Tips and Tricks To Get More Comments On Instagram

By  //  March 5, 2023

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One of the most important Instagram engagement metrics to measure how well your content is performing is to consider how many comments you receive on your posts.

Many comments increase the visibility of your content. Use these tips and tricks to get more comments.    

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Why Comments On Instagram Boost Your Account

Get More Comments On Instagram Through Shares

Increase Comments By Having Conversations

Find A Service For Instagram Automatic Comments

Post Regular Content To Get More IG Comments

Wrapping Up: Boost Your IG Account

You will have seen posts on Instagram that have received many comments. Some have even thousands of comments. In the first half of 2022, Instagram’s own brand account led the pack with over 1.4 million comments received on the platform.  

The number of comments you receive on your posts is an important metric to measure user engagement with your content. Higher engagement rates will make your content more visible on Instagram and extend your reach.

But how do you get more comments on your content? There are various ways to do so, including using a service to buy real Instagram comments. In this article, we’ll discuss tips and tricks to get more comments on Instagram.

Why Comments On Instagram Boost Your Account

Instagram accounts that need a little boost can focus on increasing the comments coming into their content. There are a few ways that your Instagram account is positively impacted by getting more comments. Including:

Stimulating Engagement: As people interact with your content, you will have a higher level of engagement on your page. This signals to Instagram that you have valuable content that people like, and it will be worth promoting your page’s content to more people. When people can see a large influx of comments coming into your account, more people will want to engage.

Rank Better On The Algorithm: With higher engagement comes a more favorable ranking from Instagram. You’ll have a better chance of showing up in your followers’ feeds and on the “discover” page. That helps people find you faster, increasing your follower count, and giving you even more engagement (likes, shares, and saves). 

Social Proof Is Heightened: With more comments on your posts, you’ll stand out as an account that is worthy of interacting with. This social proof goes a long way to attract new followers and even have others add to the comments. 

Many users like seeing a post with a large number of comments, as it looks popular and like a conversation that they’d like to be part of. That helps to build a sense of community around your content. 

Additionally, you can help to build a better relationship with your audience, creating a community space for users to connect with each other through comments. 

When you reply to your users’ comments and create conversation, as the brand/account holder, you are adding to the value that people receive. Users are happy to be going to a page where they know that they can engage with the owner.

Get More Comments On Instagram Through Shares

Sharing your account and content is a fantastic way to boost your comments. There are a few different ways to have your content shared with more people and potential followers. 

Share On Your Own Page

Firstly, you can share your own content in your Instagram Stories. Share posts from your feed in your daily Stories, and make it an interesting Insta Story with some kind of hook to get people to click on the post. 

You can also ask a question when you share the post, like “let me know in the comments if you agree with this…” That leads people to read the post and invites them to share their opinions. 

Also, sharing the content on your Highlight Reels can have people go through your old content and add comments to that, which helps boost the algorithm as Instagram sees how valuable even your older page content is.

Invite Others To Share

When other accounts share your content, you will get access to their audience, helping to bring them over to your page and hopefully engage with likes, saves, comments, and shares. 

A few ways to invite other accounts to share your content:

  • Send the post to a friend and ask them to share it on their Stories.
  • Do collabs with other accounts (like a share for share – put their post on your Story for them to put your post on their Story). 
  • Tag other accounts (big brands, small businesses, other influencers, or people you know) in the actual post and say something of value about that account. They will be inclined to share this post with their audience, and it builds their credibility.

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Increase Comments By Having Conversations

When you see comments coming into your posts, respond to them. You start conversation threads in the comment boxes. 

It lets other users see that there is a discussion happening in those comments, and they can be encouraged to join in on the public conversation. That way, you increase comments fast. 

Example: Say you asked people in your post a question, inviting them to share their response. You get a comment from person A, and you reply to Person A with a question in your comment back. Person A responds, and so too does Person B, as they have something to share on the topic. Person A then responds to Person B, and so do you.

That example shows how you can take it from potentially only having that first comment by Person A to having 5 comments in a short amount of time. And that can easily grow as more people join in on the conversation.

Find A Service For Instagram Automatic Comments

Did you know that you can buy automatic Instagram comments? There are service providers who work with accounts to boost their profiles with different engagement metrics. 

Included in that service is having automatic Instagram comments poured into your account. It’s important that you really do your research when you buy Instagram comments, as some shady services can put your account at risk of suspension. Instagram doesn’t like to see high influxes of comments in one go, as it flags it as spam.

But if you choose a provider that gives automatic Instagram comments in a strategic way, you’ll enjoy the benefits of increased engagement rates without having your account banned or blocked. 

You should only buy comments on Instagram that are derived from real active accounts. When you buy Instagram comments real, it can be worthwhile. 

As you can see here:, Skweezer is a great example of a service provider that is a safe option to buy real Instagram comments. They have a proven track record of delivering quality comments and are transparent about how they do it.

Post Regular Content To Get More IG Comments

Another way to get Instagram comments consistently coming into your account is to make sure you are posting regular content. If you’re not online much, the algorithm won’t want to share your content. 

Instagram’s algorithm is based on wanting to keep people on the app as long as possible. 

This means they want to show users content that will be more likely to get comments, likes, shares, and other engagement. If you aren’t posting much and have less content for people to interact with, Instagram won’t be putting your posts out there for more users to see. 

Regular posting could look like multiple times a day or a few times a week. But it’s recommended not to go 4 days in a row without posting content, as it won’t help you boost those comments coming in. 

Wrapping Up: Boost Your IG Account

There are so many ways to boost your Instagram account by getting more comments on your content. Beyond the organic strategies we have mentioned, you can buy Instagram automatic comments through reputable service providers to get a fast boost to your IG account. 

To buy IG comments may work really well for you. 

Just make sure that you are going with a solid service provider and not one of those bulk bot providers that give you cheap Instagram comments but put your account at risk. Good luck on your journey to increasing your Instagram account’s value and popularity!