Ukrainian Satellite Capabilities During the War and How Max Polyakov is Strengthening Them

By  //  March 16, 2023

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The war in Ukraine is unique and a first of a kind in terms of the various technologies employed by both sides.

From simple social media bots and propaganda to advanced warfare tools – the war is the most technologically advanced the world has ever seen. Ukraine employs AI, unmanned aerial vehicles, and space technologies to win this war. 

During the Soviet times, Ukraine was one of the leading providers of space-related services, and it kept its capabilities after the Soviet regime fell. Thanks to talented specialists, entrepreneurs like Max Polyakov, and state support, Ukraine received a chance to develop into a competitive global space industry player.

The country has been involved in projects in different areas, from the development of launchers and satellites to data analysis and innovative space research. However, despite being one of several space-faring nations, the war has exposed Ukraine is still somewhat vulnerable in terms of the availability of space technologies and their use in the war. 

Ukrainian Satellite in Orbit

At the beginning of 2022, Ukraine held a comeback into space after a long break in launching satellites and rockets. A satellite designed by the Ukrainian design bureau was launched into orbit. It was to mark a significant milestone in the Ukrainian space exploration effort and serve as an inspiration for further work in that direction. However, the satellite experienced issues, and the country is still waiting to obtain the first images from the satellite. 

The Ukrainian War of 2014-2017 was a turbulent and difficult time for the Ukrainian nation, and the large-scale Russian invasion in 2022  highlighted the need for strong satellite capabilities. Frankly speaking, the war in Ukraine could be described as “technological” with satellites meeting needs for the front, and other technologies – as Starlink – to help with communication on the frontline. 

As a result, the Ukrainian government has made significant efforts to upgrade and strengthen its satellite technology. In particular, Max Polyakov has been instrumental in advancing Ukraine’s satellite capabilities by investing in new technologies, providing support for ongoing research initiatives, and helping to build relationships with global space organizations.

Meanwhile, satellite images turned out of critical importance to Ukraine. The country was in dire need of space intelligence. Therefore, with the support of the Ukrainian space entrepreneur Max Polyakov and EOS Data Analytics from the Noosphere Ventures portfolio, the Ukrainian government has pleaded to global satellite data providers for quality and real-time satellite imagery. This has helped the Ukrainian military to obtain up-to-date satellite images of Ukrainian territories from a coalition of commercial space companies, which the Ukrainian warriors have highly praised. 

Today, the world unites with Ukraine in the face of the Russian threat. A number of commercial monitoring satellite companies share their images with the Ukrainian Armed Forces and government, helping the country with intelligence. Some of these images became public. Also, some of the images from that satellites could be used later, when the tribunal on Russian aggression would take place. 

As the war between Ukraine and Russia continues to rage on, Ukrainian satellite technology is becoming even more important in providing intelligence and surveillance for their forces. Having its own “eyes in space” means reinforcing Ukraine’s national security, and saving more lives of Ukrainians. 

Despite the involvement of commercial space companies in delivering satellite images, partners weren’t always able to capture the exact areas of interest. Max Polyakov, founder of Noosphere Ventures and a renowned philanthropist, is taking steps to ensure that Ukraine has cutting-edge satellite capability. With this Dr. Polyakov invested in defence of Ukraine, the victory of the nation, and peace all over Europe.   

In spring 2022, Max Polyakov through his EOS Data Analytics (EOSDA) purchased the GEOSAT satellite from a European EO services provider. In a statement regarding the acquisition of this satellite’s capabilities, the company’s founder mentioned that the data collected via this satellite will be analyzed by the company and will assist Ukraine and countries in overcoming environmental issues and enhancing the development of countries’ industries.

One of the most important advantages is that GEOSAT satellites are equipped with high-resolution cameras that are capable of capturing detailed images of the surface with a resolution of up to 40 centimeters per pixel. Such a level of destabilization makes it possible to identify even small objects such as minor buildings, vehicles, or even small trees, which are almost impossible to visually capture by lower-resolution imagery satellites.

Another significant advantage that GEOSAT satellites have is their precision positioning. The satellites use advanced GPS technology for positioning itself which helps to create more precision mapping and determine the exact locations of any objects captured on the image. Such level of detailing and location accuracy are needed for response to natural disasters, measuring negative impacts on civilian infrastructure, and monitoring critically important objects. 

GEOSAT satellites are capable of making real-time monitoring of the most important indicators for farming and forestry such as temperature, hydration, humidity, vegetation level, and many more. Nowadays, more and more farms are switching to satellite monitoring, which can provide better analysis and predict changes.

New opportunities after the war

It’s also worth mentioning that Dragonfly Aerospace, another Polyakov’s investments, is working on a satellite constellation for EOSDA in the following years. The first satellite – EOS SAT-1 – was successfully launched in January 2023. The constellation will be fully operable in 2025. EOS SAT constellation focused on the agro-sector and assists agribusinesses in monitoring crop growth and detecting heat, cold, water stress, weed spread, pest attacks, and others. Considering food security challenges worldwide caused by Russian aggression, this constellation is going to operate for the global good.  

All the satellites of EOS SAT constellation are developed by Dragonfly Aerospace, with several Ukrainian companies involved. Notable that all of these companies are originated from  Polyakov’s Noosphere group of companies –  EOS Data Analytics, Dragonfly Aerospace, SETS, and Flight Control Propulsion. It means that with EOS SAT-1  a full-cycle operational process is being established.  

As other satellite constellations focused on a specific mission, EOS SAT has its own mission – to support the implementation of sustainable agriculture methods and environmental monitoring of forestlands by providing high-quality data for analysis. To simplify, monitor key indicators of crop fields to increase crop yields.

Despite a rich history of space exploration and hundreds of talented experts in aerospace technologies, the war in Ukraine has shown that the country still lacks space defense capabilities. Luckily, the most conscious satellite companies agreed to assist Ukrainians in protecting their homeland and the whole of Europe from barbaric Russian troops. Numerous companies cooperate with their own and Ukrainian governments to help save lives.

To a large extent, this comes thanks to Max Polyakov, a space entrepreneur who realizes the value of innovative approaches and space technologies in this situation. The Russian-Ukranian war has been a longstanding issue, but recent technological advancements are allowing the country to gain more control over its security.

One of these advancements is satellite capability. Through the efforts of entrepreneur Max Polyakov, Ukraine is now able to strengthen its satellite capabilities and take greater control in the face of war. With his support, Ukraine is able to develop new technologies and better understand its surroundings on the battlefield.