Who Will be Eliminated From the Austrian Bundesliga 2022/2023: Preview

By  //  April 20, 2023

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In the elite football championship of Austria, the Champions group and the Elimination group started. The intrigue in the fight for gold medals remains, but with a high probability Red Bull Salzburg will once again get a set of gold medals.

And for the right to stay in the Austrian Bundesliga, the main outsiders of the championship continue to wage an uncompromising struggle.

In order not to take the last place in the Austrian elite football championship and keep a place in the tournament for the next season, three teams are fighting, namely: Ried, Altach and Hartberg. Having studied these teams and wished to place bets on the Austrian Bundesliga, we recommend downloading Mostbet aviator.


The wards of Maximilian Senft look extremely weak in the current draw of the Austrian Bundesliga and by the 24th round the team was at the bottom of the table. At the same time, Reed was only two points behind the 11th Altah. With 4 victories and 6 draws, the brainchild of Johan Wilminger suffered 14 defeats. In addition, the “black-greens” had the weakest defense in the league. In some confrontations, Samuel Radlinger and partners impose a fight, but in general they look extremely insecure.

This year, the club, which was founded over a hundred years ago, looks extremely insecure and is likely to go down in class. Reed has a chance to save, but for this it is necessary to earn credit points more regularly.


The guys of Klaus Schmidt look uncertain in the current Austrian football championship. At the same time, after 24 matches played, Altach was on the 11th line. Two points ahead of the last Ried, the team was one point behind No. 10 Hartberg. Having won 5 victories and drawn the same number of times, the brainchild of Werner Gunz was defeated in 14 cases. In addition, the team from the land of Voralberg had one of the worst defenses in the league.

If Altach starts to improve, he will be able to break away from Reed. Based on the results of the “white-black-yellow”, the team has a chance to maintain a residence permit in the Austrian Bundesliga. At the same time, the brainchild of Werner Gunz needs to score points more regularly.


By the 24th round, the Blue-Whites did not differ in stability, but were ahead of the last place by three points. Having won in 6 duels, Hartberg drew three times and lost in 15 confrontations. By the way, the inhabitants of the Profitil Arena Hartberg had the best attack in the weakest trio. Bypassing the 11th Altach by one credit point, the brainchild of Brigitte Annerl was just as behind the 9th Wolfsberger. In the current championship, Jürgen Gail and partners were able to defeat Altach, LASK, Viennese First, Wolfsberger and Ried twice.

In game terms, the representatives of Hartberg look relatively good. The team lost most of all in the championship, but scored points quite regularly. If in the future Jurgen Geil and company will add, then the chances of maintaining a residence permit in the elite Austrian football championship will be more impressive.

Our forecast

Altach and Hartberg, although they have some of the worst defenses in the league, are relatively good offensively. Based on the current uniforms of the White-Yellow-Blacks and Blue-Whites, these clubs are unlikely to lose to Reid. At the same time, it is still too early for these teams to relax.

Reed scores extremely few goals and rarely gets the maximum number of credits. Given the statistics, it is highly likely that the Black-and-Greens will start the next season in the lower division.