WATCH LIVE: Brevard County Commission Holds Meeting in Viera on Tuesday

By  //  February 7, 2023

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meeting begins at 5 p.m.

ABOVE VIDEO: Brevard County Commission to Hold Meeting in Viera on Tuesday.

C. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: Commissioner Rita Pritchett, Chair, District 1
D. MINUTES FOR APPROVAL: December 1, 2022 Regular Meeting
E.1. Resolution recognizing Dove Bible Club, Inc. on their 15th anniversary
F. CONSENT AGENDA (The entire Consent Agenda will be passed in one motion to
include everything under Section F.)
Development and Environmental Services Group
Natural Resources Management
F.1. Assignment of Agreement between Board of County Commissioners, Wood
Environment & Infrastructure Solutions, Inc., and WSP USA Environment &
Infrastructure Inc., due to name change/merger.
Planning and Development
F.2. Final Plat and Contract Approval, Re: Egret’s Reserve
Developer: Egret’s Landing MI, LLC District 2
F.3. Approval RE: Disbursement of Educational Facilities Impact Fees (Districts 1-5)
Public Works Department
F.4. Approval Re: Agreement for Traffic Control on Private Roadways – Indian River
Preserve – District 1
F.5. Approval Re: Authorization for a Task Order to Atkins, Inc. for Pavement Condition
Assessment Update – Countywide
Solid Waste Management
F.6. Board approval of an internal loan from the General Government Reserves to the Solid
Waste Management Department not-to-exceed $1,900,000
Community Services Group
Housing and Human Services
F.7. Approval, Re: No Cost Extension Juvenile Drug Court Grant with the Office of Justice
Programs at the United States Department of Justice
Transit Services Department
F.8. Approval, Re: Brevard County Space Coast Area Transit Public Transportation Agency
Safety Plan Update 2022.
F.9. Approval, Re: Resolutions and Public Transportation Grant Agreements, Florida
Department of Transportation Transit Corridor Grants for SR520 and SRA1A Fixed
Route Bus Service (District 2)
F.10. Approval, Re: Resolution and Public Transportation Grant Agreement, re: Florida
Department of Transportation Public Transit Block Grant Program
F.11. Approval, Re: Authorizing Resolution, Grant Application, Certifications and Assurances,
Execution of Follow-Up Grant Agreement for FY2023/SFY2024 Space Coast Area Transit
Section 5310 Formula Grant with the Florida Department of Transportation.
Administrative Services Group
County Manager
F.12. Appointment(s) / Reappointment(s)
F.13. Bill Folder
F.14. Item moved to Unfinished Business
G. PUBLIC COMMENTS (Individuals may not speak under both first and second
public comment period.)
H.1. Approval of amendment to Ordinance for Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) Management
program by amending Chapter 110. Utilities. More specifically Sections 110-70 and
I.1. Board Approval Re: Legislative Intent and Permission to Advertise Code Revisions to
Sections 62-4342 and 62-4346 regarding buffer requirements in lieu of walls required
in BU-1, BU-2, and Industrial zoning classifications pursuant to article VIII of chapter 62,
Brevard County Code.
I.2. Resolution, Re: Partial Waiver to Residential Solar Photovoltaic Building Permitting Fees
I.3. County Manager’s Employment Agreement
Development and Environmental Services Group
J.1. Consideration, re: Department of the Army Right-of-Entry for Environmental
Assessment and Response for the Naval Air Station Banana River Off-Base Disposal
Area designated as a Formerly Used Defense Site (FUDS) – District 4
J.2. Adoption of the Save Our Indian River Lagoon Project Plan 2023 Update as
recommended by the Save Our Indian River Lagoon Citizens Oversight Committee
Community Services Group
J.3. Approval: RE: Repair, Rehabilitation, and Reconstruction Housing Policy (HS-028) for
the State Housing Initiative Partnership (SHIP) Program
K. PUBLIC COMMENTS (Individuals may not speak under both first and second
public comment period.)
L.1. Frank Abbate, County Manager
L.2. Morris Richardson, County Attorney
L.3. Tom Goodson, Commissioner District 2
L.4 John Tobia, Commissioner District 3
L.5. Rob Feltner, Commissioner District 4
L.6. Kristine Zonka, Commissioner District 5, Vice-Chair
L.7. Rita Pritchett, Commissioner District 1, Chair