All You Need to Know About Swiss Chocolate

By  //  April 24, 2023

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Swiss chocolates are popular all around the world, and you just need to taste them to understand why. With their history of great quality over the years, Swiss chocolate brands are gaining all the more fame, even now.

Let’s begin with a bit of history. 

In 1819, Switzerland blessed the rest of the world with Swiss chocolate brands. François-Louis Cailler, began production in Corsier-sur-Vevey. Following that, Philippe Suchard followed suit by opening a chocolate factory in Serrières in 1829. From then until the 19th century ended, more Swiss chocolate brands were set up, creating the fame of Swiss chocolate we hear until today.

You might be wondering, what’s so special about Swiss chocolates? Beyond their delicious taste of course. Let’s find out!

Swiss Chocolates are super creamy!

The very method of creating Swiss chocolates is what gives them their creamy flavors. The Swiss added creamy milk to their chocolates, making them a very unique taste.

We can credit the act of ‘conching’ to Rudolph Lindt, the man who invested the Lindt chocolate. The process entails warming chocolate while crumbling it through rolling pins, which makes the chocolate creamier, smoother, and sweeter. 

Swiss Chocolates have undoubted Quality!

Swiss chocolate makers have been consistent in maintaining quality when producing their chocolates, which makes them stand out. These chocolates don’t harden or feel sandy when you put them in your mouth, but melt succulently, leaving you with no weird aftertaste.

Swiss Chocolate brands have remained innovative!

Swiss chocolate has continued to evolve, with the discovery of new recipes and new ways to improve the taste, feel, and production techniques. That’s why Swiss chocolate brands have held their place above other chocolate brands.

Does this mean all Swiss Chocolates are great?

Saying that would be a wrong generalization because the fact that they are produced in Switzerland doesn’t mean they will all have great quality. Instead, what determines the quality of the chocolate is the quality of ingredients used in the production. While some producers will go the extra mile to deliver good quality chocolates, some others will hide under the banner of ‘Swiss Chocolate’ to deliver poor quality chocolate.

So, not all brands are worthy of your money. This leads us to the Swiss Chocolate brands that you should buy.

What are the best Swiss chocolate brands out there?

One mistake many people make is to look towards the big and popular brands like Toblerone, Lindt & Sprüngli, Maison Cailler, or Nestlè for their chocolates, but in many cases, these brands mass produce their chocolates with insufficient ingredients or a combination of good and poor quality ingredients.

However, many of the small Swiss chocolate brands are maintaining the standard despite all odds; that is where you should be looking.

Final Thoughts 

Now that you know what makes Swiss chocolates amazing, you can now go out in search of them, and you don’t need to go too far. Most supermarkets in major cities feature several Swiss chocolate brands so you can make your pick, depending on your preferences.