New York Software Developers Cements New Location in Manhattan

By  //  April 13, 2023

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New York Software Developers is an up and coming sister company to Seattle Software Developers, which has been making a remarkable name for itself over the last 30 years.


Founder, Phil Anderson, decided to start his own company leveraging the experience he gained from working under Steve Jobs and from being a part of the team that created the famous 1984 Macintosh advertisement. 

With an impressive start in Bellevue, a tech-rich suburb of Seattle, Seattle Software Developers has decided to expand their reach and create a team of inspired and hardworking individuals in the heart of New York. This recipe for success and passion for bringing premium software development services to the East Coast is what inspired the creation of an East Coast sibling, NY Software Developers. 

What makes NY Software Developers different?

This software firm is led by a small team who have experience working at large tech giants some of which include Google, Microsoft, and Amazon. This team knows what it’s like to work for a large company and they wanted to expand beyond the limited boundaries that the corporate world provides and now deploy their experience and skills with NY Software Developers instead.  

With a group of highly skilled professionals, this team can utilize the skills they’ve learned in a way that caters specifically to their client’s wants and needs. They’ve taken a once-streamlined process and have created a new and customizable experience that meets the needs of their vast clientele. 

As a sister company to Seattle Software Developers, the new branch is positioned in a unique spot. Not only is this group experienced and competitive, but they have the support of their established counterparts in Seattle, Washington which provide additional stability for their clients. In an industry that’s experiencing vast amounts of change, having more hands on deck to help with these constant changes and aid the flow of new ideas is one of the many ways NY Software Developers stands out above its competition.

As a new firm, this team feels the need to keep pressure on themselves to stay competitive and current with the latest technology and trends within the industry. “We develop one-of-a-kind proprietary software and products for a diverse selection of clients and industries,” said Alex Speillman, lead technical project manager, as he walked out of the Techspo conference in Manhattan, “It’s fun that way and it keeps us on our feet.” This group thrives on meeting their client’s current and future needs with the use of personable solutions created by real people.

How do NY Software Developers prioritize their clients?

When working with the creative squad at the NY branch, clients not only receive results that go above and beyond their expectations, but they’ll also gain support from a team who is determined to see them succeed. 

The Manhattan firm makes earning its clients’ trust a priority and that creates a relationship that allows them to serve as a strategic partner on their client’s business growth journey. 

One way that the company creates a lasting relationship with its clients is by actively listening to the entirety of their software application concept and then begin working together as partners on the project. This creates a strong bond between the team and the client and allows the opportunity for new ideas to flow, aiding in the creation of the best possible product.

Another way that clients can expect to be prioritized is by knowing that there won’t be any surprises that spring up during the project. When working with the firm, clients are met by people who recognize the fear that many clients have about being left in the dark. Being upfront about the cost of their project along with the timeline is one way that this team helps their clients feel a sense of reassurance throughout the process. 

At NY Software Developers, the goal is to craft a long-term relationship with clients that take into account their most important business wants and needs.

What makes the team at NY Software Developers excited about the future of the industry?

The tech industry is experiencing a period of exponential growth. Working in an industry that’s experiencing this type of rapid advancement, and has little to no limitations on what’s possible is what keeps the squad excited and eager to learn. 

Vadim, a senior developer, stated “our blockchain developers are some of the most talented minds in the industry and are constantly adapting as new technology emerges in this space.” 

Technology like blockchain, the metaverse, and virtual reality are just a few of the newest ideas that keep the team excited to continue learning and excited to share new ideas about the industry.

What does the future look like for NY Software Developers?

When looking to the future, the company hopes to continue learning and expanding its East Coast team and plans to eventually take on many enterprise software developments for large companies over the next couple of years.  

In an industry that’s changing and evolving daily, it’s more important than ever for businesses to seek experienced help to adapt and keep up with new trends. The crew in New York is equipped with the skills necessary to provide a well-rounded service to its clients. Acquiring the services of these eager and skilled individuals is the best step you can take in your journey to launch a successful software project.

NY Software Developers looks forward to utilizing their talented team of hard-working individuals and personalized client experience to help clients bring their dreams to life for years to come!