparison to Quick luck on villagevoice’s guide.

Sub solution synthetic urine kit

Sub solution kit contains a powdered form synthetic urine, a powdered form heat activator, and a container with a tap. Many people assume that being in powder form is a disadvantage of this product. But if you think from a different angle then it is quite easy to take in a powdered sample during checking because the authorities usually look for a liquid substance. 

Having the synthetic urine in powder form also eliminates the chances of urine elements settling down in the container as is the case with many liquid-form synthetic urine samples available in the market. 

Also, powder form composition enhances the shelf life of sub solution. In addition, the powder form heat activator makes it easy to heat the contents of this synthetic urine to the desired level. You can fill in the container with water if you like and mix the powder synthetic urine in a container in the sampling room which can be easily poured out from the tap of the container. 

How to use sub solution

Since the sub solution comes in a powdered form so need to hydrate it while submitting. Remember to use filtered water to hydrate the synthetic urine. While leaving from home you should put the filtered water in the container holding sub solution powder until the line mentioned on the container.

 Shake it well to mix the powder and make a perfect liquid with no powder lumps. Once you are satisfied with the mixing tape the container on your waistline or wear it on the strap-on container belt. 

Just before entering the lab, tap the heat activator powder on the container to heat the synthetic urine to the required level. Start by applying one-third of the activator powder. 

If the temperature does not meet the required level then you can tap some more powder to ensure that the required temperature is attained. It is important because the first thing that the lab attendant will note is the temperature of the sample which should ideally fall between 900F to 1000F.

Is Sub Solution worth buying?

In essence, having a natural-pee like composition and easy-to-make powdered sample that comes with a user-friendly heating activator makes it a great choice to get a negative result on a urine drug test.