How to Make Bets On Boxing?

By  //  March 8, 2023

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Boxing in OKBET betting is a common form of sports wagering in which individuals wager on the outcome of a boxing match.

It is a long-standing form of gambling that has grown in popularity due to the excitement and drama that boxing matches can generate.

And betting on boxing can be placed at various online sports betting sites, like OKBET, that offer competitive odds and different wagering options. As with any form of gambling, it is essential to gamble responsibly and within one’s means.

Guidelines for Betting on Boxing

Here are some guidelines for placing wagers on OKBET boxing:

Examine the boxers.

Before placing bets, it is necessary to research the boxers competing in the match. Consider their past performance, fighting styles, and recent suspensions and injuries.

Choose your wager

Several types of wagers can be placed on a boxing match, including moneyline bets, round bets, and method of victory wagers (betting on how the fight will end, such as knockout or decision).

Place a wager.

Once you have chosen your wager, place it with the betting site. Follow the site’s instructions for placing bets and sending payment.

Watch the struggle

Relax and enjoy the game! If your wager is successful, the betting site will pay you according to the odds and conditions of your bet.

Types of Bet on Boxing

There are numerous types of boxing wagers, each with its own distinct characteristics and potential payout.

Moneyline Bet

It is a straightforward wager on which fighter will prevail. Each fighter’s odds will be listed, with a plus sign representing the underdog and a minus sign representing the favorite.

Round Bet 

The term “round bet” refers to a wager on the fight’s final round. Additionally, you can wager on the precise outcome, such as a decision, technical knockout, or knockout.

Over/Under Bet

Bets on whether the fight will last more or less than a certain number of rounds are known as the “Over/Under Bet.” You can wager on whether the actual fight will go over or under the line, which the sportsbook will set.

Victory Bet

This is a wager on the outcome of the fight. You can wager on a draw, technical knockout, decision, or knockout work.

Parlay Bet

This is a wager on multiple simultaneous fights. To win the bet, you must correctly predict who will win each battle, but the payout can be much higher than for a single bet.

How Does Boxing Betting Work?

Boxing betting works similarly to betting on any other sport. Essentially, you place a wager on a particular outcome of a boxing match, and if your prediction is correct, you win money.

Here are the basic steps to betting on a boxing match:

  • Find a reputable sportsbook or online betting site that offers boxing odds.
  • Review the betting lines for the match you want to bet on. This will typically include the boxers’ names, the game’s date and time, and the odds for each fighter to win.
  • Decide which boxer you want to bet on and how much you want to wager. The odds will determine how much you stand to win if your prediction is correct.
  • Place your bet by selecting the appropriate option on the sportsbook or betting site. Make sure to confirm the details of your bet before submitting it.
  • Watch the boxing match and wait for the outcome. If your chosen boxer wins, you will receive your winnings according to the odds you bet on.

OKBET Boxing odds are determined by a variety of factors, including the boxers’ past performances, their physical attributes, and the opinions of experts and analysts. 


Betting on OKBET boxing can be an exciting way to add fun to watch a match. However, it’s important to approach betting cautiously and only to bet what you can afford to lose. It’s also important to research and only place bets on matches and boxers you know about.

Finding a reputable sportsbook or betting site is crucial, as is reviewing the odds and terms before placing your bet. Ultimately, betting on boxing can be fun and potentially profitable as long as it’s done responsibly.