Dating Tips for Finding the Right Person

By  //  March 11, 2023

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Are you ready to open up and have a long-life relationship with someone? Then get ready to put in the work. Dating takes a lot of effort and commitment. Dating has changed with the emergence of dating apps and online dating. 

Nowadays, people can even date those beyond their borders. So it’s no longer surprising for an American to find someone on a Philippines dating website or for a Canadian to start dating someone from Australia. Relationships have also become more fluid, and it’s easy to find people in open or polyamorous relationships.

However, the ultimate goal of dating remains traditional and old-school. We all want to find that person we want to curl up with and forget our problems.

When finding that lifelong partner, you want to spark or connect with them. However, finding someone who feels right and makes it work with you isn’t easy and quick. To help you navigate this challenging territory, here are dating tips for finding a soulmate.

Be Perspective 

You need to make sure your search for a partner doesn’t become the center of your life. Concentrate on your careers, hobbies, health, and relationships with friends and family. 

Being happy with yourself will keep your life balanced and exciting when meeting new people. In addition, everyone has flaws and shortcomings. 

Be honest with the people you meet, and above all, be yourself. Do not pretend to be someone you aren’t. Sooner or later, they will uncover your act. 

Have Fun

You will know you’ve found the right partner once you spend time with them. Plan simple outings or activities together at first. You can even take trips or attend events. This will be a great way to know each other while having fun. 

You will also be able to assess how they talk, react to situations, or generally behave. In addition, being in places that make you feel at ease will create an atmosphere where each of you can be themselves.

Assess Their Trustworthiness

People will make promises and grand statements to impress you on a date. And as you meet these people more frequently, you will get to know them. You may even realize they are doing the opposite of what they promised. 

For example, if your prospect states that they believe women should have ambition and careers but later complain when you have to go on a work trip, that’s a red flag. Take note of these signs, especially during the first few weeks of your dating life.

Is There Mutual Respect?

Think about the love songs you love singing along to. They all have the theme of adoration and reverence toward the people you love. And this is because respect for one’s partner drives a relationship, just as love, concern, and care do. 

Respecting each other is the foundation of a great relationship. Respect isn’t just choosing not to snoop on your partner’s phone or opening the door for them. It’s believing in their capabilities and trusting them. It’s also when they consult you when making important decisions about their life rather than brushing your input as unnecessary.

Do They Make You Feel Comfortable?

While it may be a cliché to most, don’t pick a partner that doesn’t make you want to be 100 percent you. It’s a beautiful and vibrant feeling to express yourself with no judgment and complete acceptance from your partner. 

A relationship should be a comfortable and safe place where you don’t need a mask. Besides that, your partner should also be easy to talk to and supportive. Therefore get someone who listens to you, actively helps you when you feel stuck and cares about you, or shows concern when you are in distress.

Are Your Similarities More Than Your Differences?

While looking for a partner, consider the similarities between the both of you. While differences are inevitable between two individuals’ similarities are vital for a relationship to grow. Look for someone whom you share common interests or hobbies with. For example, you could visit restaurants if you are a foodie, go to the cinema to watch movies, or discuss books if you are both into reading. This allows you both to have activities where you can bond and spend quality time together. 

How Genuine Is the Connection?

Dating can be a nerve-wracking game, and it’s only natural for one to worry whether their date will like them. However, one can overcome their self-consciousness and forge a connection with the other person no matter how shy or anti-social you are. 

Listen to your date and stay in the present. Be curious about the other person’s feelings, thoughts, experiences, and stories, and they will like you for it. 

You will be more exciting and attractive if you are not promoting yourself. Additionally, don’t fake your interest; your date will likely pick on it. If you aren’t feeling a connection with the other person, there is no point in pursuing the relationship further.


It can be devastating to fall in love with an addict. While they may be charming, good-looking, or successful, it’s not your job to fix them if they are addicted to drugs or other vices. Addictions are dangerous to relationships. Trying to fix your date could lead to a codependent relationship. 

It’s no doubt that addicts can seek help and get well. However, it’s not wise to get into a relationship knowingly of the other person’s addictions. So let them seek help and deal with their problems first before even stepping into the relationship. 

Handle Your Rejection Gracefully 

Rejection is expected at one point in your journey as you search for the right partner. You can handle rejection by being honest and positive to yourself and others. Don’t take it personally. Instead, use it as a learning experience when looking for the next partner.


When looking for the right partner, we usually do it with unrealistic expectations of how someone should look and behave. However, finding the right person shouldn’t be complicated by pickiness or choosiness.

Use the tips above in your favor to find the right person.