A Year On From Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine, Here Are 5 Things You Can Do To Help Ukrainians

By  //  March 17, 2023

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In the 12 months since Russian forces invaded Ukrainian territory, the conflict has rarely left the headlines, and the eyes of the world have been on this corner of Europe, from which many horrors and atrocities have emerged.

The citizens of Ukraine have borne the brunt of the war’s impact, and they still need the support of the international community to weather this storm, which shows no signs of abating any time soon.

So if you’re in a position to help out, what are some of the things you can do to make a positive impact on the victims of this ongoing travesty?

Donate Directly to the Ukrainian Armed Forces

Wars are expensive, and the armed forces of Ukraine are reliant on significant contributions from overseas in order to maintain their operations on their home turf, especially if they are to stand a chance of eventually pushing Russia back and defending their borders going forward.

Direct donations can be made to The National Bank of Ukraine, and this is perhaps the most immediate and unambiguous way of making a difference as an individual.

Host Displaced People

If you’re content with the actions that the US is doing to support the war effort, then another option is to take Ukrainians that have fled the conflict and ended up on American soil into your home until such a time as they are able to return to their motherland.

You can sign up to hosting schemes online, and let them know how many people you can accommodate, and what else you’ll bring to the table as a host.

Support Children Who’ve Lost One or Both Parents in the War

Choosing to help Ukrainian orphans is a noble and much-needed step to take, and there are charities set up specifically to provide the assistance that youngsters need in the tragic circumstance that they have lost their parents in the past year.

The children you support with your donations will receive all of the care and attention they need, so that they can live from day to day and begin to rebuild their lives following this devastating blow.

Let Local Politicians Know how you Feel

Writing to your local representatives is an important part of ensuring that it’s not just the people who are backing Ukraine, but also the politicians.

This is easy to do in Florida, and you can quickly send your messages of support for the Ukrainian people, and the contributions being made by the US and other international powers, with an email or a phone call.

Also keep your ear to the ground for any protests that are being organized locally. While these are less common today than they were at the start of the conflict, you can still find organized gatherings where people get together to showcase solidarity with Ukraine, and ideally generate more media coverage to keep this subject at the forefront of public debate.

Send Supplies

You don’t just have to contribute cash or time to the Ukrainian cause in the war against Russia. There’s also a lot of demand for tangible goods that will go towards supporting humanitarian efforts on the ground.

From food and clothing to medicines and even machinery, all sorts of physical donations are accepted. It’s just a case of finding a local drop-off point or arranging the shipping yourself.

The Bottom Line

There’s still a lot to be gained from helping Ukrainians in 2023, so no matter how much or how little you can contribute, it’s always worth taking action rather than sitting back.